Monday - Not Ideal to Day Trade Weekly Open Small Trading Range - Accumulation Judas Swing from Weekly Open - Manipulation If Bearish Bias look for Raid of PWH/HTF POI If Bullish Bias look for Raid of PWL

Tuesday - Good to Day Trade Typically Low/High of the Week Judas Swing / Raid of Monday HL / FVG Fill - Manipulation London Open/Close/Fix Pivotal Monitor for SMR/MMxM High Probability Price returns to Monday London Close/Fix

Wednesday - Good to Day Trade If above Weekly Open & Previous Weeks Range Equilibrium, look for Longs If below WO & PW EQ look for Shorts Monitor for move into Premium/Discount of Previous Days Range & Internal BSL/SSL Raid Continuation of Trend - Distribution

Thursday - Good to Day Trade Continuation of Trend - Distribution Look to Take Profit by 10:00 EST or once DOL is taken Trend Reversal at London Close/Fix 11:00 EST Typically Low/High of the Week

Friday - Not Ideal to Day Trade Small Trading Range Reversal to complete Weekly AMD Profile Profit Taking - Distribution Weekly Close

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