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— “I want you to tatt00 my d1ck” 🔞 Hyvnlx Thread Fic CW// pain k1nk, mas0chism, “feminizati0n” Will contain pl0t and cr4ck ..who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️

A drop of sweat trickled down the side of his face as Hj finished up his 6 hour session with his last client for the day. It was a piece he’d been working on for the past month now, a majestic dragon with its serpentine body wrapping from his client’s neck all the way down +

to her ankle. It was probably one of the largest tatt00s he’d ever worked on and was nowhere near done even after the month, what with a week of rest in between each session. Hj predicts it would probably take another month or two before he even begins with the shading, +

something he’s not really looking forward to in all honesty. Don’t get him wrong he loves his job with a passion. His art and creativity was the reason why he made a name for himself as one of the best and youngest tatt00 artists in Se0ul…but this was also his +

undoing. Everyone came to him for intricate art, each client asking him for the most absurd tatt00s that other artists refused to do. A simple piece for Hj would take weeks to finish if he was lucky…he was starting to get tired of it all. He missed the tiny tatt00s he would +

do for first time clients. The minimalistic flowers with lines so thin and precise it honestly was more impressive than the tatt00s he would do for months. Hj wiped the last of the outlining for the day with an antiseptic soaked paper towel and began cleaning and wrapping +

what he had worked on with a clear dressing. “Same as always, avoid direct water and allow it to sit in the dressing for 24 hours before changing it even if it gets filled with fluid.” “Yup, thanks again for everything Mr. Hwng. Same time next week?” the girl asked while +

blinking furiously up at him and biting her lip in a week attempt to flirt. Hj fought his instinctual eye roll and just focused on setting her appointment up, nodding his head at her and waving her towards the door with a smile. This wasn’t the first time one of his clients +

tried flirting with him. Almost everyone who came into his little tatt00 shop had tried, and failed, at wooing him. He was used to it now but it doesn’t get any less annoying. It didn’t help that the article that blew him up to popularity also included a picture of his face +

even after he had requested the reporter to not include it. “Oh but you’re so handsome! It would be a shame to not include a picture of you in the article!” Hj scoffed at the memory of the conversation as he closed down his register for the day.

Of course he was grateful for the article, honored to have been interviewed…but it had also brought him an unnecessary amount of people coming in for his face and not his craft. And it was affecting his business in the long run. Out of the few clients he had whom wanted +

large tatt00s that would take a while to finish, he was hardly getting anyone new. Any potential new client would be turned away by the massive crowd of fans standing in front of the tiny shop trying to snap a couple of pictures of the young handsome tatt00 artist inside.

This was also a reason why he hardly saw anyone come in asking for smaller tatt00s anymore. Hj sighed as he finished counting his register, the clinking of coins the only sound accompanying him in his small shop. And just as he was going to put the till back into the +

register, the bell attached to the front door rang and a small blond man stumbled into his studio. Hj’s eyes widened as he took in the most beautiful person he had ever seen. He was a foot or so shorter than him and skinny, the high waisted skirt he wore hugging the beautiful +

curve of his waist. The man was wet from head to toe, his exposed thighs littered with tiny droplets of rain that was dripping down onto the top of his high socks. Hj gulped as he tried to pull his eyes away from the sight of the man’s thighs, imagining how it would feel to +

wrap his hands around them as he tatt00ed the most delicate of flowers onto the perfect smooth canvas. “..Ss..sorry, the studio’s closed,” he stuttered as he tried his best to sound unaffected. The blond man dragged his eyes up to Hj’s face slowly under hooded lids and +

smiled lazily at him. He stumbled forward a bit, almost falling face first into the concrete ground if Hj had not surged forward to catch him by his arms. A strong mixture of strawberry and s0ju infiltrated his nostrils as he held the small man in his arms. “Hey, are you oka-”+

“I want a tatt00” the blond male said, his speech slurring as he tried to stand on his own. Hj looked around dumbfounded for a moment, he was positive he had locked the door when his last client left. Apparently not. “I’m sorry, the shop’s closed for the day…maybe come +

back tomorrow? We can discuss what you want and schedule an appointm-” “No I want one /now/.” Hj watched as the man interrupted him yet again stomping his heeled foot on the ground in a very apparent act of drunken tantrum. “I made a bet with my friend,” the man drawled, +

looking out the glass door to no one. “Wha-” the blond man went up to the door and peered outside, seemingly surprised to find the rain soaked street empty. Hj watched as he dug in his pink leather bag for his phone and dialed a number, tapping the tip of his healed shoe in +

annoyance. “Hey where did you go?! No I’m going to do it. Watch you’re going to owe me so much money tomorrow morning. Fine keep laughing, I’m really going to get one right now. What do you mean? I’m standing in one right now. Hmph” The blond male shoved his phone back into +

his bag after the call, red faced and huffing. He looked around the studio and, seeing the open station, strut over to the bed and plopped himself down face first. Hj stood frozen in the center of his studio. All he wanted to do was to go home to his dog and sleep and +

then start his day again. His eyes were tired and his arms were aching from having to work around his last client for 6 hours. “What do you want tatt00ed and where?” One thing’s for sure, Hj gives in too easily. He walked around the tatt00 bed to where he kept his +

gloves and his single use needles and began setting up his station. “Mmmmm…” the blond man replied. Hj pressed his lips together in annoyance…he really was too tired for this. “Have you ever wanted a tatt00 before?” It was a standard question he would ask his clients +

whenever they couldn’t decide what to get but wanted ink nonetheless. The blond man scrunched his face up and it almost knocked the wind out of Hj. He had a cute face with freckles scattered across his cheeks. How could a man with a body like that own such a contrasting face?

Something came up, will continue later 💙

“I like cats,” he said into the bed, eyes closed, looking like he was a breath away from falling asleep. Hj sighed. “Look I really don’t have time to sketch a cat, let alone tatt00 one right now.” The blond man opened his eyes slowly, his long lashes fluttering with +

the movement. “Can you do a small doodle?” he asked with a pout. Hj’s jaw slackened. He wanted to punch himself for feeling the way he felt right now. His heart was picking up speed and heat was spreading from his gut all the way to his head. “Uhh..uh..yeah..” +

He cleared his throat nervously as his eyes lingered on the man’s lips. They were so perfectly well shaped, the cupid’s bow deep and defined, the upper lip full and curved at the end. Hj was fighting the urge to ask the man for a lip stain so he could use it in the future for +

a tatt00. “Umm..where would you like the tatt00?” The blond man seemed to be thinking hard for a minute, lifting his head from the bed and squinting his eyes in thought. Hj took out his tablet to begin doodling as he waited for an answer, deciding on a simple one line +

cat silhouette design. Simple, sophisticated and alluring. Hj was just about to show the man how it looked like when something white flew across his vision and he was met with bare shoulders and a curved spine that was slightly arched inwards as the owner supported his +

body with his forearms. “Back of my neck near my right shoulder please.” He stretched his neck out invitingly and pointed right at the junction where neck met shoulder. A very audible gulp could be heard coming from Hj’s side of the studio but either the man was too drunk +

to notice or he chose to ignore it. Hj really didn’t know what he was so nervous for, being a tatt00 artist he has seen a fair share of body parts. It was all just a canvas to him whether it was the vast expanse of a back or the sensitive skin of ones groin.

So what was so different about this man that made Hj’s steady hands tingle and shake? “Is this design…to your liking?” he asked, holding up the tablet to the man’s face while looking at anything BUT him. “…pretty.” The man grinned lazily up at him and Hj just about +

dropped the tablet onto the ground. He started assembling the tatt00 gvn slowly, his fingers trembling with nerves? Excitement? Hj didn’t know but he found himself breathing heavily and his heart picking up pace in anticipation. “I’m going to clean and shave off any hairs +

on your body now” he stated in routine, turning around with antiseptic wipes and a fresh r4zor in his hands. He was met with sultry brown eyes looking him up and down as if he was the most delicious meal to ever be served on the planet. The blond man gave him a nod before +

laying his body back down onto the tattoo bed, extending his neck to the left to give Hj better access to the spot where he wanted the tatt00 on. Another very audible gulp and a bit of choking later, Hj finally sat down on his stool to get to work. Each swipe of the +

antiseptic wipe brought shivers down the blond man’s body. He was twitching so bad that Hj was afraid he would continue to do so while receiving the tatt00. So with a sigh, Hj brought his free hand up and gripped the back of the man’s neck to stop him from moving.

“Euughhh.” “…” The r4zor was halfway in the air towards the blond man’s shoulder to shave off what little hair he had there when the very obvious m0an escaped his heart shaped lips. “Sorry…m’sensitive,” was all the man said as he relaxed into the bed again as if he +

didn’t just outright make the most s3xy sound Hj has ever heard. The man’s voice was deep but the sound that escaped his lips earlier was high pitched and very…verryyyy arovsing. Hj was in a major dilemma right now. Nevermind he was beyond tired but he was now also on the +

verge of a heart att4ck. He couldn’t get the constant pounding in his chest to slow down no matter how many deep breaths he took and even the nitrile gloves he had on were beginning to stick to his hands uncomfortably due to excessive sweating. Never in his career has a +

client affected him such, not even when a renowned model came strutting in demanding an intricate rose pattern to be tatt00ed around her waist. He ignored it for now, focusing on his task to finish quickly so he could at least get home before the sun rises. The stencil was +

printed and placed onto the man’s skin in no time, Hj’s fingers were gentle as he peeled the paper from where it was stuck, swiping a thumb over the soft skin and eliciting more m0ans from the man. “I’m going to start the tatt00 now, it might sting a bit but please refrain +

from moving,” he said, his hand still holding the blond man steady. The man whimpered out a reply and that was all Hj needed before he picked up his gvn and turned it on, dipping the tip in some ink and saying his last prayers to the tatt00 g0ds for steady hands.

There was an short intake of breath below him as he began the cat’s tail, tracing not even an inch in before letting go to clean off the surface from excess ink. “How do you feel?” Hj tried to make his voice sound as nonchalant as possible but there was still an air of +

nervousness dangling before him. “S’not as bad as I thought it was,” the blond man said as Hj continued. Every now and then Hj’s thumb would rub light circles into the man’s neck whenever he felt it stiffen. The gesture was intimate, something he’d never done before with +

other clients. The man continued to m0an and whimper whenever Hj round the gvn along a curve and if anyone else were to listen in, they would think the buzz of the gvn was something else entirely. The thought definitely didn’t escape Hj’s mind and maybe it was because of +

how late it was or maybe because he’d been as dry as the sahara dessert these past couple of months, but something that has been asleep for a while was now definitely poking it’s head out to say ‘hello.’ Hj tried to think of his dog, his chores, what he’d eat for breakfast +

in the morning, /anything/ that would get him to stop focusing on the breathy sounds escaping from the man to no avail. His pants became increasingly stuffy and cramped until it was physically painful to sit on the stool. When the last of the outline was finally finished and +

the agonizing time passed, Hj finally let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. He quickly cleaned and dressed up the fresh tatt00 in record time, fishing for the man’s shirt that was thrown across the room and placing it on the small table besides the tatt00 bed +

before running behind the register to hide…well…his large prominent dilemma. “Please allow the tatt00 to sit in the dressing for 24 hours and avoid direct water flow. I’ll give you a couple more pieces of dressing to take home. You may change it after 24 hours.” He said +

everything in rapid succession, words tripping over one another as his tongue tried to accommodate how fast he spoke. The man slowly sat up to put his shirt back on, careful not to move his arms in too big of a movement, afraid to aggravate the sore he was definitely +

beginning to feel. The pain was delicious and welcoming though…grounding if you will. Hj waited for the man to come up to the counter, happy that he’d finally get to go home to his dog now. “That’d be $65 for the session please,” he said. He’d already counted the drawer +

but it was simple math he was willing to do as long as he was out the door in the next 10 minutes. The blond blinked up at Hj as if the aspect of paying was a novelty to him. “Oh…” he said as he dug in his bag before pulling out a card and handing it to Hj.

“Than-” HJ began to say, turning away to give the card a swipe before he noticed the card he was holding was actually an University ID card. But there was only an empty spot where the man once stood when he whipped back around, the bell to the door swaying left an right, +

the streets below empty. Hj looked down at the card in his hand, the corners were beginning to wear away, the picture in the center in tiny speckles, but the name underneath was still vivid and in bold. ‘L33 Flx, student at University of SK’

Ok imma stop here for the night..there might be another update or 2 before I finish this thread fic…there’s more pl0t than anticipated LOL. This was a cr4ck idea but it’s spun itself into something more. Anyways, this is sort of how the cat Hj tatt00ed onto Flx looks :)

“Come on Flx we’re going to be late!” Flx picked himself up from where he had collapsed onto the couch after getting ready, his pounding headache was absolutely torturous. “Remind me to never go out drinking with you ever again,” he said, rubbing his hands on his face.

There was a mild ache behind his neck that burned every time he moved his arm but he had chalked it up to falling asleep in his bed at a weird angle last night. He hadn’t even had time to wash up, only pulling on a random oversized sweater and leggings before rushing out of +

his room only to find Jsng had not finished getting ready yet. “You say that but fold under persuasion every time.” Jsng winked at Flx, giving him the gummiest smile known to mankind. “You look like sh!t by the way.” Flx playfully rolled his eyes at Jsng who looked +

equally as disheveled and walked past him through the open front doors. “Have you looked in the mirror this morning?” — “Flx?” Jsng looked behind at his blond friend who was searching a hole into his bag. “Yeh, go on without me…I think I left my ID at home.” But he +

swore he had placed his university card back into one of the many pockets in his bag the day before. “Okay, I’ll let Park know you’ll be a little late cause of a stomach thing. It should be fine.” He gave Flx a reassuring smile before heading towards their first class. Flx +

groaned as he shoved the pens he had gathered into his hand in search of the d4mn card back into his bag and zipped it back up. He really hope it was at home and not on the ground somewhere in H0ngdae. — “Did you find it?” Jsng whispered as Flx quietly slipped into the seat +

besides him. “No! And waiting for security to check my credentials to issue me a temporary one was annoying,” he huffed. His morning was seriously starting to grind his gears, first the h4ngover, then the irritating pain in his neck and now his University card. “Maybe I +

dropped it yesterday when I pulled my wallet out to pay for our drinks.” There wouldn’t be any other explanation unless something had happened when he blacked out. There was a gap in his memory from when he had paid for dinner to waking up sideways on his bed. He couldn’t +

recall a single thing that had happened and Jsng was adamant they had stumbled home right after dinner and straight into bed. But Flx couldn’t shake this nagging feeling he had in his gut telling him he’d forgotten something. At lunch time Flx couldn’t deal with his neck +

any longer. The headache has finally subsided but the skin by his neck felt like it was on fire. “Hey Svng, can you see what’s going on with the right side of my neck?” Jsng gave him a questioning look as he lifted his collar to check out the skin and the loud gasp made Flx’s +

heart stutter. “Why? What happened?” Flx tried his best to look back at the spot that hurt but the slightest movement made the burn more intense, as if a cat had scratched up just that one area of skin and someone else had poured salt into the wound. Jsng had his +

hand over his mouth like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, his cheeks puffing out from all the food in his cheeks making him look extremely comical. Very tenderly, Flx brought his left arm up to touch the area under the collar and was met with a pouch of liquid sticking +

to his skin. “Wha?” He poked the sac with his finger, pushing the liquid around what seemed to be a plastic film. “Oh cool Lx, you got a tatt00?” Imie had come up to their table with his microwaved meal, taking a peak under Flx’s collar before sitting right next to him.

“A..a tatt00? I don’t remem-” and that was when it all hit him like a freight train, the memory of stepping foot into a small empty tatt00 shop, of the handsome tall man with the silkiest looking hair and honey dripping voice caressing his neck like he was the most delicate +

flower to ever grace the planet. The way the man bit his plump bottom lip while sketching on his tablet, the way his eyes seemed hungry when they landed on Flx’s body. Flx shivered at the memory, his gut clenches ever so slightly. “I think I know where my uni ID is, Svngie.

— Hj POV Hj started the day off normal, opening the studio up at 11 after walking Kk4mi and grabbing a large 4merican0. He only had 3 scheduled appointments, giving him time to finish up sketches he’d been working on for upcoming clients and a couple other walk ins asking for +

smaller designs. He was just finishing up one of the walk ins when the bell attached to the door rang. “Jvnnie can you take the next customer?” His apprentice had started coming in after school to help out since the article had published and the studio became busier. “Hey +

wait you can’t go over there! Mr. Hwng has a client right now!” Hj could feel a presence behind him and honestly, he half knew who it was but he was still in the middle of a session so he ignored the man standing behind him and continued his work. He had enjoyed this +

session quite a bit, the client coming in with ideas already on his phone. He’d wanted a pair of angel wings at the base of his neck, each feather detailed unlike the usual outlines people go for. The session continued on for another half an hour and the man, Flx, stood +

ground the whole time, not moving an inch. Jvn had given up on asking him to sit by the waiting area after 5 minutes of begging to no avail, stomping his way back to the register to finish sorting out appointments. When Hj finally finished and the client had complimented +

him on the delicate design and approved of his work, the brunette finally turned around to face the blond, who looked up at him with such round glittering eyes, Hj had to fight the urge to caress his face. “I see you’re more clear headed today, Flx.” Hj maintained eye contact +

as he took his gloves of and tossed them to the trash. “How did you kno-” He didn’t get to finish his sentence because Hj had taken his ID card out of his back pocket, fiddling with it between his pointer and middle finger. “..n..nevermind.” He made to grab for it, hand +

stretching out but Hj had raised his arm higher, the card out of his reach. “Not until you pay me back for the tatt00,” he said, holding his arm higher up as Flx tried jumping for the card. “I’m not paying. I didn’t want a tatt00 and I was drunk!” “Hey I told you no, you +

just kept begging me for one and wouldn’t leave. It was you who said it was for a bet.” Flx stopped jumping as the memory of the bet he had made with Jsng came back to him. “Ah ah remember now?” Flx ground and he tried reaching up for his card again but the movement was +

too great and he winced from the burn he felt by his neck. Seeing the pain on Flx’s face, how the man’s eyebrows scrunched up and how his own heart stuttered in his chest at the thought of him in pain, Hj quickly stopped the teasing. “Let me see the dressing.”

Well I thought Hj would tatt00 Flx’s dick this update but I guess not 🥴 dw I will update more tomorrow

Flx glared at Hj before turning around to pull the collar of his sweater down, showing him the dressing filled with liquid. “This is plasma and ink your body is pushing out” Hj said as he poked the pouch of red fluid. “It’s normal for your body to do this after receiving a +

tatt00 and can help with your healing process.” His voice was close to a whisper now as he taught Flx everything about tatt00s, fingers grazing the back of his neck softly. Flx shivered from the intimacy of it all, his stomach fluttering at the way the honey dripping voice +

caressed his ear. Hj pulled away reluctantly, tearing the plastic off his tattoo bed and spraying it down with antiseptic spray. When he was all done he gave the leather cushion a small pat, gesturing Flx to sit down. Flx was hesitant, hand coming up to cup the tatt00 on +

his neck, eyes traveling from where Hj’s long fingers were hitting the bed to his exasperated face. “Come on darling, I’m not going to eat you,” he said, wiggling his eyebrows at the blond. Flx stuck his tongue out at him and took a seat, back facing Hj. “Jvnnie, close +

down the shop, we’re going on break.” “But Mr. Hwng your 6 pm appointment…ok ok you got it boss.” The intern made a face at Flx before turning the “open” sign over to the “closed” side and locked the door. “Does it hurt?” Hj asked, prodding the sac around to take a better +

look at the ink. “It was burning earlier but it’s gone down a bit.” Hj clicked his tongue, turning around to grab a couple balls of cotton, soap and wipes. “I’m going to go on a whim and guess you don’t know anything about tatt00 aftercare so…” he held a paper towel +

under the dressing and began peeling it back. “I’m going to clean it up for you, will you be able to hold still?” Flx made a face. “Why wouldn’t I be able to hold sti…euughhhh ah.” His spine tingled so intensely that he jerked forward away from the prodding man’s fingers.

“See, I told you to hold still.” Hj held the blond in place by the shoulder as he tried his best to clean up the mess of plasma and ink with one hand all the while trying not to get the blond man’s sweater wet. “Hey, do you mind…taking off the sweater? It’s’s a little +

hard to clean.” Flx looked back at the man behind him quizzically, a dark blush had made its way up from his neck to his cheeks, his long dark hair a contrast to how much of a tomato he looked right now. “What, are you a prude or something? I thought tatt00 artists see +

n4ked people all the time.” He began pulling his sweater off over his head, careful to not graze the now bandage-less tatt00. A dark chuckle rumbled out of Hj’s chest. “Oh I’m very, /very/ far from being a prude…” he said, helping Flx out of his sweater. “Just hold still +

for me please?” Hj began by wiping down the tattoo with antiseptic wipes, taking a good look at the ink that showed no signs of fading. The area still looked a bit red and tender, a clear sign that the blond most definitely slept on it the night before. “Stay here, don’t +

move.” Flx watched him leave the studio to the back room and, after a while, return with a bowl and a towel in his hands. “Let me know if the water is too hot,” and Hj began washing the tender skin, lightly dabbing the area with warm water at first before squeezing a +

bit of fragrance free soap onto his gloved hand and rubbing it lightly into the skin. Flx tried his best to hold still, he really did…but he was always extremely sensitive when it came to his neck so he couldn’t help it when his body twitched or when whimpers slipped past +

his lips. He tried to focus on other things other than the long fingers softly rubbing his neck, on the multiple sketches hanging on the wall before him, on the picture of the brunette shaking hands with one of SK’s top models. “Did..ahhh..did you d..draw all those?” he asked +

tipping his head towards the framed drawings. Hj looked up from his cleaning momentarily and smiled. “I didn’t see you as someone who appreciated the fine arts,” he said mockingly to which the blond turned around to glare at him. “Just so you know, I’m majoring in dance.”

Had Hj not had his gloved hands soaked in soap, he would have pinched the cute little pout that formed on the blond’s lips. “What’s your name anyways?” Hj raised an eyebrow at the blond. “Hey you know my name already, I think the most you could do is tell me yours as well.” +

“Am I not cleaning your tatt00 right now?? I think I’m doing more than I should.” Flx’s lips tightened to a line, making a motion to stand up but Hj stopped him. “Ok there little feisty, my name’s Hj..nice to meet the sober you.” He dipped the towel back into the warm +

water to wash away the suds, patting dry the area with the other end. “I’m going to put some moisturizing ointment on the tatt00 now. It’s hypoallergenic so don’t worry.” He sounded calm on the outside but in reality, his heart was pounding so fast in his chest he could feel+

it in his mouth. The man’s skin looked so soft and succulent, his body so delicate, Hj wanted to bite him. Flx on the other hand had gone quiet, fighting the urge to lean into Hj’s touch. He’d never been treated so tenderly like this before, not even his own mother would take +

care of him like this stranger was. “How does it feel now?” Hj whispered into his ear, taking off his gloves and rolling the table away from the bed. “Better,” Flx squeaked, his mind off into a certain headspace after being primped. His sweater was handed to him and it +

took Flx a moment before he realized he had to put it back on. “Should it be wrapped again?” Hj shook his head, hiding himself away from Flx’s lingering eyes. “No, let it breath now. I’ll give you a couple tubes of the ointment and soap.” He stepped behind the counter, +

looking up at Flx expectantly who didn’t look like he made any plans to stand up. Hj sighed, taking out the uni card to wave it in front of the blond like bait. It worked. Flx snapped out of his stupor and came up to the counter, remembering the reason why he came in +

the first place. “Ah…$65 dollars first, then I’ll give you back your card,” Hj said with a smirk. Flx rolled his eyes at the tall brunette and handed him a random bill from his wallet. “Thank you very much for your patronage,” Hj said, giving Flx his signature dashing +

smile, showing his teeth when he saw the man’s adam’s apple bob in his throat. “You’re welcome…” Flx whispered, avoiding the brunettes eyes as best he can. They land on a board filled with drawings of delicate looking flowers. Daisies, roses, dandelions and more lined up +

prettily one next to the other. “Are these your works too?” Flx asked, not able to tear his eyes away from the beautiful sketches. “Yeah…flowers are actually my specialty,” Hj said, scratching the back of his neck. “They’re beautiful..” Flx said walking up to the board.

Hj stood besides him not long after. “Thank you…not a lot of people appreciate them anymore…they all want larger tatt00s from me, but these,” he gestured at the board with his hand. “These are far more intricate and takes more skill.” Flx nodded his head in agreement.

Every small stroke within the flower showed how much harder it would be to tatt00 this pattern onto skin, the lines so thin, it somehow made the petals look transparent. It was a pity these designs were being under-appreciated. “I would get a tatt00 like this in a heartbeat.” +

It was more of an impulse statement, but Flx had never felt more true to his words than the ones he’d just spoken. He looked up at Hj who was already staring down at him wide eyed, as if surprised anyone would appreciate something so personal to him. “You would?” Hj asked and +

swore the blond was breathing just as heavy as he was. “Yeah,” Flx breathed out. Both brunette and blond had unconsciously moved closer to each other now, the atmosphere in the studio heating up so much that Jvn the intern had to escape to the back room. “Where would you +

want the tatt00?” Hj asked, eyes falling on the blond’s perfect lips. Flx licked his lips as soon as attention was set on them, his own eyes scrutinizing the details of the brunette’s face. The small mole under his eye, his jawline, his plump lips. Flx tried to appreciate +

every detail of Hj. So he wasn’t really thinking when he answered the talker’s questions, seemingly bewitched by the way Hj was looking down on him. “I want you to tatt00 my d1ck.”

Okie everyone next update will be the last update 🥹 Get ready for some 🔞🍆💦 time heheh 🤭

Flx’s face was dripping. It wasn’t dripping with sweat though, no. His face was dripping because the one and only H4n Jsng had just projectile spat a mouthful of milk toward his direction. “Wow thank you..I was feeling a bit parched but not anymore,” Flx said while wiping the +

milk from his eyes. “YOU ASKED HIM TO DO WHAT?!” His best friend all but screamed in his ear even though he was sitting right across from him on the breakfast table. “Look I wasn’t exactly thinking straight…” “Why your d1ck of all places?” Jsng asked, mouth already full +

of cereal again. “Again…I wasn’t thinking straight!!” Flx stood up, slamming a hand onto the table. “You know what maybe he’s a w1tch…he bewitched me into asking for a d1ck tatt00!! I knew I felt weird and trancelike as soon as I stepped into that studio.” Jsng rolled +

eyes at the blond, shoving another spoonful into his mouth. “Yeh..right. I’m sure that’s what happened. OR, you saw how hot he was and your inner slvt jumped out.” Flx snatched the spoon Jsng was waving in front of his face and smacked his arm with it. But he did have to +

admit…that man, HJ…he was pretty hot. “Ah haaa, I’ve hit the nail on its head!” Jsng yelled again, snatching his spoon back. “Shut up,” Flx replied but he couldn’t keep his smile from morphing into a full on smirk now. “What am I going to do,” he whined, wiping his face +

with a towel and hiding behind it. The neck tatt00 was his first ever tatt00 and he was drunk for it, he couldn’t imagine how painful it would be if he was awake and s0ber..and on such a sensitive area too. “You can always just cancel it,” Jsng replied logically and Flx +

groaned. “I already booked the appointment and paid for it, I can’t back out!” He peeked out from where he kept the towel over his eyes and was met with Jsng judging him silently. “You /can’t/ back out..or do you not /want/ to back out?” In all honesty, Flx knew deep +

down he didn’t want to back out, he wanted to see those long thin fingers work on him, wanted to feel them caress the part of him that he hardly lets anyone else touch. He wanted those sharp eyes concentrated on him and only him. He wouldn’t let Jsng know but the only reason +

why he wanted the tatt00 on his d1ck was because that was what he had been thinking about subconsciously as they stood side by side and staring intently into each other’s eyes. The word had slipped past his lips before he even realized and the appointment had been set. “Ok..+

you’re coming with me then.” Jsng stood up and started dragging him to the door. “What? Where are we going?” “When was the last time you booked a waxing session?” Jsng asked with a raised eyebrow. Oh..

It’s been two days since Flx had stepped foot into his studio. Two long and very grueling days that had him on edge everytime he heard the bell to the door ring or he caught a whiff of strawberry perfume from a browsing client. They didn’t contact each other, although they +

both exchanged numbers. Hj just continued on with his daily repetitive schedule. Wake up, walk kk4mi, open shop, tatt00, close shop and repeat. It was only two days but it felt like 2 weeks. He was now finishing up his “last client” for the day, cleaning up what he had worked +

on and wrapping it, repeating the same dialogue about aftercare after each session. Hj had told Jvn to leave for the day, not wanting the intern to hang around for Flx to show up after hours. It was the only time Hj thought was convenient enough for both of them to be +

comfortable in. It was also the time Flx had came in for his first tatt00 so in a way it was poetic in Hj’s eyes. He began cleaning down his station, spray and wiping until everything smelt like disinfectant and bleach. It was when he was about to put on a new pair of +

gloves that a light tapping to the glass door broke his concentration and he let out a deep breath he didn’t know he was holding. Flx was wearing a skirt again, this time black and pleated with textured tights and large combat boots. His top was cropped, showing his midriff +

and…Hj had to suck in a gasp as his eyes fell on the stud sticking out from his belly button. He hadn’t noticed the piercing the first time, the blond having been facing away from him for the majority of the night, but the knowledge of it made Hj wonder what else Flx could be +

hiding between the fabrics he was wearing. “Hi,” the blond let out in a whisper when Hj finally let him in. He pulled Flx further into the studio, quickly locking the door and pulling down the blinds so that no one else would think his studio was still opened. “What’s with +

the theatrics?” Flx asked with a raised eyebrow, gesturing to the closed blinds. It wasn’t like they were doing anything illeg4l here. “Thought I’d set the m00d,” Hj said with a wink, successfully flustering the pretty blond who stood awkwardly in the middle of the studio +

gripping his skirt as if the fabric was what anchored him to reality. “I’m just kidding darling,” he smirked, turning around to put a fresh layer of plastic wrap on his tatt00 bed. “Thought you’d want some privacy since…well you know why.” It was Hj’s turn to be flustered +

and he was glad his back was turned towards the blond so that he could hide the tremble in his hands. “Have you tatt00ed…that region before?” Flx really wanted to hide in the smallest hole and never crawl out again, especially when Hj was now chuckling at him. “I’ve +

tatt00ed plenty of d1cks on people before but have I tatt00ed /on/ a dick? No, this would be my first time.” He turned around in time to see Flx’s eyes widen with doubt before he schooled his expression to that of indifference. “Of course I’ve seen it done plenty of times +

during my apprenticeship before I got my license and I’ve been in this profession for years now, you’ve nothing to fear.” Flx crossed his arms around his chest. “Wh..who said I was scared? I..I was just making sure…hmph.” He walked towards the tatt00 bed and plopped himself +

down. Hj sighed, not wanting to feed into the man’s pretense of feigned bravery. “You can still back out if you want to.” The blond began fumbling with his boots, taking them off one by one before replying. “..I made another bet with my friend.” This was a lie, there was +

not another bet…there was no bet at all. It was, however, Jsng’s strategy to find out if Hj was taking advantage of Flx or not. If Hj didn’t give him a choice to back out, Jsng had instructed Flx to text him right away. “Okay, I guess that settles it then.” They both stare +

at each other for several long minutes before Hj decides to break eye contact first. “There’s a blanket under the bed…I’ll give you some privacy for now.” And he walked away to get his supplies, leaving Flx to himself to pull down his skirt and undergarments. Although Hj +

had witnessed, on multiple occasions, his mentor performing full body tatt00s, there weren’t many examples he could go by tatt00ing a d1ck. Of course he’d watched videos at home up until this day in preparation but even those were rare and hard to find. He remembered his mentor +

mentioning a spatula before, that it would help with stretching the foreskin and allow a base for the boneless region to sit on..but that was about it. Hj would be lying if he said he didn’t feel silly holding a wooden spatula in hand, wiping it down with disinfectant +

while a half n4ked beauty waited for him to come out of the back room. He gripped the side of the counter and did some breathing exercises, feeling more like a r00kie than a seasoned tatt00 artist. “You can do this Hj, it’s just a canvas…it’s just a canvas.” A canvas

that was probably small, cute, and pink, stretched over a wooden spoon… Hj sl4pped himself hard to get his mind out of the gutter, already feeling heat spread from his core. Fck it. He walked out of the back room with the spatula in hand, looking as if he was going to +

smack someone with it. “Hey, are you okay? You’re face..” Flx was looking at him with concern in his eyes pointing at his cheek. “Yeh I’m fine, just an annoying mosquito, y’know.” “Sure…” Flx fiddled with the blanket as he waited for Hj to assemble his tatt00 gvn and +

ink pods. “How’s your neck tatt00 healing?” Hj asked out of nowhere and Flx was surprised to find the brunette inches away from his neck. He shivered instinctively when he felt a finger lightly touch the area and had to hold back a whimper. “It’s peeling but the +

moisturizer you gave is really working. Thank you.” Flx felt shy suddenly, not wanting to meet Hj’s gaze at all. “Good,” was all Hj said as he printed the stencil out. It was a small dainty daisy that was downsized just a bit to accommodate where it was going. It was small +

but still big enough to display the amount of skill and precision needed to perform such artistry. “I uhh…are you ready…for the stencil?” Hj asked and in that exact moment he really didn’t think he’d be able to make it out alive. Flx looked so small on the tatt00 bed, wide +

eyes looking straight up at him like a frightened puppy. He gave a small nod and lifted the blanket up a bit, revealing his most personal area to Hj. /Cute/ he had to bite his tongue from making any sort of commentary on Flx’s very cute, very smooth looking c0ck. Hj adjusted +

the bed so that Flx was laying down instead of sitting, patting his shoulder in the process to try to soothe him the best he could. They were both nervous, and that knowledge did ease up some of the tension he felt. “Ok I’m going to clean you now…please try not to move.” He+

took out his hypoallergenic disinfectant wipes and began cleaning the base of Flx’s d1ck. As soon as the wetness of the wipe touched skin, his c0ck twitched and Flx flinched back, hand over mouth to muffle a m0an. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry,” the blond began +

whimpering and Hj had to pat his head in comfort. “Hey shh shh, it’s okay. It’s a normal reaction, it’s okay.” He waited until Flx was still enough before asking if he could continue the cleaning and only doing so when he audibly heard a “yes.” The sh4ft and gl4ns were easier+

to clean, Hj making quick work of it while Flx did his best to not writhe around under Hj’s fingers. When he deemed it clean enough, Hj quickly laid the stencil onto the sh4ft, flower part closer to the head of the c0ck and stem facing the base. This took a bit of time as he had+

to position it so the fiddling kept going on until Hj was satisfied. By the time he was done, Flx was already half hard and panting into the blanket that he had taken the liberty of biting down to keep his m0ans and whimpers at bay. “Alright Flx, are you ready?” He asked +

softly, always waiting for the blond’s approval before he moved. “Y..yes” Hj rested the c0ck onto the wooden spatula, stretching it a bit which resulted in a low m0an escaping from above, and began tatt00ing the first line onto the base of the stem. Hj figured the base +

was a good spot to start, not as many nerve endings so it wouldn’t be as painful, but Flx was like a walking sensitivity magnet. His c0ck kept slipping out of place, his thighs kept trembling, it was physically hard for Hj to hold him still with the spatula. Not only that but +

his s3xy m0ans were also doing a number on Hj’s own c0ck, the sound traveling straight there so that he was also straining in his pants now. “Hey Flx?” He tried to keep his voice as calm as possible for what he was about to ask but the blond was already nodding his head. +

“Do what you have to do,” and that was all Hj needed before he discarded the spatula and wrapped his now free gloved hand around Flx’s c0ck. “Euughhh uh uh,” Flx gasped out loud, no point in hiding his m0ans any longer as Hj jerked him once, twice…watching the twist of his +

expressions with each flick of his wrist. “This is for the tat, this is for the tat, this is for the tat,” Hj kept repeating this to himself like a mantra as he watched the man below him breakdown into a mess of m0ans and whines, c0ck twitching uncontrollably in his large +

hand. Flx had never been encompassed so much with just one hand, the feeling so warm and perfect he didn’t want Hj to stop. He almost begged him not to until he felt the burn of the tatt00 gun against his skin and he was brought back to reality. Still, Hj was gripping his +

shaft, the combination of p4in and ple4sure working him up until his legs trembled with need and want. “M..mmo..more..more please” Flx begged when Hj lifted the gun to wipe off some of the ink. He almost couldn’t believe what he was hearing if it wasn’t for his own c0ck +

twitching with each beg. Hj’s brain probably short circuited for a moment, just sitting there staring at Flx with a c0ck in one hand and a tatt00 gvn in the other. It wasn’t until Flx grabbed his arm and dug his nails in that Hj snapped out of it. The blond +

had begun grinding into Hj’s hand to chase his ple4sure despite the slight burn he should be feeling now with the new ink. “Please..please,” Flx begged with tears in his eyes and Hj obliged. He jerked him once, pvmping him h4rd before continuing the tatt00. And this became +

a new routine Hj followed. With each pause to clean up the ink, he would reward Flx with a couple of pvmps, keeping him on the edge but not quite finishing. He was careful not to rub the top of the sh4ft though. Opening his hand up so that he was more so cradling +

his c0ck now more than anything. Every now and then, Hj would swipe his thumb along the red head, digging the finger slightly into Flx’s sl1t until the pained expression on his face relaxed back into that of pleasure. “Please..w..want to cvm” Flx m0aned out loud and another+

pvmp was given by Hj. He could see how tense the muscles around Flx stomach and thighs were but there was still a small part to the tatt00 he had to finish. “Hold it in for me darling, just a little more,” he whispered into Flx ear before bringing the gvn back onto his c0ck. +

“Ah ah ah ah” Flx kept crying out with every twist of the gvn and every swipe of Hj’s thumb over his head. Hj had unknowingly began collecting the precvm that was leaking out nonstop on his thumb as he finished up the shading of the last petal. Ink. Wipe. Pvmp He continued +

until the very last wipe. As soon as he put down the tatt00 gvn down, Hj bent over to where Flx was, eyes rolled far into his skull, mouth open and panting, t0ngue out begging to be svcked. The first lick was heavenly, Flx tasted as sweet as he looked and Hj didn’t hold back +

his m0ans any longer. His t0ngue invaded Flx mouth with no resistance, the blond quickly svcking Hj in like a starved animal. The hands Flx had gripping Hj’s arms were now twisting into his hair, the soft silky texture bleeding through his fingers like water. Hj continued +

pvmping Flx up throughout their frenzied kiss, breaking apart only so Hj could whisper praises into Flx’s ear. “Come on baby b0y, you did so good. I’m so proud of you. You can cvm now darling. Cvm for me baby.” Flx tightened his grip on Hj’s hair, pulling a bit until his +

scalp tingled. “Gonna ah..ah c..cvm. Cvmming euaghh for you..” And with another flick of his wrist and a swipe of his thumb, Flx was sh00ting cvm all over Hj’s hand. He was careful not to rub any onto the tatt00, now red and a bit swollen, aiming it towards the direction +

of his spre4d thighs rather than his stomach. Flx continued twitching in his hold, rocking slightly back and forth to ride out his org4sm. Hj didn’t let go until Flx flinched from oversensitivity, bending back to open his pack of wipes to start cleaning the man up. +

By the time he was done, Flx was snoozing on the bed, his face still stained from tears and red from what they had just done. Hj couldn’t even wrap his head around everything…only knowing that this may be a new start to his once mediocre life.

- fin - ❤️

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