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My last course made $90,351 in 30 days. Here's the 6-step process I used to launch it:

1. Choose a topic you can talk about for 30 minutes: If you can’t talk about a topic for 30 minutes unprepared, you probably don’t know enough for a course. No research, no reading other people’s takes, no stealing content from blogs. Just in-depth knowledge. Choose that.

2. Create course benefits & outcomes: Here’s what you want to clearly define: - What specific problem are you solving? - What are the benefits and outcome(s) a student can expect? Create an outline for your product that: - Solves #1 - Delivers on #2

3. Create a presale promotional plan: Next, it’s time to create a promotional plan. Start by choosing how long your presale will run. I presold for roughly 30 days because it gave me more time to drum up interest. Then I offered a 35% discount during the presale.

4. Pick your promotional channels: - Social media - Your email list - Any community you’re in Then, sketch out your promo content: - Announcement - Reminder - Last call Make sure your content answers this question: Why should someone buy this course NOW, during my presale?

5. Build out your product Gumroad is a great place to start because it’s fast, cheap, and easy. Choose your product name, description, & price to get started. Then head over to Canva to build out a nice product image that represents what people will get when they buy.

6. Build a landing page in Carrd (Optional) I love building out a robust landing page using Carrd. Carrd is a simple one-page website builder that costs $19 per year. Yes, you read that right. Per year. You get a professional-looking landing page that helps improve conversion.

7. Execute your promotion plan Start by including the link to the landing page in your social profiles. Add it to your: - LinkedIn profile - Twitter profile - Instagram Then announce on social, your email list, and via any communities that you’re a part of.

Congrats. You just launched a course. Maybe you won't do $90k. But you now have an asset that can be purchased 24/7/365 by 4.95B internet-connected people. Wild.

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