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Poisonous; a #taekookau The beta rolls over, eyes following the alpha, who walks around the room to get dressed. Taehyung looks at the clock. It is past three at night. He looks back at the alpha and sighs. “It is late.” Jungkook nods, “I know.”

Taehyung forces himself to go on his elbow, eyes on the alpha, “it is raining.” Jungkook ties the wristwatch, hums, “yeah. Best. No one will be on the street.” Taehyung bites down on his lower lip, “right. You don't want anyone to see the president leaving his fucktoy's house.”

The alpha's eyes flicker over to him, “never call yourself that, Taehyung.” Taehyung rolls over, burying his face into the pillow, “when will I see you next, Mr. President?” Jungkook, the youngest president of their country and the world, sighs, “I am not sure, really.”

Taehyung looks at the darkness, eyes focusing on it, “cannot even tell me a date?” Jungkook gives him a soft chuckle, “well, I will ask my secretary about the dates and everything. I am not sure, Taehyung.” Taehyung snorts, “it's funny how your secretary fixes our meetings.”

Jungkook sits on the bed, the mattress dips, “I don't trust my devices enough to contact you directly. You know who I am, Taehyung. You know how the media is. How the other parties are always trying to find something on me. If they figure out,” he sighs, “about you...”

“There will be too much backlash and-” “I am not worth it,” Taehyung gets off the bed, ignores how he is completely naked, “got it.” The alpha watches him go to the washroom, “I cannot stay any longer. It's already-” “Get out then,” Taehyung closes the door, “bye.”


tags - drabble (I BLOODY DAMN SWEAR) - misuse of alcohol and prescribed drugs - angst - hurt/comfort - more will be added if needed

Taehyung picks up the call in his green room, getting ready for his ramp, “what?” Jin sounds as exhausted as him, “the same suite. Tonight. Around ten. Under the name, Choi Suho.” Taehyung lets out a tired breath, “I have work.” Jin hums, “cancelled already. No worries.”

Taehyung looks at himself, “and, he did not even bother to ask me if I wanted to meet tonight or not.” Jin is quiet for a moment and then the omega lets out a tired breath, “listen, I am doing my job. Just ask him. Okay?” Taehyung hesitates, then he asks, “what number was I?”

“The first,” Jin never falters, “always.” Taehyung gives himself a mocking smile in the mirror, “there are other numbers. Right?” Jin's silence answers him. Taehyung grips the phone tightly. “How many?” he asks, curses when Jin does not answer, “how many options, hyung?!”

“Six more,” Jin hurries, “but, since he met you-” “I am going out tonight, hyung,” Taehyung speaks over Jin, “with the ones who consider me as their only one. So, tell him to choose from those options.” He cuts the call and switches it off.

It hurts to know you are exclusively sleeping with someone for over a year, just for them to have six more people stand-by. For them to put a number on you. No matter how high the number is, there is still another option. He is nothing but an option to the one who is his answer.

He dials the number and the ring is answered in two roll, “hey, tiger.” Taehyung bites back a smile, “what are you doing tonight, hyung?” Yoongi sounds thoughtful, “falling asleep in front of my television. Why?” “Let's go clubbing,” Taehyung insists, “please?”

“What is in it for me?” the rapper asks, “I-” “I will do that damn cameo in your next MV,” Taehyung promises, “please? Go out with me.” Yoongi hums, “well, fine, then. I will pick you up around 8. Be ready.” Taehyung looks at himself, “oh, I will be. No worries.”


Taehyung watches Yoongi lean against his Porsche. His black car goes perfectly with his black outfit. The rapper is wearing a turtle-neck with a bomber jacket and black jeans. His hair pulled up in a half-bun. A platinum chain hanging around his neck.

He holds his head high when Yoongi gives him a once-over and chokes. Taehyung is wearing his tightest white jeans with a deep V-cut silk blouse that is too big, it almost falls down one of his shoulders if he does not walk carefully. It shows off his diamond choker perfectly.

“Who are we killing?” Yoongi asks, rounding the car, “the same target?” Taehyung shrugs, “no target. I want to dance, get drunk and go home with you.” Yoongi gets inside the car, starting it, “not taking you home drunk, Taehyung.” Taehyung does not reply.

The club is crowded, they get inside easily and their waiter escorts them to a private booth. Taehyung watches Yoongi sit and he pouts. “I am here to dance!” he whines, “come on, hyung! Be a sport!” Yoongi sighs, “there are reporters here. Already, Tae. Come on-”

Taehyung holds Yoongi's jacket to jerk him forward, “come on, hyung,” his lips almost hover over Yoongi's, “dance with me.” Yoongi watches him, “putting on a show, are we?” Taehyung shrugs, “for those reporters? Yeah.” The alpha chuckles, “not for them. We both know it.”

The dance floor is crowded, and Taehyung likes that. When the alpha pulls him closer, and he goes easily, he knows those lenses are pointed at them. When Taehyung leans in and Yoongi lets him, he knows those cameras are taking pictures. “Don't kiss me,” Yoongi warns, “tiger.”

“You don't want to kiss me?” Taehyung pouts. There is something unreadable in Yoongi's eyes, “I would do anything to kiss you,” his hands grasp at Taehyung, “but, not when it is for a show and not when you will think of him while kissing me. I refuse to be your rebound, tiger.”

Taehyung watches the alpha, “it's just sex, hyung. Let's do it.” Yoongi smiles, “no. It's not 'just' sex to me, also,” he looks around them, “my manager will show up any moment now. So, let's not.” Taehyung leans against the rapper, hugging him close, “I love you. You know?”

Yoongi presses a chaste kiss against Taehyung's forehead, “not the way I love you, tiger,” he looks at the entrance of the club and a small sigh escapes him, “not the way I wish you would.” Yoongi watches the blond rush inside, looking around with frustration clear in his eyes.

The blond winces, too many people around him, his nose twists. Yoongi watches how the omega takes a twirl to find him, and then those eyes find those lenses. He follows them to find Yoongi and the omega halts. Yoongi holds up his hand, asking for the blond to leave them alone.

Yoongi's lips twitch when, Park Jimin, his manager, glares at him. Those lips puffing out on a pout. Then the omega goes to the bar to sit, one leg crossed over the other. Ever so poised. His eyes stay fixed on Yoongi and Taehyung. Yoongi focuses back on Taehyung.

Taehyung dances for a long time, forcing Yoongi to stay with him. Then he goes to the bar to get wasted. Yoongi drinks too, but in his limit. He has to, because the moment his manager thinks, he is overdoing it, the omega takes the glass out of his hand. “Enough.”

“No!” Taehyung whines, “come on! It's a party and we are drinking to-” “Die?” Jimin glares, “look, I know you want to and you always drag him into your shit, and he goes like a lovesick fool that he is. I get it. Trust me, I do, but you leave then, and I have to stay with him!”

“And, I refuse,” Jimin pushes the drink out of Yoongi's reach, “so, I don't know. Find another way to wallow in self-pity. Go and have sex. That's better. At least, I don't have to nurse his hangover knot or something.” Yoongi winces, “okay, that's enough. Tae, let's go home.”

Yoongi holds Taehyung by his arm around the beta's waist and almost drags him out of the club while Taehyung clings to him. There are reporters outside. Yoongi is grateful to see Jimin brought his guards, and they clear their way to the car. “I got my car, come on,” Jimin says.

“I can drive-” Yoongi stops when the omega glares at him. “One of your guards will drive your car back to your house,” Jimin goes to unlock his car, “get in.” Yoongi carefully tucks Taehyung inside and goes to round the car to sit with Jimin. “Sit with him,” Jimin sighs.

Yoongi hesitates, looking at the almost passed out Taehyung to Jimin. “Just sit,” Jimin rubs his temple, “he might fall over or something otherwise. Come on.” Yoongi does, sits and watches the omega start the car. Jimin does not speak, not a single word.

When Taehyung leans his head on Yoongi's shoulder, nosing at his scent gland for some comfort, Yoongi pulls the beta closer. He goes to tell Jimin how grateful he is for the omega to come over, but when he looks up, Jimin has already turned up the partition. Detaching himself.


“Listen, it's okay,” Hoseok, his manager, sounds a little frantic, “just ignore the news for today and avoid the internet. It will be fine, yeah?” Taehyung frowns, “what?” he rubs his temple, “is it the news of me and hyung at the club? Hyung, I knew about it and expected it.”

Hoseok goes to say something, but Taehyung is already turning on the television, and there it is. The news. 'The president of our country is tying the knot this winter. With the alpha's childhood omega friend and the CEO of the Kim Entertainment, Kim Namjoon.'

For a second, Taehyung just watches their photos on the screen. Together. In a high-class party. He watches them exchanging the rings. He thinks how, when he was getting wasted, Jungkook was getting engaged. To one of the biggest and powerful man of this country.

“Tae-” Hoseok sounds alert, “list-” “I will call you later,” Taehyung cuts the call and watches the news. He hears for himself how Jungkook announces their wedding with that wide grin on his face, explaining why the rush and how he wants to start a new year with his new partner.

Taehyung feels disgust crawl up his spine when he realizes that the party finished around eight and Jungkook wanted to meet him right after it. He was going to sleep with Taehyung with Namjoon's ring on his finger. Taehyung reaches for the bedside table blindly.

The pulls out two pills from it and chugs it down with the water Yoongi left there last night. He feels dizzy, and yet the disgust still coils in the pit of his stomach. Taehyung reaches for the bottle again, swallows two more pills before he feels the darkness consume him.

He is not sure when he wakes up but he does to the insistent ringing of his phone and Taehyung just cannot take it anymore. His head hurts, the ringtone hammers his brain. He throws the phone at the wall, listening how it cracks and the ring stops. He falls asleep again.

Taehyung wakes up again to the intercom buzzing. He hisses, rolling on his front to bury his face into the pillow. Just to realize the pillow is soaked, his face is damp. Taehyung blinks back the fog and stares at the pillow. His mind reels, the news come back in full force.

He slowly sits up and sways on his feet when he goes to stand. He walks out of his bedroom to open the door without even checking who it is. It is Yoongi. Of course, it is. “Hyung,” Taehyung tries to smile, “why are you here?” Yoongi looks tensed, “it has been two days, Tae!”

The alpha walks inside, followed by his manager. Taehyung lets Yoongi guide him to his bedroom. “What did you take?” Yoongi asks, “Tae, what did you take?!” Taehyung points at the bedside table. “How many?” Jimin asks, “shit, those are too strong!” Taehyung nods mutely.

“This,” Yoongi reads the label, “this is your second time doing this,” the alpha looks up at him from where he kneels, “for an alpha who does not give a single fuck!” Jimin and Taehyung, they both flinch when the alpha shouts. “He does not care, Taehyung! He never will!”

“You cannot do this,” Yoongi begs almost, tears barely hidden underneath that glare, “you cannot overuse your sleeping pills! You cannot drink until you empty your entire cabinet! All of this because of that guy who does not-” “Why am I not enough?” Taehyung whispers.

“To anyone?” Taehyung looks at the wall, his eyes barely focused, “why, no matter how good of a model I become, my mother looks down at me for not being enough? Why my father thinks I did not reach here because of my hardwork but because I sleep around? Why they never care?”

“Why,” his voice cracks, “my friends are not really my friends, but they just like to have me on their side for the things I can do for them? Why,” his eyes tear up, “why the one I love, just wants me because I am the prettiest thing he saw, and he wanted a taste? Why?”

“Because you are too blinded by your toxic love for a person who is not worth it,” Jimin whispers, looking away, “and, refuse to see the one who loves you more than anything in this world. You refuse to see him,” he points at Yoongi, “and, you run after an illusion, Jungkook.”

“He was out of the country,” Jimin lists, “he cancelled his tour dates to fly back here for you,” the omega grits out, “he is paying back everyone who bought his ticket because he just wants to be here with you. He loves you so damn much, but all you care about is that asshole!”

“You are worth everything,” Jimin mumbles, “you are just seeking the price from a person who is bankrupt. Not their fault.” Taehyung looks at Jimin and Jimin looks back at him. “I thought you hated me,” Taehyung snorts, “god, am I still under the fog of the pills?”

“No, I do hate you,” Jimin looks away, “but, not enough to see him hurt as much as he does when you do this to yourself. Why can't you love him back-” “You cannot force love,” Yoongi sighs, rubs his temple, “Park. Let's not do this now. Tiger, you have to see a doctor.”

“You have to work on yourself,” Yoongi holds Taehyung's hands in his, “help yourself. Please.” Taehyung looks at the broken cellphone on the floor and sighs. “I guess,” he looks back at the alpha, “I can do that.” “Also,” Yoongi gulps, “I want you to move in with me.”

Taehyung blinks, “what?” Yoongi nods, “yes! So that I can keep an eye on you. So that I can know as soon as there is something wrong. I cannot do this, Tiger! I cannot go on with my day worrying about you like this! Come and stay with me. Please?” “But,” Taehyung hesitates...

Yoongi holds his hands, “please?” the alpha presses his lips over Taehyung's hands between his, “for me, tiger. Please?” Jimin gets up from the floor, brushing his jeans, “I will be outside. Let me know whatever you decide.” Taehyung watches the omega leave the room.

“Ok-” Taehyung stops when he hears the blearing horns and sirens. He frowns, looking at the alpha and back at the door of his bedroom. “What is going on?” Yoongi stands up, looking at the bedroom door too, frowning. “Shit!” Jimin runs inside, breathing escalated, “it's him!”

Taehyung stands up by taking Yoongi's support. They walk to the balcony of his two-story house. Taehyung looks at the main gate, where the guards are opening the door. Taehyung's eyes widen, “wha- they didn't ask my permission!” “You know who he is, right?!” Jimin hisses.

The motorcade, almost fourteen cars, come to stand inside the foyer and Taehyung watches the guards walk out to go for the SUV in the middle. The beast, or the main car, opens to the president, who steps out to look at the house. Taehyung grips the railing when their eyes meet.

Jungkook looks at him with something barely concealed in his eyes, and Taehyung glares. “The one we chose to protect our security and to uphold the rules is breaking the rules of seeking permission before entering a private property!” Taehyung speaks, loud, “what a shitshow.”

- I won't drag this one or add more layers. I do want to keep it a drabble. See you tomorrow for the last part. - If you want to support me or my writing, here's my kofi :

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