#miyacest Mind reader Atsumu who can’t look his twin in the eye because he can’t listen to Osamu’s thoughts without popping a boner. Because his thoughts are so /sinful/. Every single one filled with all the ways he wants Atsu to take him. He’ll shamelessly stare at Atsu as he

bends over the kitchen counter, or his thighs as he squats at the gym. Really just any time that Atsu is in front of him, Osamu’s mind is full of all the nasty things he wants to do to him. Atsu’ll look at his twin across the dinner table and all he hears is

‘Fuck how hot Atsu would look split on my cock right now’ ‘I’d wrap my hand around his neck, so pretty for me while he gasps for air’ ‘I’ll fuck his little throat, lick the tears off his slutty face with his tongue wrapped around my cock’ And he swears Osamu is just fucking

messing with him. He /knows/ he is because every little blush that runs across Atsu’s face at the thoughts is met with a sly smirk. God he knows what he’s doing

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