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TikTok Organic is a game changer ๐Ÿงต The strategy I eventually found after 550m views:

I've made a lot of threads about TikTok, monetization, creators, and all of these. But this one is about our STEP-BY-STEP strategy to 100k followers in a few months.

1/ Explore the niche Find 10-25 competitors from 10k to 1m followers.

2/ Find out the best types of content in your niche The most popular content types right now: - Talking head - Lists - Question-answer - Tutorial - Unpacking - Pain-solution

3/ Make a list of 20 viral videos Choose videos with 1m+ views from accounts UNDER 100k followers.

4/ Create 20 scripts Take 20 viral videos -> come up with a few improvements

5/ Create a visual brand - Use the same subtitles - Use 3-5 types of content - Use 1-2 creators

6/ Find a creator Use Upwork or LinkedIn instead of Twitter. Find a creator with case studies - the number of VIEWS they got for the clients.

7/ Prepare an account Turn on analytics. BIO. Logo. IG link. Make it all memorable.

8/ Add a few things to the video Music - viral songs from TikTok Creative Centre Hashtags - niche hashtags with less than 300m views Description - 1-2 keywords

9/ Post the first 20 videos Post 2-3 videos per day with 2-3 hours between.

10/ Collect the data Make a sheet to track the engagement under each video

11/ Once you go viral, find out why You can reuse viral videos up to 5 times And you can use the same type of content up to โˆž times

AFTER 20 videos:

12/ Choose 1/2 creator who performed better. Continue shooting with the best creator and in the meantime find one more. Do this until you find 2 creators that can bring you the desired results.

13/ Choose 2/3 types of content that worked better Double the amount of content in each of these 2 types. And find 2 more types to test next month.

14/ Repeat this process until you reach 10k followers Then scale as crazy by doing the things that worked for you before.

Do you want to know more about each step? I am working on the TikTok Organic video course, and my newsletter subscribers will get the first access to it! And -$50 of the price :) Subscribe so you don't miss it!

That's it for today! If you find this framework useful for you, share it with your audience by RTing on your page. I bet a few folks in your following NEED to know this strategy!

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