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It took me 7 years to beat my anger issues, I will teach you how to in 3 minutes...

1. Self-monitoring Spot early warning signs of anger, to nip it in the bud before it escalates. For example, you might notice that your voice begins to change, or that you frown, or your muscles tense when you're beginning to grow angry. Try to stop yourself at that moment.

2. Cognitive distancing Remind yourself that the events themselves don't make you angry, but rather your judgments about them cause the passion. Ex: I notice that I am telling myself How dare she says that,' and it's that looking at things that are causing me to feel angry.

3. Postponement Wait until your feelings of anger have naturally gone before you decide how to respond to the situation. Take a breath, walk away, and come back to it a few hours later. If you still feel like you need to do something, then calmly decide upon the best response.

4. Modeling virtue Ask yourself what a wise person such as Socrates or Zeno would do. What virtues might help you to respond wisely? In your case, it might be easier to think of a role model you're more familiar with, like Marcus Aurelius or someone you know in your own life.

"A wiser person would try to empathize, put themselves in her shoes, and then exercise patience when they're responding."

5. Functional Analysis Picture the consequences of following anger versus the following reason and exercising virtues such as moderation. For Ex: If I let my anger guide me then I'll probably just yell at her and get into another argument, and things will get a lot worse.

If I wait until I've calmed down and then try to listen patiently, though, it might be difficult at first but it will probably start to work better with practice, and once she's calmed down maybe she'll begin listening to my perspective.

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