1/ World Cup Airdrop? 🚀 → A 101 guide on how to interact with @Chiliz Scoville Testnet. Airdrop Confirmed? 🚨 #AIRDROPS The L1 blockchain for the entertainment and sports industry ⚽ → Thread 🧵👇 Like & RT For Others 🖤

@Chiliz 2/ TL;DR 🎙️ 🏹 Chiliz is the world’s leading blockchain fintech provider for sports & entertainment. Provides blockchain-based tools for companies to: → Engage with their audiences. → Monetize their audiences. Chiliz native token $CHZ is listed on Binance.

@Chiliz 3/ A Detailed Guide to the Chiliz Testnet🚀 → Make sure your Metamask is installed. → Then start interacting with the testnet by: 🔸 Setting up your Chiliz Scoville testnet on the metamask.

@Chiliz 4/ You have to configure your metamask to the Chiliz testnet. If this is your first time: Network name: Chiliz Scoville Testnet Chain ID: 88880 New RPC URL : Currency symbol: CHZ Block Explorer URL :

@Chiliz 5/ 🔸 Get the test tokens → Switch to the faucet here: → Enter your address → Claim the test tokens 6.25 CHZs Note: You can request it after every 9 minutes.

@Chiliz 6/ 🔸 Mint all 5 NFTs →Visit the website here: → Connect your wallet → Start minting the 5 NFTs, one after the other → Choose any NFT from the drop-down → Click on Mint.

@Chiliz 7/ 🔸Choose any Fan token → Go back to the website: → Enter address → Request for a fan token by clicking on the “Fan token.” button It will appear in your metamask immediately.

@Chiliz 8/ 🔸 Use your Fan Token → Visit here: → Connect your wallet → Click the “Select a token” button → Select your fan token (the exact one you requested) → Click wrap and chill for the transaction to end.

@Chiliz 9/ After that: → Switch to pool & click the “Create pair” button. → Select your earlier fan token → Click on "Approve testGAL"

@Chiliz 10/ Next thing to do is: ➣➣ Go to Twitter : ➣➣ Retweet the post with the comment “#ChilizScoville”

@Chiliz 11/ 🔸 To bridge your Chiliz Follow these easy steps: → It all begins here: → Connect your wallet → Select the chiliz Scoville testnet network → Fill in all information as seen in Frame 3. → Check the box & Click on Start Transfer.

@Chiliz 12/ To transfer the coins back❄️ → Switch the network to Goerli. → Repeat the same process Note: You can add the Goerli network in your settings if it's not set up yet on your metamask.

@Chiliz 13 / Join Disord and leave suggestions ✅ After interacting with the testnet, it's safe to go to the “suggestions channel” on their discord and leave a suggestion or feedback.

@Chiliz 14/ That was it for this thread 🧵 You know the drill 🫡 Follow me @RiddlerDeFi for more alpha 🧠 Best way to support if to simply drop a RT + LIKE on the #1 tweet of this thread 🖤

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