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Most people suck at running meetings. They run over time, the same people talk, + nothing gets decided. Here are 10 simple steps to run effective meetings:

#1: Check the meeting is actually needed. Before you gather everyone together ask: Could we do this asynchronously? • Emails • Chat threads • Direct reports Not every decision needs a meeting.

#2: Work out who needs to be there. It's easy to invite 30 people to a meeting. But it's super inefficient: • More wasted time • Less efficiency • More stress Instead ask: Who really needs to be here to add value?

#3: Have an agenda. Meeting with no agenda are painful. • Write a clear plan • Be specific about the goal • Allocate times to each item It's the best way to make the meeting effective.

#4: Get ahead of the tech. If it's online, make sure all the tech is working: • You know the platform • Attendees have access links • You've tested your camera + mic Do all this BEFORE the meeting starts

#5: Start on time. The advertised start time should be the actual start time. If people are late, they can join when they get there. Starting on time is respectful to those who are there. It'll encourage punctuality.

#6: Chair with confidence. People digress. Your job as chair is to keep things on track. If it's veering off the agenda, it's time to step up. Nobody else will do this - it's down to you.

#7: Make it a safe space. So often the same people do all the talking. Help the quieter people speak up. • Create space for them to speak • Go round and hear everyone • Ask specific questions

#8: Be clear on decision-making. Make sure attendees know how decisions are being made. • Voting • Consensus • Your decision Whichever it is, make it obvious to everyone present. And once decisions are made - state the outcome clearly.

#9: Assign actions. At the end of the meeting, there will be some actions. For these to be meaningful everyone needs to know: • Who has been allocated each action • What is the timeline for completion Without this, it'll all just fizzle out.

#10: Plan the aftermath. The meeting needs to be finalized after it's over. • Share minutes • Highlight actions • Make a plan for follow up Tie up any loose ends.

TL;DR 10 steps to run effective meetings: #1: Ensure it's needed #2: Invite essential people #3: Have an agenda #4: Get ahead of the tech #5: Start on time #6: Chair with confidence #7: Make it a safe space #8: Clarify decision-making #9: Assign actions #10: Plan the aftermath

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