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Jxxng always crushed hard on S3xnghwx. It all began in h1gh schxxl when both were just children. Hwx was tall and strong, presenting himself shortly after as an alpha, everyone fawned over him and soon was the boy which everyone wanted, alphas, omegas betas... And Jxxng...

Jxxng was a little boy that presented as an omega at the end of the year, he was nothing special and was a simple little guy. But the years kept passing by, Hwx got cooler and cooler, getting on the best uni of the country, getting a gang to go around in their motorcycle,

being able to pierce as many places as possible (Jxxng only knew about the visible ones)... And Jxxng stayed the same, in their hometown studying what he always dreamt of. Yet he still saw what Hwx posted on his socmed, and how other people where lucky to be surrounded by him.

He got to see him too sometimes when he came back home in some festivities and his heart always beat fast when the other gently waved at him, recognising him as an old classmate. Jxxng was down bad, and he wished he could erase his thoughts because it was becoming

a bother for him. --------- But one day Jxxng got up on a strangers bed, with a really bad hangover and naked. It had happened to him a while ago, but at that time he did remember who he slept with. He was kinda afraid to see who it was because if it was someone

who lived in town, probably everyone would know what happened and he didn't want to deal with that now. He did turn tho, and the gasp he let managed to wake up the other. "What happened, Jxxng?" Hwx's raspy voice almost took his soul and ate it for it's own benefit.

"We... Oh..." His cheeks blushed. "Wait, you know my name?" Jxxng muttered amd Hwx smiled a little nodding. "How could I forget the grumpy omega that kicked G1?" Jxxng's mind got flooded with the memory of it. "Ughhhh, that was because G1 was teasing me. He deserved it." He

laid again. "But it's nice that at least you know my name." Hwx looked at him with a smirk. "I know more than your name." And Jxxng wished he could remember what happened that night because why had he decided to get drunk the same night he got laid by the person he craved the

most? Hwx seemed to read his mind and got down the sheets. "I can make you remember, Jxxngie~" The hangover was long forgotten after Hwx getting down on him and then fucking him again. Probably he would remember this forever and maybe he would use it as a source for

his fantasies. It was sad that it had no emotional attachment from Hwx's side, but he was satisfied, even if it wasn't the lovemaking he always dreamt of. And probably he was one of the bunch of people Hwx fucked around so he would be forgotten rather soon. He sighed when he

was left alone. -------- The panicking came two months later when he didn't get his heat in any of them. He decided to do two pregnancy tests and both came out positive. How could he have a baby, now, without a father? He cried, laughed, screamed, rubbed his belly,

smiled and celebrated in a span of half an hour. He always wanted to be a mum, but yet again this was not how he wanted things to happen. But this was life, right? After telling his friends about his internal debate over telling hwx or not, they all decided that Hwx deserved to

know he had a kid, even if he at the end decided he didn't want to be part of their life. He wondered if telling him through phone or over a call, but none were convincing to him. A child was something important and if he was Hwx, he wouldn't like to know over a text.

So he contacted G1, a still close friend of Hwx that studied with him in the big city and told him everything. He helped him to arrive at the city and took him to Hwx's loft. Everything screamed 'expensive there' and he kinda felt bad by probably ruining his bubble, but it was

that time or never. He knocked and when Hwx looked at him he seemed obviously shocked at seeing him there. He was shirtless too so Jxxng tried to avoid to look too much. Hwx let him in without a word. "I'm gonna eat something, do you want something?" "No, thanks." Jxxng

gathered the courage and muttered. "I came to say something really important, I'm sorry." Hwx looked at him concerned. "Are you ok? I know we never been friends but you can count on me always." The older forgot about his food and sat beside Jxxng. "Everything is ok is just..."

He sighed. "I'm pregnant, with your child." Hwx looked at him in shock. "And before you ask; no, I haven't been with anyone else, I don't usually fuck around, but if you want we can make a pater..." "Jxxng, breath, I know you wouldn't lie... Am I going to be a dad?""

"Yes." Jxxng muttered faintly and Hwx embraced him, taking the pressure out of his shoulders and making him cry. "Oh my! I'm so happy right now! Do you wanna keep it, tho? I won't force you to have a baby." Jxxng smiled caressing his belly. "The baby is pretty much wanted from

my side." "We need to figure out a lot of stuff now." Hwx looked like he had woken up from a slumber and he was super excited about every single thought that crossed his mind. "We do." And that's how Jxxng's romantic dreams started, them becoming friends, kissing occasionally

holding hands whenever they were able to see each other, letting their families know about the other and making them meet, little dates, trips in motorbike, and realisation of feelings when both couldn't stay away from each other anymore. If you asked the little Jxxng of 15

what had he expected to happen in just 7 years later, he wouldn't say being pregnant by Hwx's child and waiting for someday mating him, but it was what he always desired. And it felt right...

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