Alex Berman 🦈, Cold Email, Taplio

Alex Berman 🦈, Cold Email, Taplio



It takes the same effort to close a $400 and $400k client Here’s how you can ATTRACT the $400k client even if you’re just starting out (The exact system I used to close 6 figure clients)

Before we begin, Please DO NOT use this system to steal or lie to your clients It’s highly lucrative. If used with the wrong intention, can get you into trouble.

A) Pre-requisites 1) Choosing the right business and niche You want a business that: -Delivers value to your client -Makes a great profit margin -Can sell without forcing your offer You might have to change the offer a few times to fit market needs

For instance, You might start with selling web development to food chains And later realize they need app development It’s totally fine. Be ready to switch.

Second, you want a niche that: -Can pay -Will pay -Use email for work Your best bet is to go for Golden Geese companies

Golden Geese companies have: -Few decisions makers (easily to sell) -Massive budget ($5m-$150m in revenue) Where to find them? a) Google: “Top {companies} in {niche}” b) Leadshark

2)Mindset Every other course teaches you how to close a $2k deal It’s easy to feel overwhelmed selling to 7-8 figure companies I want you to remember: You’re not stealing money. You’re providing $400k worth of value. And you don’t need 10 years of experience. Here’s how:

B) Finding a partner The easiest way to attract high-end clients is with your: -Portfolio -Pricing They want to know you can bring them results But if you’re just starting, your portfolio is empty You can either: -Take 10 years to fill it up, or -Find yourself a partner

Who’s a partner? Anyone with a great case study in your niche: -Proven results -Recognizable clients -High ticket offer (An example of a web design agency with great case studies)

Here’s what you do: -Your partner needs business, they have the case study -They give you permission to use the case studies to get them clients -You close business for them -You use your experience with the larger clients to grow your firm

You’ll be surprised by how many people say YES

Once you have the case study: -Send cold emails -Close the deal -Take your finder’s fee and outsource the work to your partner With a 10% finder’s fee and the right client, You can easily make $15-$30k

PS: If you want to learn how to close the deal, Join Email10kU Where you’ll learn the Ins and Outs of successful: -Cold emailing -Lead generation -Offer creation -Sales Process -Automation/Outsourcing and much more

Everything you need to take your agency from 0 to 7 figures is in here Enroll now!

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