ʿAqīl المُصْطَفَوِي

ʿAqīl المُصْطَفَوِي



“once the modern world is understood in terms of decline rather than progress, almost everything changes, and there are not many people left you can usefully talk to” —mark sedgwick, against the modern world

‘progress’: a constant state of <becoming> or <coming-into-being> but never <being>.

hegel’s notion of ‘worldview’ or ‘weltanschaaung’: the cognitive offspring of the Absolute Spirit as it instantiates itself in human thought and culture on its dialectical journey towards eschatological self-understanding. i.e. constantly changing according to dominant thoughts.

the worldview of islām [ru’yat al-islām li al-wujūd]: the religion of islām was conscious of its own identity from the time of its revelation. when it appeared on the stage of the world, it was already ‘mature’, needing no process of ‘growing up’. —syed naquib al-ʿaṭṭās

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