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Most men wouldn't marry if they understood women well, and had a better grasp on the depth and breadth of her needs and what that entails for him in terms of personal burden. And that's just the best of them. That's not even accounting for resentful, egotistical or wilful women.

Ignorance and sentimentality are key in the typical man's desire to marry. They have to see her as this sort of sweet angelic creature that elevates their lives, because if they don't and just evaluate things transactionally, it would never really seem like a good deal for them.

I mean if sex is the main draw, it's a pretty bad deal. Married women put out less. She gets physically less attractive every year, you're not allowed to sleep with anyone else, and you have to pay for her + solve all her problems for life Doesn't sound like a good deal does it?

That's not even factoring in how annoying women are to men. Most men find women annoying. They moan and complain a lot. They worry a lot and are prone to hysteria. They generally experience negative emotion a lot more and usually need help with something. Where is the appeal?

Women bring a lot of hassle and stress to the equation. If you view it purely with logic, you either decide the mountain of disincentives is worth it to have children and build a family because you value family an awful lot, or you don't commit because you think it's a bad deal.

Most men aren't aware of what is to come. When your wife's pregnant, feels fat and ugly and asexual but whining and making demands all the time, you're still horny and not allowed to cheat. Think that's gonna be a fun time? It's gonna suck. Your life will be objectively sh*tter.

How many kids you want? 3? 4? Yeah that's gonna happen 3 to 4 times then. And in her peak years whilst she's still young too. How exciting to be out of commission in that time of life for such extended periods of time hey? It's not like men are lustful creatures or anything 😂

There are two classes of men who commit: men who know it's going to suck but choose a worthy woman they sentimentally like to make the ultimate sacrifice for by willingly taking her on as a burden (which is a transcendent and kingly trait) or idiots who stumble their way into it.

And by the way, whilst all the whining and demanding takes place, you have to make all the money. And you're not allowed to complain. You will have ungodly amounts of stress bearing down on your shoulders. And you are always last place. Women + kids always come first.

And it'll be like this forever You see, boys don't get married because they're not Godly enough And they're not Godly enough b/c they're asking "what's in it for me?" instead of giving all they've got The expectations on family men are more than we ask of any other human being

How can a man look at marriage logically and think it's a good deal? You can't because it isn't. The role is inherently sacrificial, and therefore there's no profit to be had in the classical sense - only in the metaphysical sense - to enjoy watching what you've cultivated grow.

So if you're a man who plans on long time scales and can defer gratification and can endure a lot of pain and a lot of suck and a lot of unappreciation to realise some lofty goal in the far future - it may actually seem appealing to you. You'll enjoy the suck. Otherwise? Nah.

Let me put it another way - men make sacrifices out of love, not out of logic. That's why you can never sell marriage to men with logic or even by listing incentives - all you can do is win their hearts with your charm, and entice them into sentimentally wanting to care for you.

This is why the true nature of women and relationships is deliberately obfuscated and why traditional cultures plan marriages as a matter of politics between families - because if men knew what they were getting into and were not subjected to social pressure, many wouldn't marry.

A man's standards for what constitutes wife material go up vastly once he understands all these things, because it puts into perspective the true value of his commitment. Average ignorant men think they're lucky to marry any mildly pretty girl they get to sleep with sometimes.

Going back to being autistic/psychopathic/logical again: Transactionally speaking, sex for commitment is a great deal for women. A guy literally has to pay for you, care for you, teach you and look after your emotions forever, and all you have to do is sleep with him now + again

Biggest sacrifice women make is having babies (something they want to do anyway) and it only happens a handful of times and then they're home + dry. No more suck. A man's commitment doesn't last 9 months a couple of times, it's eternal. Literally never ends. Rest? What is that?

Family, and therefore by extension civilization is built on the backs of patriarchal sacrifice. It's turning up everyday, and though in charge always being last place, making sure everyone is ok and never complaining about it. This does not appeal to the sex obsessed inner child.

But in defence of men, look at the quality of women today. How many women even understand the nature of the commitment they crave? They're idiots. They know nothing. They're in their dumb f*ck Kim Kardashian pumpkin spice latte Starbucks world gossiping. Who'd wanna marry that?

Hi sir, here's an oversized child with tits + a yappy voice to annoy the f*ck out of you. We did a crap job raising her which is why she's so bad at cooking, irritating and generally unpleasant, but if you can somehow find her charming enough to help her, we'd appreciate that! 😂

I jest, but there is of course truth in every jest. A woman who is not charming in her spirit by merit of her gentleness and giving nature does not have much hope of enticing a man to care for her. This is why arrogance is so abhorrent on women. There's literally nothing to like.

Anyway I think I'm done writing this absolutely nutty plot twist of a thread which definitely didn't cover all the bases inherent to the subject matter In summary: You dont marry for self-gain. You marry because you're ready to sacrifice eternally to pursue your vision of family

People will shame you for not wanting to marry as a man, because it is *EXPECTED* you will sacrifice for the greater good of a society that mistreats you whilst *SIMULTANEOUSLY* selling you on the benefits whilst *OMITTING* the numerous drawbacks. This is deeply misleading.

The objective of this thread was to show you the negatives that are glossed over or usually go unspoken so you can be mentally prepared for what is an arduous task as a patriarch. You should do it because you're willing to suffer for an ideal - not because you were missold on it.

Women and the deeply religious cannot handle unflattering critical analyses of such topics, and hence never give you this side of the story. Despite the frequency of divorce and unhappy marriages, they claim it is this wonderful thing with no drawbacks all men should do. Absurd.

My intention however isn't to *only* present the drawbacks, but to present the drawbacks and challenges everyone else denies or rationalises. I am pro-patriarchy. I believe men *SHOULD* make these sacrifices, and that they become godly and thus deserving of reverence for doing so

To that end, faith is crucial. A man's faith in God from who he borrows strength, and in himself that he is up to the task. Creating a family is a very ambitious undertaking not to be taken lightly, if you can be bullied into it, you're probably too weak to be any good at it.

If you can be bullied into marriage, then the people who bullied you into it will be the people who bully you to remain in it irrespective of all else. You essentially become the byproduct of your community's political will - held together by social pressures and nothing else.

They hide the costs from you because deep down they believe you wouldn't agree to marry if you knew you what you were getting into I hold men in higher esteem in that I think men can learn to love the suck, and make something beautiful out of the challenge that lies before them

The main benefit for man in marriage is the metaphysical pleasure he receives from governing his little kingdom, to see the fruit of his sacrifice, watching his dependants thrive, and the immense personal growth such an undertaking brings. Nothing else elevates the soul so highly

To that end, I present to you the counterpart to this thread: I try to cover these topics from every angle (pros, cons, micro, macro etc) But I will not tell you what to think - do it, don't it - your choice! This account is for thinking people only.

Marriage isn't about self-gain, because its gift isn't a material one. There's no profit to be had, and much inconvenience to be found. Its gift is a spiritual one - one that comes from transcending yourself in perpetual sacrifice - its selling point is the elevation of your soul

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