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India gears up for its 75th independence day. But the fact is the country has never been as depressing as it is today. Two weeks ago, I paid a visit to the Holocaust Museum in DC. And for nearly three hours, all I did was draw parallels with India. #IndiaAt75

In April 1933, Nazis under Hitler had staged a nationwide boycott against Jewish businesses. Signs like "Don't buy from the Jews" were plastered on multiple shops. In India, BJP leaders and supporters have repeatedly endorsed the economic boycott of Muslims.

A newspaper editor, Julius Striecher, called for a permanent and total boycott of Jews. He could be our Suresh Chavhanke.

In 1935, Nazi Germany passed the Nuremberg Laws, banning the marriage of Jews and people with "German blood". In India, we call it Love Jihad.

Goebbels had complete control over the flow of information. He exploited latest techniques like Film and Radio to communicate Nazi achievements. In India, we have the IT Cell, exploiting social media.

Even schools became a place of political indoctrination in Nazi Germany. In India, it was compulsory for students to listen to Modi's teacher's day speech. Tweaking history textbooks is another example of the indoctrination.

The spring of 1933, Nazi students and officials burned 25,000 books because they were "un-German". We have a long list of books banned because they are "anti-India" or "anti-Hindu".

In 1938, the Nazis orchestrated a pogrom, where 91 jews died, thousands had their businesses vandalised. Not too dissimilar than delhi riots or what happened during the CAA-NRC protests.

On top of it, Jews were held responsible for the damage to their own homes and shops, and a penalty was imposed on them. Yogi Adityanath did the same thing in UP.

During the 1930s, anybody that spoke out against Hitler was called an "enemy of the state". In India, we call them anti-nationals, urban naxals and so on.

German businessman greatly benefitted from their cooperation to Nazi Germany. Remind me who overtook Bill Gates to become the 4th richest person in the world?

We have not had the gas chambers yet, but in conclusion, I'll leave you with this quote from a Holocaust survivor:- It happened. Therefore it can happen again. And it can happen everywhere. Happy independence day. #IndiaAt75

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