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When people say “whiteness is demonic” they are trying to assume the sale of a religion. They have words that mean something special inside their cult. They are trying to finesse you into accepting their framework in which they get to decide what these words mean.

If you argue on their terms at all you lose because you have now accepted their right to define the terms. Fortunately very few people do this, because “whiteness is demonic” is still viscerally ridiculous to most people. But there is another function that this game serves.

This is to reinforce these mysteries inside the cult itself. They would love to make you kneel; they will settle for hallelujahs from inside the cult, where the True Believers feel better and holier every time they understand the true meaning of words and heathens don’t.

You cannot dent this cult rhetorically with logos because lawgic trapping them reinforces their smug rationale. You cannot dent it with pathos or ethos because this cult already hijacked altruism and institutional status.

Any attack on this cult (and of course I mean “attack” figuratively) will have to be other-than-rhetorical.

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