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sakuatsu / nsfw, jealous & possessive atsumu Atsumu has come home the pass 3 day to Kiyoomi outside their apartment talking to their neighbor. A young looking single guy that moved in across the hall.

He doesn’t like the look in this guys eyes as he speaks to Kiyoomi. Kiyoomi is as oblivious as ever and never notices. Even when he brought it up, Kiyoomi just said he was being paranoid. But no. Atsumu /knows/ that look. The want. The lust. The hunger.

Atsumu has tried to usual kiss Kiyoomi for way to long in front of him, the groping, and leaving very obvious marks all up and down Kiyoomi’s neck. But nothing will shake this guy.

On a particular day, Atsumu comes home to the usual, Kiyoomi outside and what’s this guy standing a little too close for comfort. Atsumu is seething when he walks up. Kiyoomi is showing the guy something off his phone, but the guy is nothing but staring at Kiyoomi.

Atsumu grips his elbows and pulls him inside of their apartment. “Atsu?! What are you—“ Atsumu slams the door shut. He cages Kiyoomi against the door, the last few words dying on his tongue. Atsumu leans in to whisper againt his ear, “‘m sick of this guy talkin’ to ya, Omi.

He clearly doesn’t know how ta take a fuckin’ hint. Guess i’ll have ta show him.” Atsumu kisses him, not letting Kiyoomi respond. Kiyoomi instantly melts in his arms, pressing their chest together as their kiss gets hotter.

Moments later, Kiyoomi is practically mewling. Begging for Atsumu to take him against the door. Soon enough, Atsumu has Kiyoomi on his dick. Fucking him against the thin wall of their apartment building.

Kiyoomi bites his bottom lip, holding back every sound that drives Atsumu crazy. Atsumu fists his hair pulling back as he gasp, clawing at the door. “Louder princess, I don’t think our neighbor can hear ya.”

Kiyoomi screams on a hard thrust from Atsumu, cumming hard as he presses back against Atsumu’s hips. Atsumu kisses Kiyoomi shoulder as they catch their breath, smirking at the way Kiyoomi clenches around him.

Needless to say, they never see their neighbor again. /end

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