β€” #StoriesForLove a short SoonWoo au where Wonwoo writes a letter for Sunoo.

πŸ”– Tags β€” mpreg β€” angst β€” short letters, might post more letters in the future [inspired by juday & ryan’s love story. mixed with ryan’s own words from #/storiesforlucho]

β˜€οΈ Letter #1 1/3

β˜€οΈ Letter #1 2/3

β˜€οΈ Letter #1 3/3

πŸŒ™ Letter #2 1/7

πŸŒ™ Letter #2 2/7 ~flashback~

πŸŒ™ Letter #2 3/7

πŸŒ™ Letter #2 4/7

πŸŒ™ Letter #2 5/7

πŸŒ™ Letter #2 6/7 ~end of flashback~

πŸŒ™ Letter #2 7/7

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