This but miyacest. (Ty to shroom for inspiring this in the tt dms ily)

// NSFW There's a carnival in the school parking lot. It's shabby, but for the countryside it's a rare opportunity to let go and enjoy the summer night. The twins are excited. As they are every year. Osamu for the food. And Atsumu for the rides.

But their fun comes with a stipulation. "Ya cannot let yer brother out of your sight. Neither of ya. Not for a second!" Their mother wags her fingers and places a hand on her hip. She gives their money to Osamu who gives a sly grin at Atsumu.

They gripe the whole way there of course. Osamu standing his ground on trying the food. Atsumu whining about long lines if they wait. In the end, as they always do, they are forced to compromise. One treat for every ride they ride. Together.

Scarfing down the last of his grilled squid Osamu is dragged along through the crowd with Atsumu's iron grip on his arm. "Swallow it down, cause we're going on the disco wheel." Osamu swallows the last bit and readies a complaint but Atsumu is already buying tickets.

"Tsumu ya ride this before?" Osamu talks over his shoulder but the DJ is really loud and Osamu can't hear what Atsumu says back. The line is clear to enter and he sidles next to Atsumu who gives him a smirk. Osamu grips the seat and Atsumu winds his arms into the bar behind them

Osamu doesn't follow and lurches when the ride bucks. He yelps and crashes into the ground in the middle. The ride twirls violently and the DJ is joking over the intercom as the loud music plays. The whole thing is discombobulating. Osamu doesn't know what is forward or behind.

His palms are smarting and he gets up right as the ride shifts. He tumbles backwards and his back smashes into Atsumu's chest. "Oof, fuck yer heavy Samu." Osamu rolls off with a fight ready on his tongue, but the machine bucks again and he crumbles face forward onto Atsumu.

His arms wrap around Atsumu's neck and he squeezes his eyes shut. He can hear Atsumu laughing but the sounds and the lurching in his stomach are enough for him to have an iron grip on his brother. - "Oof" Osamu wraps around him like a bear. "Haha- ya scared?"

The background whirls around them and Atsumu can hear the DJ poking fun at his koala bear brother. "Samu can ya-" Osamu buries into his neck. Atsumu swallows because he can feel Osamu's hips grinding against him. "Hey- it's okay just let go." The machine bounces and Osamu

yelps against his skin. Atsumu accepts his fate and leans his head back willing the ride to end soon. It doesn't. They bounce enough for Osamu to press against him. His cock twitches at the grind and he's biting the inside of his cheek in an attempt to convince himself

not to get hard. Osamu wiggles slightly and their dicks rub against each other. Atsumu groans into his ear. The music drowns them out, but Osamu can hear him. He looks down in a panic only to find his brother with red tipped ears. "Samu haaa- ya gotta get off yer-"

The ride spins and Osamu scrambles further onto his lap, he wriggles closer and Atsumu groans at his squeeze. "Samu- seriously!" Osamu pants into his skin, but doesn't give him an answer. He's folded over the two of them and Atsumu curses at how hard he's getting.

Osamu grinds their hips together and rakes his dull nails against Atsumu's shoulder. The entire situation is so confusing for Atsumu. This is the best he's ever felt. But it's his twin brother grinding on his lap. He squeezes his eyes shut and the ride kicks a few more times.

His groans turn into pants and his mouth goes slack against Osamu's skin. His body hunches and he whines when the friction pinches /just/ how he likes it. You can't blame him. Any teenager with that kind of stimulation would do the same.

Atsumu's cock kicks in his pants and he moans in his shut mouth. It's bliss and when he opens his eyes as the ride spins to a halt, it's hell. Osamu's voice is hoarse when he pulls off. "Tsumu-" Atsumu shoves a hand in his face and drags him off the ride.

He pulls them into a dark corner and hunches over himself, panting. He only looks up when Osamu makes a questionable grunt. His eyes follow down to where his legs are crossed. Where a small tent in his pants pokes through. "Don't-"

Atsumu peels his sticky boxers from his hips and waves Osamu off. "It's a secret. To the grave." Osamu's eyes go wide at Atsumu's confession. He nods shyly and sticks his pinky out. "To the grave."

// fin

Honestly I wanted more where they maybe sneaky off into the campus and actually fuck. But I've got a meeting in like 3 minutes lol.

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