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Spartan Psyche



Life without pleasure is boring, but you should understand this first... 🧵

You are living in a world of instant gratification. Every young mind is lost in the temptation of the NOW. You seek pleasure like it is the only thing that matters. The only thing that drives your existence. Porn, Sex, drugs, alcohol, pills.. This is wrong, you're delusional.

Pleasure is important, There is no appreciation to life without feeling a semblance of pleasure. It reminds you that suffering isn't meaningless. To find comfort in knowing the rough edges of life are not without some solace.. BUT..

YOU are living a life of vast imbalance, a life of pursuing instant everything, pleasure everywhere. Brother, This is a curse. The human mind is not designed to be this junkyard of dopamine. This pleasure you seek constantly is what will lead you to CHAOS.

Sloth, gluttony and lust will plague your life and resentment, your mind. This mindless, undeserved comfort is what is rotting and eating up your true potential. Remember this, Unearned, easy pleasure is like kicking a hornet's nest .. It can only end in one way. Devastation.

There is no end to this rabbit hole. It is a chasm of darkness and has one thing waiting at the bottom - Pain. When you have explored pleasure to its max, the only thing you can get a kick out of is pain. There’s always something new to chase, but they're all empty, hollow.

Ask yourself this - Who am I? What do I truly desire? Is this how I want to spend my entire life? Does my life have any meaning greater than feeling good at this moment? The answer is obvious. You must embrace struggle and sacrifice momentary pleasure.

A man who wakes up every morning with a sense of purpose and a divine drive to conquer his life has no anxiety nor unhappiness. This is who you must become. Your life calls for it. Your legacy demands it. Reject this life of waste.

Pleasure is an emotional reaction to a chemical secretion. Emotions aren’t eternal. When you try to stretch an emotion to make it eternal you go against nature. You are left drained, a hollow shell of who you truly are. You know this.. You've felt this.

Reality is this - A healthy brain requires a perfect balance between meaningful struggle and purposeful happiness, when one thing superimposes another you begin to lose sanity. Too much of either leaves you stranded and anxious.

You try to get the Maximum pleasure you can and escape hardship and pain. This is wrong.. The truly gratifying things in life come AFTER you’ve earned it through struggle and sacrifice. Look at any man worthy of your respect, his story will tell you this is true.

You think you have a choice? You really don't. If you keep chasing this easy dopamine you will wake up a few years later, wasted, sapped of potential and worthless. You must act now. Act fast, act now. Take a step, then another. Find something difficult to do, master it & Grow.

You are always at war. This pleasure trap is just a distraction from reality. The war is real, it is within. You are fighting a part of you that wants to diminish your shine. This battle is against the demons that haunt you. You know this is true in the quietness of your mind.

One day your time will come to a halt. The clock will strike zero and at this moment of revelation, you will see everything. Who you could be, who you are and how you wasted it all away. Do not let this happen to you. Reject this life of mediocrity. Strive for mastery.

If you want to be successful you need to get very good at doing something that is not easy. There is no other way. Half assed namesake effort will get you nowhere. You are only doing this for validation and immediately go back to seeking some sort of pleasure. You must go all in.

You will find it hard to change. This pleasure seeking behavior is incredibly addicting. No amount of willpower will get you through this. You need systems, routines and processes. This is how you transform your life. Willpower is emotional, systems and processes are tangible.

Transforming your life is an art in itself. Those who have been through it, know this to be true. There is nothing more powerful than a broken man trying to fix himself. For he rejects all that is pleasurable to embrace hardship. This is the truth you need to understand.

I am looking for 5 men with a burning desire for change. I will help you break habits, build systems and routines to completely revamp your life.. however, You MUST be willing to invest time, effort and $$$ ( Coaching ) If this is you, DM me to begin a conversation.

Join my substack, I post two lessons every week. Lessons on every aspect of life transformation based on the foundations of neuroscience and cognitive behavioral therapy.

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