sab⁷ #rushhour 🏁

sab⁷ #rushhour 🏁



bts demo/unreleased songs — a needed thread

dope — jazz version

black swan — orchestra version

lie — instrumental version

converse high — jin, namjoon, jhope version

converse high — namjoon's version (was on soundcloud, but now unavailable)

dionysus — mots: one concert version

flower — original version of seesaw by suga

fire — ptd concert version

serendipity — namjoon's demo version

seokjin also mentioned epiphany's old version on weverse in 2021

boy with luv — jhope's version

another version of boy in luv

fake love — namjoon's demo version

kajjafeeluv — jimin's fake love version

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