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#Zhongchi Gym AU 😎🫦 Zhongli is desperate, each day he goes into the organic food store and sees the prettiest boy ever, soft, fluffy ginger hair, bright blue eyes, and the sweetest smile ever. He seems to be a regular as well, so friendly as he speaks to the people at the

register. The issue is, Zhongli has no confidence to walk up to this man, not when he’s so stunning, especially because in comparison to him, his muscles must look like they’re non-existent. So, Zhongli searches all day and night until he finds a personal trainer to work with.

The morning before his training, he has the urge to look at least half decent (even though by the end of it he’s going to be all gross and sweaty anyways) so, he gets ready. He does his hair in a high bun to keep it out of his face, makes an effort to wear a more expensive pair

of workout shorts he’d picked up and a looser fitting tank top, as well as his nicest running shoes. Still, there’s an odd anxiety bubbling up in his stomach, but he shakes it off and leaves to his appointment. As soon as he steps into his appointment he realizes he’s made a

huge mistake. There he is, behind the desk, the pretty boy with the ginger hair and bright blue eyes, giving him a sweet smile as he steps in. “Welcome in!” Childe says happily, stepping out from behind the counter, “I’ve never seen you here before, you must be my next client.”

the younger says, checking his clip board. “Zhongli, right?” He asks, glancing back up through his long lashes. Zhongli’s breath catches in his throat and he just nods dumbly. “Alright, perfect! You have a pretty nice build already, what brought you to me?” He asks.

*Fate* is a cheesy, yet true answer really. “Ah… I was looking to build some more muscle. There’s someone I’m trying to impress.” Zhongli’s eyes widen a little at his own choice of words once he realizes what he’s said. “Oh? I bet she’s lovely, whoever she is. Especially if

she’s worth so much effort” Childe smiles, laughing a little. “Ah, actually they’re a he-“ Zhongli adds shyly, double whacking himself in the head mentally. How could he be so stupid? Goodness. “Oh! Well, all’s accepted here.” Childe says, seemingly brightening up a little at

the mention. (Zhongli wouldn’t know it, but Childe’s quite the 🫳 as well and the idea of knowing another person like himself gets him pretty excited.) Zhongli and him settle into an awkward silence for a second before Childe clears his throat, “So! Want me to show you the

ropes with the equipment?” Childe asks and Zhongli nods again. “Ah, right. Yes please” he responds softly, smiling shyly and following after Childe as he loosely explains the equipment to him. “Alright, I’ll spot you on this one, so go ahead and give it a shot. However much

weight you want to start with is fine, don’t overestimate how much you can do, it’s okay to start out lower to test the waters” Childe says, placing a gentle hand on Zhongli’s shoulder. “Alright.” Zhongli says, picking up a hundred pound weight with ease and sliding it onto the

bar before doing the same to the other side. Childe watches, his eyes sparkling a little as Zhongli keeps adding on weights. It’s… honestly a little hot. Each time Zhongli picks up a weight, his muscles bulge and how the man manages to hide those, Childe doesn’t know.

Those muscles would be so good for lifting him up, he thinks. Fuck, he should not be thinking about his client like this. “Is this good?” Zhongli’s voice breaks through his thoughts and his eyes suddenly snap forward. “Yes! Yeah, that’s perfect. Go ahead and lift it up, I’ll

stand behind you to make sure you’re all good.” Childe blushes, quickly stepping behind the man and looking over his shoulders and the back of his neck. Bite. God, he wants to bite him. He’s clenching his fists with the force of how he’s mentally holding himself back from jumping

this man right here in the middle of the gym. Then. Zhongli lays down on the bench and carefully starts lifting the weight. His first rep is good. God does Childe sweat watching those muscles bulge under each and every push of that weight. He must be able to carry him like

that too. “How am I doing?” Zhongli asks, looking back as he does another one. “So fucking good” Childe blurts before covering his mouth quickly, his cheeks turning bright pink. Zhongli laughs at the response, nearly dropping the weight down on his chest before Childe quickly

grabbed it. “Sorry about that” Childe laughs shyly, “awkward uh.. choice of words?” “It was cute” Zhongli responds, “thank you for making sure I didn’t crush myself” he smiles. Childe’s world lights up that instant. He quickly sets the bar down and bites his lip. “Right! Of

course haha that’s my job you know?” He says, running his fingers through his hair. Well, the day follows with more training of course, and slowly but surely they get more and more used to each other’s company. At the end of their training, both them are caked with sweat and

look wrecked. “How about we go for a shower together?” Childe asks, clapping his hands together, “there’s some in the locker rooms!” “Ah- together?” Zhongli asks shyly and Childe’s cheeks turn bright pink. “No! I mean, not like that just- you know uhm, both of us, separately”

“You’re cute Childe” Zhongli laughs, cupping one of his cheeks and leaning in. “If it wouldn’t be too bold of me, I wouldn’t mind that shower together” he teases. “H-huh?” Childe’s cheeks somehow burn even brighter at that, “but- I mean- aren’t you interested in someone or

something?” He asks shyly. “Childe, hah.. though it’s quite embarrassing to admit. You’re the one I was interested in. Ever since I first saw you at the supermarket.” “Oh…” Childe squeaks, trying to hide his face in his shirt. “I- hah.. Zhongli…” he whines.

“Hm? Was it too much?” “No! No I just. You don’t need to *impress* me. You… hmph- I mean..” Childe struggles to find the right words. *I’ve been fighting the urge to pull you into the back since you started adding those weights to the bar* or *I want that shower. Now.*

neither of those would be very professional *or* cute, he thinks. “So- uhm- that shower..” he says instead, quietly. “Hm? Lead the way then.” Zhongli smiles. Childe nods and blushes more, grabbing his hand and practically running to the showers with him. The moment they get

there, Childe looks up and bites his lip as he starts undressing himself, Zhongli’s eyes widening before they glue themselves to his body. “Zhongli… this is an invitation” he whispers, dropping his shirt first and then undoing the buttons of his pants.

Zhongli stares before Childe beckons him further into one of the shower stalls, closing the curtain behind them and dropping his shorts and under leggings, kicking them away. Fuck. He’s perfect. Zhongli gently runs his hands up his waist. “What about everyone else?” He asks

breathily. “They can cope” Childe laughs, sliding his hands under Zhongli’s clothes, “Mm now take this off, I want to inspect my dear client’s body further.” He says, giggling a little and leaning up to nose at the man’s jaw.

Zhongli groans, quickly kicking his shorts off and practically tearing his shirt off. “Turn it on” Zhongli mumbles, leaning right down into Childe’s ear and placing a hand on his waist. “Yes sir” Childe hums happily, reaching behind them to turn the water on warm.

“Childe.” Zhongli sighs, thumbs pressing into the tiny dips of his hips as he watched the water fall between their bodies. “Yes, Zhongli?” Childe whispers. “May I touch you further?” “Please do” Childe responds, whining as one of Zhongli’s hands made it’s way up to his chest,

pinching one of the small, pink buds until it hardened, his other hand grabbing a handful of his ass. “So soft.. your body is beautiful Childe” Childe shyly buries his face in his neck, “thank you..” Zhongli hums in reply before slowly circling his big hand around Childe’s

length. “So cute. It’s so pink as well..” he laughs softly, pinching Childe’s nipples again before descending to his knees. “Zh-Zhongli?” “Mmm I’m going to make you feel so good” Zhongli groans, hotly licking up his cock before circling his tongue around the head.

Childe can’t help but squirm and whine, gripping onto the shower handles as Zhongli’s lips circled around hus length before he brought it into his mouth completely. Oh gods, Childe wouldn’t, no, couldn’t last this. Especially when Zhongli looks so hot sucking him off like this.

He’d never had a top touch him like this before, but fuck it felt so good, his legs were like jelly. Zhongli’s movements were slow, yet efficient. He took his time bobbing his head, those shimmering golden eyes staring right into Childe’s as he moaned and squirmed until

suddenly his fingers were tightening in Zhongli’s hair, and before he could give a warning, he was cumming down his throat with a cry of his name. Zhongli broke off, letting the cum drip from his tongue as he stuck it out. Quickly, he grabbed Childe’s jaw and forced it open,

Slipping his tongue in along Childe’s as the two of them hotly made out. When they broke apart, Childe panted and clung onto him. “Next session, I’m bringing some special tools for after” he whispers breathily into Zhongli’s ear.

I actually wasn’t going to uhh only make it this, but I’m tired and have work early again so 😭 hopefully my days off I can post something better ! 🫡💕

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