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The oldest copywriting framework: AIDA. Master it and you can 3x your conversions. Here's how to apply it (and convert more visitors):

AIDA stands for: Attention (A) - Grab attention with the headline Interest (I) - Generate interest with benefits about your offer Desire (D) - Create desire with social proof Action (A) - A specific call to action

Attention Grab the readers curiosity with an attention-grabbing headline or hook. Your value proposition should be clear. And make the reader want to learn more. Here @ahrefs catches your attention with a simple, benefit driven headline.

@ahrefs Interest You want to generate interest in what you are offering. Focus this on the problems of the user. And the main benefits your solution offers. You can use results, stats and specific use cases on using your product. @lusha gets us interested with clear benefits.

@ahrefs @Lusha Desire You want to create desire for the product. Show them how you make the readers life better. The best way to do this is with social proof and testimonials. @grammarly uses a testimonial and press logos to create desire that you too can write with confidence.

@ahrefs @Lusha @Grammarly Action Make them take a specific action you want to do next. This call to action is where you can make a sale or sign up. Be clear and use specific language. Here @pipe makes it clear that I can get access to capital instantly. Make your action as compelling as possible.

@ahrefs @Lusha @Grammarly @pipe Here's how these companies use the entire framework on their landing pages: Lusha uses AIDA in above the fold. Clear headline. They create interest, overcome objections and provide proof. Then they continue to use AIDA below the fold and through out the page.

@ahrefs @Lusha @Grammarly @pipe Grammarly's copy is simple and outcome based. Exactly what you'd expect from a writing app. They use logos to pique interest. This makes me want to read on.

@ahrefs @Lusha @Grammarly @pipe Ahrefs talks specifically to its target audience. They use AIDA to deepen desire for the product with specific benefits. And they use relevant social proof.

@ahrefs @Lusha @Grammarly @pipe Pipe uses big bold headlines with a font that is attention grabbing in design. In each section they make a big claim. This only makes you want to read on and learn more.

@ahrefs @Lusha @Grammarly @pipe AIDA is one the easiest ways to structure a high converting landing page. A - Grab attention with the headline I - Generate Interest with offer benefits D - Create desire with social proof A - A specific call to action

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