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#miyacestober2022 Day 15 - Fated & Age Gap They aren't twins in this life. It's rare, but it happens. Usually at the very least they're siblings, but Atsumu is an only child now. He tries to remember, but all of his lives have blurred together over the years. >>

He thinks maybe this is the first time they aren't related, but he can't say for sure. It feels like he spends the first 18 years of his life waiting. Waiting for Osamu. Peering into eyes of strangers and hoping for that spark of recognition. >>

It's torture, only having half a soul, but finally on his 18th birthday he finally finds his other half again. Osamu. In this life Osamu is the dad of someone in Atsumu's year at high school. It's obvious he's only here for the ceremony, Atsumu has never seen him before. >>

It scares Atsumu to think that in this life they may have never met if not for some graduation ceremony he had even considered skipping. His own parents weren't even there. As Atsumu sat, waiting for the ceremony to end, he had looked around and made eye contact by chance. >>

The man his gaze had landed on was at least 20 years older than him, and, feeling Atsumu's eyes on him, he had turned. Initially, Atsumu hadn't thought much beyond that he was a little handsome, but the moment they made eye contact, Atsumu had known.>>

He could feel that thrum of recognition. The burning heat that scorched through him as Osamu, in another body, another life, gazed at every part of him and clearly wanted him just as much as he ever did. Written on each other's bones, on each other's souls. >>

They were fated to find each other again and again. Atsumu found him after the ceremony, tucked away behind one of the school buildings. Osamu looked stricken when Atsumu rounded the corner and threw himself into Osamu's space immeditaly. >>

"I thought--" Osamu began, but couldn't seem to find the words to finish it. He clutched Atsumu to him instead, his body different yet utterly familiar as they breathed together. "Samu?" Atsumu whispered. He had felt tears on his neck and Osamu just laughed.>>

"I haven't heard that name in a while," Osamu sighed, but finally pulled back just enough to look Atsumu in the eye. Of course, neither of them were called Atsumu or Osamu in this life, but they always knew. Always, who they were. "You're so young," Osamu accused. >>

They were still close enough for their noses to brush and Atsumu grinned and ignored the jibe. "Say my name now," he commanded, and Osamu barked a laugh. "Demanding in every life, huh, Tsumu?" And everything clicked into place once again.>>

At the end of their lives they would part once more, but they would find each other again. Atsumu and Osamu. Forever. //

I feel like I've been terribly sappy about them the last few days but OH WELL. Have some fluff!

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