"Beg for it" - AtsuSuna degradation kink, cream pie, rimming, non-clear dom/sub, power bottom Suna, completely needy Atsumu!

Warning : There’s a tiny part that is non consensual, as Rin asks Atsumu not to come inside of him and he still does it because he is lost in the moment and has premature ejaculation. Rin ends up liking it though.

Just wanted to put a heads up if that is not to your liking if you want to avoid this type of content :) Enjoy!

“Fuck, ah!” Rintaro was sweating, his muscles hurting from staying on his knees and arms for so long, but the pleasure drowns the fatigue in the deepest part of his guts.

The tongue twisting in and out of his hole, around his walls, making its way just above his prostate from time to time, has put his body in a state of tension mixed with relaxation that makes him hold this position without feeling hurt.

He feels saliva dripping from his hole, a pool starting to form on his bed sheets with some pre-cum his cock has been producing since they started, and he doesn’t care one bit. “You feel so good like this, Atsumu. At least you shut your mouth for once and made it useful.”

He felt more than he heard the moan Atsumu released due to his degrading words. The echo in his insides sends a chill through his whole body. He wants to stay like this forever. He would probably come untouched soon if they don't stop .

Another moan tears through Atsumu’s throat and the vibration goes directly to Rin’s dick. The pleasure is so sudden, he has to fist the only piece of bedsheets he can find under his hands, out of instinct, needing to hold onto something so as not to crumble.

Atsumu moans again, while tapping gently on Rin’s thighs, and it takes everything in him to respond and not let him continue so he could come from just this. “What, Atsumu?”

He turns around and sees the man’s face covered in spit, tongue lolling out of his gaping mouth, trying to regain his breathing. “I– I can’t do this anymore, I need to come, Rin.” “Just touch yourself, then. It's not my problem.”

“But, I prepped you so well. I wanna…” Atsumu lowers his gaze to stare at this hole where he most probably wants to bury his throbbing and very hard dick. “Oh, you want to come inside of me, is that so?” Atsumu can only nod at this. “How presumptuous.”

Rin contemplates it for a second. He rarely lets Atsumu inside of him during their time together because he comes so fast, and he is often too tired to continue after so Rin has to get off by himself sometimes.

However, the spark he sees in Atsumu’s eyes makes him hopeful that he won’t regret it. “Then beg.” “Huh?” “You want it?” He lowers his torso, forearms holding him just a few centimeters above the mattress and he lifts his hips in a teasing way.

“Beg for it.” He reiterates, a smile locked on his features. Atsumu’s eyes widen and Rin doesn’t miss the twitch of his friend’s pathetic dick from the mischievous look he sent him. “Please, Rin. I’m gonna combust. I just want…to feel your heat.”

“And your hand isn’t enough to satisfy you?” Rin retorts. He loves dismissing Atsumu’s needs and then agreeing to them just to see the absolute joy on his face, like an excited puppy labrador. “No, please, I want to be inside of you…”

Rin sniggers. He has truly broken Miya Atsumu for anyone else after him. “Sure, pretty doll.” The agreement brings so much joy to Atsumu that he drops his head on Rin’s ass and starts kissing it, caressing his hips and thighs.

“But no coming inside of me, you better not get any of your filth in me or on me.” “Yes, everything you want, I’m gonna make you feel so good with my cock, better than anything. I will show you.” Atsumu pants. “I preferred your tongue cause at least you'd shut up.”

It does the trick and Atsumu doesn’t say anything more. Rin swings his hips while waiting for the sensational promised dicking. “Come on pretty boy. What’s taking you so long? Did you come already?”

He hears Atsumu stroke his dick twice to make sure it’s hard enough (which was unnecessary from what Rin has seen) and the tip of his dick comes to his rim. Rin exhales, already wanting more. Atsumu gets past the ring of muscle and moves his dick forward, slowly.

The drag feels exquisite but unfulfilling. Rin is an impatient man and he hates when his partners feel the need to treat him too sweetly. He moves his ass back and buries Atsumu’s cock deep inside of me. Both men grunt from the wave of pleasure.

Atsumu is apparently completely lost in it, not moving one bit. But Rin wants more. He starts fucking himself on Atsumu’s dick like it's nothing more than a simple dildo bought for his own filthy needs. Atsumu’s hands fly to Rin’s hips to help the movements.

“Am I gonna have to do all the work here?” At the incentive, Atsumu finally starts to move his hips, the grip on Suna’s hips hardening, setting the pace. His movements are a bit too slow so Rin pushes back a bit on his own to make sure it goes deep enough.

Atsumu gets the hint and goes faster, deeper, the rolls of his hips tingling just at the right spot. Rin can only moan at each brush. He would hate to admit it out loud but Atsumu’s dick does feel divine, better than his tongue.

“Tell me you like it. Tell me I’m making you feel good!” Atsumu cries out, desperate for any praise. “Yes, it’s good. Continue just like that. I’m-” A sudden rush of electricity running through him steals his words.

And so Atsumu continues, thrusting deep into Rin who is now barely able to talk or hold on his forearms. He drops his head on the mattress and lets himself feelthe moment.

He suddenly feels Atsumu’s hips stutter and he knows that he is almost done. He wants to repeat what Atsumu shouldn’t do, to warn him. Just as he opens his mouth, the angle of one hard thrust hits dead on his sweet spot. “Atsumu…” He moans and can only stop his sentence there.

He hears Atsumu grunting and feels his dick twitch inside of me. Shit. Atsumu, too lost in the moment, continues thrusting to ride out his orgasm as he shoots cum on Rin’s walls. He feels it inside of him.

What should disgust him actually arouses him, catching him off guard. He feels so filled up and dirty that he comes on the spot. Their chorus of vowels mixing together comes to a stop after they catch their breaths.

Atsumu takes his dick out and the sound of cum dripping on the bed fills the room. Atsumu inhales dramatically. “Oh shit! Rin! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I’m gonna get you cleaned up, don’t move. I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have, it was just a…”

“I know, Atsumu. It’s okay. I liked it like that anyway.” “Oh…” “Well, don’t stay there and clean me up!” “Yes, yes!” Atsumu runs to the bathroom. Rin closes his eyes to bask a bit more in this feeling, cum all around him and on him, completely worn out and satiated.

Though, he still thinks that his hole is clenching around nothing. When he looks down, his dick hasn’t gone completely soft. He turns and lays on his back, greeting Atsumu coming back with a cloth with his legs open. “Now come clean the mess you made.”

Atsumu approaches, obediently, and kneels between Rin’s legs, ready to dive in and take care of his partner. Rin stops him in his tracks, putting his hand forward. “With your tongue.” Rin orders. And what Rin orders, Rin always gets. //fin

Thanks for my amazing beta, who is once again Marty 💕 And thank you for the prompt @RainSpared 🥰

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