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tw // hookups , rough sex , bp tae taekook au where Jeongguk actually finds the clit

“Nice place.” Small talk is clearly not Jeongguk’s forte, but that isn’t what he’s here for. He’s not here for talking, joking, drinks or dinner. He’s here, standing in Taehyung’s living room, with determination in his eyes and confidence in his chest.

He’s had his fair share of hookups, and he’s never left someone unsatisfied— he doesn’t intend to start now. “Well,” Taehyung places his hands flush on his plump thighs. They’re sitting next to each other on the couch, the brunette wearing only a large t-shirt and panties,

like two awkward high-schoolers. “You seem nervous, pretty boy.” Jeongguk chuckles and leans closer before placing his own hand on Taehyung’s naked thigh. “Regretting your challenge?” Taehyung’s blush is damned near violent and he furrows his eyebrows. “Nervous? Bullshit.”

“Yeah? So why are leaning back?” His tone is smug and that smile is infuriating. Taehyung hates to admit it, but Jeongguk is Sex on Legs and radiates cockiness. It’s the good kind? The “I’m good and I know it,” instead of the “I’m overcompensating for my failure” type of

cockiness. He’s dripping in arrogance, and the brunette is almost ashamed to say he’s turned on by it. “I dunno where your lips have been. Did you bring condoms?” Jeongguk laughs. “I did, and I’m clean of whatever you think I might have.” “Okay good because—”

“You’re doing /a lot/ of talking for someone who claims they’ll win this bet.” Taehyung doesn’t get a chance to reply, not when a pair of soft, pink lips press against his. Everything moves too quickly, and he’s a little dizzy— one thing is for sure, however, his pussy is wet.

This boy walked in smelling like cinnamon and confidence, his shoulders squared and his head high; Taehyung has met his match. “Mmm.” He whines softly when their tongues touch and dance slowly. He grips the front of this stranger’s shirt and holds tight.

It moves from kissing to nipping, from nipping to biting, and soon, he’s so wrapped up in the feeling of teeth on his neck, he doesn’t notice the bigger picture. Jeongguk’s hand is in his panties now that they’re flat on the couch. His two fingers are gentle when they slide

between his lips and dip into his slick entrance. He doesn’t push any further than that, simply wets them and pulls them out. “Mm!” Taehyung moans into the kiss and jolts when those same two fingers press down gently on the one place he needs them most. “Ah.”

Their lips separate and Jeongguk buries his face into Taehyung’s neck. He licks and sucks harsh bruises into the unblemished honey skin, all while pushing raw sounds of pleasure from the older boy’s lips. “Ngh.” The brunette lets his head fall sideways to expose his neck

more and spreads his legs more. Really, he wants his panties to come off so he can open up and let Jeongguk finger him or fuck him or both— but that comes later. Right now, he’s being teased and taunted for putting forth this challenge. Jeongguk is slowly circling his clit,

pressing on the sensitive bud and even dipping his fingers in more than before. “Stop,” Taehyung whines. “Stop t-teasing, please.” “I found it, huh?” Jeongguk chuckles and bites hard on the older boy’s shoulder. His chest swells with pride when Taehyung cries out and shivers.

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Taehyung doesn’t nod or moan in confirmation because he refuses to give this man the satisfaction. There’s no way Taehyung is going to tell this /stranger/ from Twitter than he’s found the magic spot in less than twenty minutes. Fuck that.

“A-Ah!” He almost chokes on that moan as Jeongguk gently pinches his clit. It doesn’t hurt at all, but the shock and initial electricity that shoots up his spine scares him. “Haha,” Jeongguk laughs at him. He finally pulls his hands from Taehyung’s panties and sits up.

It’s such a sight to watch this man stare him down while sucking his fingers clean. Of all the hookups he’s had, all the pitiful and disappointing sex Taehyung has endured, it seems Jeongguk might finally be the match. “Where’s your bedroom, sweetheart? I wanna win this the

right way. It’d be a shame and a waste of time to break you on the couch.” Taehyung pouts. “Oh don’t look like that,” Jeongguk smirks and leans down. His lips ghost against the shell of the other boy’s ear— his breath tickles when he speaks.

“If I’m going to make you cry and scream, I need more room. I wanna spread your pretty pussy open.” Taehyung’s soul shakes. The men he’s dealt with don’t take their time like Jeongguk is. They touch, fuck, nut, and leave.

This boy is talking to him, kissing him, teasing him— he’s taking all the appropriate steps to make Taehyung’s pussy throb and want more. “Bedroom, baby. Where is it?” “I— uh.. first door on the right.” Taehyung blinks and moves to get up, but squeaks loudly when Jeongguk

effortlessly picks him up and throws him over his shoulder. He’s not exactly /light/ but he weighs in at 167 pounds (75kg) even. “I can walk, yknow,” Taehyung grumbles. When Jeongguk lands a harsh and vicious slap on the back of his left thigh, a moan slips from the brunette

boy’s mouth. “Ha,” Jeongguk chuckles. “I’m learning quite a few things about you without trying very hard.” He doesn’t give Taehyung a moment to adjust or breathe after tossing him on the bed. Instead, he drags him to the edge of the bed and kneels down between his legs.

The younger boy whines and shivers harshly when Jeongguk licks his wet cunt over his panties. His toes curl— he hasn’t had his pussy eaten in a while, and part of him is concerned that Jeongguk is no good at it. “These fucking things are in the way,” Jeongguk mutters. He grips

the hem of Taehyung’s panties and quickly removes them, relishing in the embarrassment that washes over the younger when they both realize how soaking wet he is. “For fuck’s sake,” Jeongguk whispers. He kisses his way from Taehyung’s right knee down to his leaking slit, but

doesn’t move any closer. “You’re so pretty.” “Hurry—” “Patience, baby,” Jeongguk whispers again. He places a few short and sweet kisses to the younger boy’s clit and circles it gently with the tip of his tongue. “Ngh.” Taehyung’s mind sizzles and burns out almost immediately.

“Oh, you’re a sweet one,” Jeongguk grins. Just from the little taste, he can already tell his addiction has started. This won’t be the last time he tastes Taehyung’s cunt. “Shut up, I— ah!” Taehyung yelps when Jeongguk slaps his inner thigh. “You’re so rude,” he frowns.

Taehyung flushes dark red and bites the inside of his cheek. Okay, maybe he has been rude, but it’s only because he’s kind of nervous. He’s never hooked up with a total stranger before. Lately, it was a frequent customer from work first and a guy from class next.

He’s never seen or spoken to Jeongguk before earlier in the day. Hell, this guy could be a serial murderer or some kind of stalker or even a wanted criminal— Taehyung would never know. “Sorry,” he mutters in shame. “‘S okay, sweetheart. You know what you can do to make it up

to me?” Taehyung is scared to answer but responds with a quiet “what?” “Spread your legs wider for me and let me tongue your pussy until /I’m/ satisfied.” Taehyung blinks twice but quickly obeys. If Jeongguk wants to tongue and taste him, he won’t refuse.

It doesn’t take long for Taehyung’s mind to fog up and drift off. He’s lost in the tingling sensation of Jeongguk licking and sucking on his tiny clit, spitting on him and slipping the wet muscle inside. “Oh sh-shit.” Taehyung gasps. The fear of Jeongguk being terrible at oral

went out the window along with his resolve and dignity a long time ago. He’s vulnerable and desperate, dizzy and shivering slightly the more his pussy is teased. “Mmm.” Taehyung’s fist tightens in the sheets and he slightly pulls himself away.

“And where the hell do you think you’re going?” Jeongguk chuckles. He hooks his arms around Taehyung’s thighs and drags him back, only to slip his tongue back in between the wet folds. A symphony of whines and moans fills the room, accompanied by swearing and laughing.

“Stop laugh— ngh, /shit/,” Taehyung moans. “Damn,” Jeongguk groans. He pulls back to catch his breath, completely unaware that he’d been so wrapped up in tasting he forgot to breathe for a moment. He wipes the trickle of drool from his mouth before spitting onto

the younger boy’s pussy again. It’s been at least 45 minutes of tonguing and kissing and teasing Taehyung’s clit, Jeongguk almost feels guilty for denying him an orgasm. Oh well. “Wait, wait!” Taehyung shoves at Jeongguk’s head weakly and wiggles. His clit is sensitive now,

and any pressure or touch could send him over the edge. “Mmm, ahh. Jeon— oh my /god/.” He’s wiggling more and trying to pull himself up further on the bed to get away, but it’s useless. Jeongguk easily benches more than Taehyung’s weight, so hun struggling poses no threat.

“Mmm.” The older boy hums against Taehyung’s clit before flicking his tongue quickly a few times. “Fuck,” Taehyung cries. With a choked sob, his back arches and he cums hard with a tongue still inside of him. His pussy throbs and contracts with each next kiss to his clit—

he’s fucking dizzy. “That’s what I wanna hear.” Jeongguk chuckles softly. He slowly circles the over sensitive tiny bundle of nerves with his thumb after slowly filling Taehyung’s pussy with two fingers. “Sound so pretty when you cum. Do it again.”

Taehyung whimpers loudly, thighs shaking harshly when those two thick fingers begin to thrust inside of him. When the thumb touching his clit is replaced by Jeongguk’s tongue, the younger brunette loses it. His pussy is full and stuffed, his clit is throbbing hard under the

pressure, and he can barely breathe. He’s ashamed at how lost he is and how good he feels— none of the men he’s slept with have made him feel as if he’s on fire like this. Jeongguk curls his fingers and thrusts his fingers a little faster, eyes opening to stare up at

the boy who’s currently falling apart at the seams. “‘M … you’re gonna make— fuck,” Taehyung arches high and tries to pull himself away. “Right here?” Jeongguk taunts and continues to abuse his younger counterpart’s slick and dripping. Taehyung shivers and arches again.

His thighs clamp around Jeongguk’s head now that one of them is free, but the older boy never gives up. “Gonna cum..,” Taehyung whines louder. His noises of pleasure begin to weaken as another wave of euphoria washes over him. Jeongguk sucks and nips at his clit,

earning a loud cry from the overstimulated boy. “Mmm,” Jeongguk hums again. Taehyung cums harder than before and his pussy squeezes tightly around the two thick fingers snug inside of him. He’s out of energy, but Jeongguk won’t quit. “Gonna make you cum all fuckin’ night.”

[okay gonna pause here for the night bc depression is hitting again lol]

Taehyung’s heart flutters when their gazes lock. The look of carnal desire in Jeongguk’s eyes is bright, and the younger boy knows it’s gonna be a long night. After his thick fingers slide free and he licks them clean, Jeongguk grips his shirt by the hem and pulls it over

his head. Smooth skin covered in ink traveling from his neckline to his slim waist— Taehyung can’t help but stare. He really is Sex on Legs. The way he smirks down at the younger seems to spark electricity in the air, and before Taehyung can catch a breath, they’re glued

together. “Lemme take off my pants, baby.” Jeongguk chuckles when Taehyung attaches his lips to his neck. “Desperate?” Taehyung pouts and moves to slowly touch his pussy. He /is/ desperate, but he won’t say it. After having Jeongguk’s fingers inside of him, he wants, /needs/

something more. He whines and rubs his clit, eyes scanning Jeongguk’s naked torso as the pants and boxers come off. “Touching yourself while watching me get undressed. You haven’t been satisfied in a while, huh?” Taehyung shakes his head. He’s not going to lie about that.

He /hasn’t/ been satisfied in a while. The rhythm was off, the vibe was off, the touching wasn’t right— each time he had sex, something was wrong. After Jeongguk slips on the condom (Trojan Ecstasy, a classic and favorite of his), he slowly climbs onto the bed and hovers

over Taehyung. He shrinks under the gaze and waits for something to happen, but Jeongguk simply stares. “Let me fix that.” Taehyung’s face ignites with furious blush and he looks away instantly. “Stop talking and fuck me, please.” “How cute.”

Jeongguk nuzzles into Taehyung’s neck before gently rubbing the head of his cock against his slick entrance. The younger squeaks in surprise and tightens his fist into the sheets. Jeongguk’s cock is average in length, around 5 or 6 inches, but the confidence radiating from

his firmly built frame is what startles Taehyung. He ascends into the stars when Jeongguk finally slides home, moving until he fills the younger to the brim. The raw moan that breaks the silence in the air shakes Jeongguk’s core, but he’s proud of the look on Taehyung’s face.

Pure bliss. His eyebrows are relaxed and his lips are pressed into a pout, his brown eyes are glassy and full of need— he’s craving the rush of adrenaline and euphoria. Another raw moan follows the first thrust, the second, the third… and so on. Jeongguk sits up on his knees

and places one of Taehyung’s long, smooth legs on his shoulder. The squelching is obscene, such a vulgar and lewd sound, but Taehyung is so lost in the tingling that he can’t bring himself to care. He’s full. His soaking cunt is stuffed full of Jeongguk’s thick cock, and that’s

the only thing that matters to him right now. The headboard slamming against the wall doesn’t bother him, the violent slap of the skin doesn’t bother him, even the sound of his phone ringing on the nightstand doesn’t bother him. “Ah… ah… ahh.” He’s burning underneath his

skin, melting under the pressure and heat of the moment. Each thrust nearly knocks the wind out of him. “Shit,” Jeongguk hisses. His head tilts back and he moans softly, cock twitching at the feeling of Taehyung’s slick walls contracting around him.

“Mmm,” Taehyung whines. He rubs his clit with a free hand, only to squeak when Jeongguk slaps it away. “Don’t touch.” He leans forward, pushing Taehyung’s thigh open, and thrusts in harder. “Want you… to cum like this.” “Ngh! Ahhh.” He’s on the edge, still sensitive from

his first two orgasms, but wills the feeling away. He doesn’t wanna cum yet— the longer he holds out, the better it will be. “F-Fuckin’ good,” he stutters and wiggles under the weight of Jeongguk’s body. “A-ah. Ah!” Jeongguk presses their lips together before tangling their

tongues. The kiss is messy, but the sloppiness of it all makes Taehyung’s pussy drip more slick. “Mmm! Mm! Ngh!” Jeongguk pulls away and rests their foreheads together, hips still moving at a pace Taehyung seems to love. “Good, huh? Your pussy.. feels good?” Jeongguk asks. He’s

breathing heavily, melting under the heat between them just as Taehyung is. When the younger brunette nods, his chest swells with pride. He doesn’t want to say he /knew/ Taehyung would like being fucked by him, but he hasn’t let a partner down yet.

Taehyung’s head is fuzzy and his body continues to rock with each hard thrust. With Jeongguk’s grip on his waist, he’s unable to pull away or squirm free, so he lies there and takes every inch. “Fu— ah,” Taehyung sobs. His chest shakes with another cry— every drag of Jeongguk’s

cock snug in the ribbed condom leaves him at a loss for words. His moans are beginning to catch in his throat, his eyes roll back, and he arches off the bed. “Go ahead, baby,” Jeongguk whispers to him before nipping at the shell of his ear. A soft moan slips out. “Cum.”

Taehyung shivers hard and caves from that one simple word. /Cum/. His pussy spasms hard and he arches high— a cry tears from his throat as he cums on Jeongguk’s cock, coating it with pearly slick and cum. “Mmm.. aah,” Taehyung whines loudly. “Mmmm!”

Jeongguk isn’t really listening. Instead he roughly pulls out and turns Taehyung over. With his chest and hear leaning down on the mattress, Taehyung’s hips are left in the air with his pussy open and empty. “Shit,” Taehyung moans. The one syllable word is drawn out once he’s

filled with cock again. There isn’t any build up, they don’t start off slow. Jeongguk simply grips the back of his neck and pins both wrists behind his back. “Fuck,” Jeongguk groans and chuckles as best as he can. “Your pussy’s so sloppy and wet.” “Fuck me,” Taehyung whimpers.

“Fuck me, mm. God, fuck me.” He drools onto the bed and small tears leak from his eyes as Jeongguk’s balls slap against his clit. Each hit sends a shock down to his toes and he shakes hard. He can’t struggle, not with his wrists pinned and his neck being held.

“‘M gonna c— shit, h-holy shit,” he moans loudly. His back dips into a deeper arch, desperate for Jeongguk to actually fuck into his womb, and his toes curl. “Again?” Jeongguk’s tone is smug, and if Taehyung wasn’t lost in the clouds, he’d say something snarky in response to the

taunt. “‘M cumming,” he squeaks quietly. “Yeah?” “Y-yeah.” Taehyung tries to catch his breath. “Don’t stop, d-don’t stop, ah.” Jeongguk obeys and thrusts harder, determined to get Taehyung to orgasm #4. He’s become addicted to the feeling of Taehyung spasming around him.

With a choked sob, he cums hard. Slick drips from his cunt and onto the bed, runs down his right inner thigh— he’s a sloppy mess. “Shit, baby.” Jeongguk slows down and releases Taehyung’s wrists. “So sensitive now.” It’s already hit the 2 hour mark, from the time

Jeongguk stepped through the door until now. They’ve spent so long tangled in each other, tasting each other and breathing each other in, they haven’t had a chance to stop and take a moment to breathe on their /own/. That moment doesn’t come any time soon. When Taehyung

collapses onto his side, breathless and sniffling, Jeongguk snuggles up behind him and lifts one leg to open him up. “Can’t give out on me now, baby. We’ve only just started.” “W-wait, Jeongguk,” Taehyung whines. All forms of protest are wiped clean from his mind

when his pussy is filled once again. So thick, hot, solid— Jeongguk’s cock is better than any toy he’s ever used. More whines and whimpers leave his lips as he lies there and lets his pussy be used. He’s a toy for this man to play with, a hole to be fucked. “Touch yourself.”

His breath is hot when it fans over Taehyung’s face. He wastes no time and obeys, sliding his hand down to his clit and teasing it. He lands a few gentle slaps on the over sensitive bud, pushing sounds of pleasure he’s never produced before. “Yes.. ngh, oh god, yes.”

“Think about this.” Jeongguk breathes heavily and moans into Taehyung’s ear again. “Think about how good you feel next time another man tries to satisfy you.” The younger brunette shivers. “Think.. about how good your pussy feels and how wet you are right now.” He continues to

rub his clit and whimper, but when he moves to hide his face, Jeongguk stops him. With a firm grip on Taehyung’s chin, Jeongguk forces him to turn his head. “Listen to me, baby.” Taehyung pouts and moans again, his right thigh shaking as he’s fucked harder.

“Do you hear it?” He asks, eyes hooded as he stares at his younger counterpart. His hairline is sweating and they’re sticking together, but over the slap of their skin, Taehyung hears it. “You hear how much it’s talkin’ to me? Beggin’ for me?”

He’s referring to the sticky and wet squelching between Taehyung’s legs. With each thrust comes another wet sound, another moan or cry, and another shiver. “Your pussy /needs/ me.” Taehyung never stops touching and teasing his clit, not when Jeongguk slams into him harder

or when the kiss messily. He’s so ashamed. He’s never been this wet for a man, never been this hot and pliant. He’s never melted like this before. “Shit,” Jeongguk moans once the kiss breaks apart. There’s a knot forming in his stomach and he speeds up a little more.

Taehyung can feel his cock twitching inside his pussy— he’s getting close to an orgasm. “Yes,” Taehyung cries and rubs his clit more. He’s going to follow in suit and make a bigger mess. The closer they get, the harder it is to breathe.

Jeongguk bites down on the younger boy’s shoulder and cums hard with a moan. He spills into the condom and holds Taehyung tightly as he continues to milk himself. “Cum on me, baby. Do it.” Once again, Taehyung obeys. It’s messier than any of his earlier orgasms, wet and

splashing onto his bed— he shakes hard. “N-No more,” he sobs. Jeongguk slows down until he finally reaches a stop before pulling out. “Fuck.” He exhales loudly before laying flat on his back. He rubs Taehyung’s thigh, which is now down and closed, to soothe him.

“I’ll give you a few minutes,” Jeongguk smirks before placing a soft kiss on Taehyung’s shoulder. “But I’m not finished with you. When I said ‘all night,’ baby, I meant it.” “What?” Taehyung rolls over, eyes wide and breath heavy. “You’re kidding.” “Ha,” the older boy laughs.

Taehyung gets up for water while Jeongguk removes the soiled condom. Once it’s tied and in the trash, he waits patiently. The sounds of pleasure, each cry, sob, and moan repeat in Jeongguk’s mind and he tries to ignore the twitching in his cock.

After six minutes go by, Jeongguk grabs another condom and slips off to find his prey. “Now where did you run off to, baby? You can’t leave me hanging like this, ‘s not nice.” He meanders around the apartment until his eyes finally land on a head of brown hair behind the couch.

“Boo.” Taehyung jumps and attempts to run, a giggle bubbling from his chest, but squeals when he’s caught. They end up on the couch again, this time with Taehyung on top. “Running from me, now?” Jeongguk laughs and lands a slap on Taehyung’s right ass cheek.

“You’re an animal,” Taehyung whines. “‘M sore.” “Aw,” he coos. “Come back to bed and let Jeonggukie fix that, yeah?” The younger boy pouts and nods, clinging to his lover as he’s carried back to the bed. Once Jeongguk lies flat on his back, he pulls Taehyung up to sit on him.

“Bring yourself up here, baby. Lemme make you feel better.” “You want me to do what?” “Sit right here,” Jeongguk chuckles and points to his mouth. “Put that pretty pussy on my mouth, sweetheart, and let me taste it.” “But I’m heavy.” Taehyung raises an eyebrow and twiddles his

thumbs. “I’m not doing that.” “Get up here.” Jeongguk lands another slap on his ass and frowns. “You’re not too heavy, so come here.” “If you suffocate, I’m not responsible.” “Don’t ruin the moment, baby. Come on, I’m hungry again.”

Taehyung blushes furiously as he moves to hover over Jeongguk’s mouth. He’s never done this before— every man he’s dealt with told him he was too heavy for it or simply didn’t want to try it. Here is Jeongguk, practically forcing him to sit there, and feeding into his needs.

“Sit down,” Jeongguk laughs. “You don’t have to be shy.” Taehyung lowers himself down, but squeaks when Jeongguk pulls him the rest of the way. He listens to the older boy hum and sigh as his tongue gets to work. “Ah.” Taehyung hisses when Jeongguk’s tongue slides between

his slick folds and flicks over his clit a few times. He runs a hand through his own dark locks and tightens a fist in them— Jeongguk is /very/ skilled with his tongue. “Oh fuck.” Jeongguk peels his eyes open and looks up between his lover’s plush thighs. He stares up

and watches as Taehyung leans his head back and pants hard. His tongue slips into his sopping cunt and licks at the most sensitive spots. With his grip around Taehyung’s thighs, he’s able to hold the younger in place and please him for as long as he wants.

“Shit,” Taehyung cries out. “Mmm.” Jeongguk smirks to himself once Taehyung’s hips begin to move on their own. He’s doing his job, and he’s doing it well. He harshly sucks on Taehyung’s clit, abusing it and teasing it, chuckling as he feels it throb against his tongue.

Taehyung can’t fall forward, nor can he fall backwards— he’s stuck sitting up, forcing himself to hold on and breathe as much as he can. When Jeongguk’s fingers slide up and enter his mouth, he sucks on them without hesitation. He’s sloppy with it, gripping the older boy’s wrist

and drooling while he takes four fingers as far into his mouth as they’ll go. His hips grind down and he rides Jeongguk’s tongue, dizzy from pleasure and desperate for more. “Let…” Taehyung starts with a pathetic whine as he takes his fingers out. “Lemme suck your cock.

All movement ceases immediately and Jeongguk lifts Taehyung slightly. “Yeah? You want my cock in your mouth, baby?” The younger brunette looks down and nods with his bottom lip pulled between his teeth. “Turn around then.” Once they’re positioned, the two of them get to work.

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