I see so many people fucking around with girls and can't start to manage their OF accounts. Here is a FULL rundown on how I managed to convince a girl to work for me with PROOF on a 70% as a total beginner:

Before starting this I want you to retweet the first tweet and share it with your friends who can't manage to get a girl to work for them. When I talked with this girl I was 2 months into the game, didn't had a lot of experience but I knew the basics and it WORKED.

I used my personal Instagram account which is a 7/10 at this moment since I need more social proof. I know people with 500 followers who are closing girls from their personal accounts, the agency works the same. Let's begin:

Let's get to the first message, here I use an easy question that can lead to more interest from the girl. Then I made sure to talk about the benefits without wasting time, next👇🏻

Here I do a base explanation and I don't go too in-depth because that makes you sound like a nerd. You see here how I make sure to explain that I'll work 8 hours while she has to work just 1. Make an offer hard to say no to.

I asked for her ID for the agreement we had and to build more trust. Nothing to explain here, just move things forward.

Moved the conversation on WhatsApp since girls get 10-15 messages per day from agencies. At this moment I knew that the girl is interested so the next thing will be to get verified.

Moved the convo on whatsapp and I was checking on her to see if she saw the contract so we can go and verify the OF account.

Don't overcomplicate it and make sure that the girl understands everything you tell her. Here I gave the account details so she can verify and some instructions details:

Here I have her some instructions to follow in order to verify the account quick so we can get started to make $$$

Here I told her about the next step, at that time I was using slack for content but I moved back to telegram. SPOILER ALERT: We didn't get verified the first time.

We didn't get verified but I didn't put the blame on the girl even thou I knew she fucked it up. Played it cool and we tried to verify again.

We didn't get verified the second time, no big deal. Most guys here will lose their hope and then fuck it up because they will become greedy. I've asked her to send me the picture she used to check on them and see if they had any problems.

Then I realized that she didn't put her IG for the social verification. We did it again and guess what, we got VERIFIED.

Then we moved into doing the content and promoting the account. You can look over the conversation to see that I wasn't greedy once or tried to push the girl. So many guys are doing these mistakes which are so EASY to avoid. Hope this thread helped.

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