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#sakuatsu | tattoos, implied nsfw When Kiyoomi takes his shirt off in front of Atsumu for the first time, Atsumu's jaw just about hits the floor. Not because he looks good shirtless - which he does, of course he does - but because he's got tattoos. +

The thing is, Atsumu has been curious. Kiyoomi has always been a little shy about undressing, which is fine. Everyone's got different comfort levels, after all, and just because he's seen a little too much of Bokuto's body doesn't mean Kiyoomi's weird for not being so causal +

about it. Atsumu goes quiet as he lets his hands run across Kiyoomi's body, fingertips trailing over ink that he wonders about the age of. All of it is all black and white or greyscale, which suits him. He looks good. +

He had always fully intended to really let himself take his time and enjoy himself when he got to touch Kiyoomi like this for the first time, but right now he's more awed than he'd thought he'd be. Kiyoomi's voice cuts into his trance. "Alright there, Atsumu?" +

He laughs a little at himself when he realizes he's probably been staring a little too long, especially given the way that Kiyoomi has always been a little ill at ease when when he's the center of attention. "Sorry. Just blown away by how ya've made yourself a real work of art."

"That was tacky," Kiyoomi tells him. He shrugs off Atsumu's hand on his shoulder then leans in to kiss him before he can get started again. "Still true," he murmurs against his lips. "Can't believe yer givin' me the time of day." "Shut /up/, Miya," he grumbles, +

thoroughly not getting the reaction he wants when Atsumu laughs at being relegated back to 'Miya' for bad behavior. "That's not one of my talents," he tells him. Fortunately for them both, one of Kiyoomi’s talents does turn out to be getting Atsumu to shut up. ~

It's no surprise that Kiyoomi is the type to want to clean up quickly after sex. That just follows logically. When Kiyoomi pushes up from the bed towards the bathroom, Atsumu is greeted by a sight that makes him reach out and grab his wrist to keep him from leaving. +

"What?" Spread out across Kiyoomi's back is a tree. It's simple yet beautiful, the limbs bare as if it were the dead of winter. As Kiyoomi moves, the branches spreading across his shoulder blades look like they're pushed by a breeze. "Just looking at ya." +

"You sure like to do that." Atsumu hums in affirmation - Kiyoomi is beautiful, and he's not going to pretend not to enjoy looking. That would be a disservice. "This is nice," he tells him. "When'd ya get it?" "In college," he says. "It was one of the first ones." +

Atsumu wants to know more. He wants to know the stories behind each of the tattoos Kiyoomi has, wants to know what they mean to him, wants to know what he's going to do when he runs out of space on his body. All of those questions are for later, though. +

For now, he leans forward and kisses along a long branch, finishing with a kiss to his shoulder before relinquishing him. "Done for now," he tells him. ~

Over time, he does get the answers he wants. As their relationship develops, Kiyoomi opens up to him more. He tells him about how he had never felt like he could truly be himself growing up. Going to university had been one of his first chances to be independent, +

to make choices for himself. "And to the first choice ya made was to run to a tattoo shop?" "I wanted to rebel," he says, shrugging. "And doing something like this, something big and permanent... It held appeal." +

"Bet it did," he says, nodding. "And I bet you comin' home lookin' like yakuza really sent a message." Kiyoomi gives him a look that shuts him up pretty quickly. It goes like that, for the most part - Atsumu listens and soaks up whatever Kiyoomi is willing to tell him. +

After his first tattoo, he found that he liked it. He liked feeling perfectly in control, liked the focus that the sting of the needle gave him, toning out everything else for however long he was in the chair. When Atsumu tells him he can't relate, he suggests he get a tattoo. +

At first, Atsumu balks at the idea, but eventually he goes for it. He goes with Kiyoomi to his preferred artist, and gets a fox. It's small, and easily hideable, but it's nice. Kiyoomi surprises him by getting a matching fox. It sits on the inside of his wrist,

and it becomes one of Atsumu's favorite places to kiss. It sneaks out from under long sleeves and makes Atsumu's heart pound. He doesn't want to look too much into it, but it feels good that Kiyoomi has gotten a tattoo inspired by him less than a year into their relationship. +

About a year and a half in, Kiyoomi surprises him again. When Atsumu stops by his apartment after a day off spent apart, Kiyoomi pretty much immediately pulls his shirt off once the door is closed. +

"Well, hello," he says with a little grin. "Nice to see ya too." "Hi, Atsumu," Kiyoomi says in that way of his, then turns around for his boyfriend to see his back. For a moment, Atsumu is stunned silent. +

For the first time, there is colored ink on Kiyoomi's skin. It's the same tree as before, of course, but now it's showing signs of spring. Green leaves adorn the branches, bright and vibrant against the formerly monochrome canvas of Kiyoomi's back. +

He aches to reach out and touch, but he knows perfectly well how raw the skin must feel, still red and angry around where the new work had been done. "I didn't even know ya had an appointment," he says. Kiyoomi shrugs, looking back over his shoulder at him. "Surprise." +

It's still a slow process, pulling information out of Kiyoomi, but eventually he reveals this: He had felt... alone, during university. Lonely in ways he'd never experienced before. Questioned his choices. And he'd gotten a tattoo on his back. +

Maybe, he admits, he had seen himself as the tree: strong, anchored, but missing something. Not his best. "Does that mean the leaves are a good sign?" he asks him with a little grin. Kiyoomi rolls his eyes, but nods. "I know I'm where I need to be now." +

Atsumu knows he isn't the sole reason that Atsumu is doing better these days, but he still feels proud nonetheless. Proud of whatever part he has played, and proud of Kiyoomi for coming this far. "It looks good," he says, instead of voicing any of that. +

"Thanks," Kiyoomi says, and he thinks he understands. Because the fresh ink is in a place that's hard for Kiyoomi to reach on his own, Atsumu, ever the loving, helpful boyfriend, takes on the task of keeping the tattoo clean and rubbing ointment onto it. +

He's never needed to be delicate, but this act requires it, even if Kiyoomi only lets out the quietest of hisses when he touches a particularly tender spot. It's a small thing, but he infuses the act with as much love and care as he can muster. He hopes Kiyoomi knows. +

Once the tattoo is healed, still vibrant and obviously new but no longer angry or peeling, it becomes another of Atsumu's favorite places to kiss him. He peppers kisses over the leaves, explaining against his skin, "To encourage them to grow." +

Atsumu doesn't get any more tattoos of his own, but he loves Kiyoomi's. He tells him it makes it much easier to know, for a fact, that he's kissed every inch of his skin. Kiyoomi talks about getting more, various ideas floating in his head, but he doesn't act on it. +

Until, leading up to their wedding, another appointment card appears, held up by a magnet on their fridge. "So, what's this one gonna be?" he asks over breakfast. Kiyoomi, never one to make things easy for him, shrugs. "You'll see." +

"Does that mean you don't know, or that you're not telling me?" Kiyoomi shrugs again. He's the worst person Atsumu knows. "It's scheduled for right after we get back from our honeymoon, does that mean something?" +

"It means I know I won't want to be /on/ our honeymoon with delicate skin." Which, fair. Atsumu has /plans/ for their honeymoon, after all, and absolutely would not grant him mercy. "So that's all? Not a tribute to your dearest, darling husband?" +

"That's all," Kiyoomi says, taking a slow sip from his coffee. Atsumu doesn't believe him. For all that Kiyoomi pretends not to be - and how no one would believe it - he is a romantic. A sap. +

So Atsumu is more than a little eager to see what's new when the appointment date rolls around. Kiyoomi wouldn't let him come along, so when his brand new husband (husband!!!) walks through the door, Atsumu jumps up like an overeager dog left alone all day. +

"Alright, Omi, showtime," he tells him as he approaches him, immediately starting to pull out his clothes as gingerly as he can manage with how excited he is. "Give me a second, I'll do it," Kiyoomi tells him, carefully shedding his jacket then unbuttoning his shirt

agonizingly slowly. He knows exactly what he's doing. "Omi," he whines, reaching back out for him only to have his hands slapped away. "Patience, Atsu." Huffing, he stands back, having to fold his hands to keep himself in line. +

He's rewarded with Kiyoomi moving a little more quickly, finally removing his shirt and, once again, turning to reveal his back to him. There's another color gracing his skin now. +

The tree, once bare, now is blossoming. Little yellow flowers pepper across his skin. They blend seamlessly with the leaves that were already there, bright and happy. It's fully spring on Kiyoomi's back, and Atsumu can practically feel the warmth of the sun on his skin. +

He can't quite help himself but to touch this time, letting his fingertips gently brush over where the skin is still wrapped in plastic. "Omi," he says quietly, awed. "I've come a long way, Atsumu, and I need you to know how instrumental you are in that." +

Atsumu opens his mouth to respond, but Kiyoomi goes on before he can. "I'll never be able to say it in words, but I hope you can look at these flowers and always remember that they're for you," he says. Atsumu had thought he'd cried himself out for the month at their wedding, +

but he's being proven wrong. "I never intended to add on to this tattoo. I thought it was good as it was," Kiyoomi says. He's talked about it before, how he sees some of his tattoos as monuments to where he was in life when he got them. They don't need revisiting, he'd said. +

Kiyoomi turns around to face him. "But I can't deny it looks better like this. It's finally a finished product, I think." He leans in closer, pressing a kiss to Atsumu's lips. "People are never finished works, either," he says finally. "But you complete me." ✨ end.

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