Adrian Chivu

Adrian Chivu



I found this creative a while ago and the whole sequence of it did such a great job to get my attention, spark my interest to keep watching it and build on that desire to go ahead and find out even more about the product. Full Creative Breakdown 🧵

First of all, I actually thought is a training video or something along these lines, but in the first 3 seconds, you’ll immediately notice the emphasis put on this “Everyday Short” angle - which is the actual name of the product, but I didn't know that. 😂

I got hooked on this “Everyday Short” idea, and the fact that he is only wearing that while talking about it made me keep my eyes on the product. And right after that, he is starting to express love for this pair of shorts - the creative is based on the “Love-Demo-Love” concept.

He is not only telling me how "versatile" they are but actually showing me 3 different scenarios (or 3 ways to wear them) that are going to build believability and prove that statement.

Then the creative is looping me back into this idea of why he is so satisfied with the product and again not only calling out the features and benefits but actually showing me the product in action to support those statements.

Notice how he mentions that “I tested them out and got some squats in them” and matches this claim with the fact he is in an actual gym doing squats in those shorts.

All the visuals are building a great foundation for all the strong claim statements that the consumer might never accept "raw".


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