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10 Powerful Lessons From the Book “Lost Connections” 📗Book Review

1. The myth of the “chemical imbalance“ ❌The claim that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance is widely exaggerated. Research shows that a significant portion of purported efficacy for antidepressants is in fact a placebo effect.

2. Causes of depression and anxiety ✅The real causes of depression are in our increased disconnection from many aspects of the world. These range from disconnection from meaningful work, other people and nature, to disconnection from meaningful values and a secure future.

3. How to treat depression Our approach to treating depression and anxiety needs to focus on reconnecting. We can achieve this through novel approaches such as social prescribing Here are some causes of Depression and anxiety:

4. Disconnection from Meaningful Work “Derealization” is a common symptom of depression – where you feel like nothing you are doing is authentic or real – 👉and it is close connections to our working lives.

5. Disconnection from Other People Studies have shown that feeling lonely can cause cortisol levels (the hormone linked to stress) to increase as much as in a physical attack. 🟢Being lonely seems to cause as much stress as being punched in the face.

6. Disconnection from Meaningful Values 🔴Materialistic values also strongly correlate with overall worse experiences of life. Adverts, TV, news and social media all tend to promote the notion that an extrinsic value system will make you happier than an intrinsic value system

7. Disconnection from Childhood Trauma Childhood trauma significantly increases the probability of depression in later life, particularly emotional abuse. 👉By failing to acknowledge this trauma we are exacerbating the problem.

8. Disconnection from Status and Respect 💯The higher the inequality, the higher the depression and anxiety in countries. Of course, controlling for other causative factors here is tricky.

9. Disconnection from the Nature There is a strong association between living in green areas and lower depression levels Being out in nature also gets us away from our ego, inducing a feeling of awe. The grandness of the world can put our individual problems in some perspective

10. Reconnection to others ✅We have become imprisoned inside our own egos, walled off where true connection cannot reach us. We therefore need to seek out reconnection to others.

🔥Wrap Up: 1. Practice self-discipline. Gain freedom. 2. Find your purpose. Unlock your passion. 3. Chase your vision. 4. Change your life. 5. Think like a scientist. 6. Practice critical thinking. Start reading 100 Mental Models:👇

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