Miyacest a/b/o "Stop yer squirming," Osamu cracked his hand over Atsumu's ass. Pink immediately blushing the skin. His marks already all over him. "Can't, 'Samu," Atsumu wriggled underneath him even more. "Ya can take it, don't be a baby," Osamu ground his knot even further into

his brother's tight, hot clutch. Osamu had been waiting hours, days, weeks for this. Ever since his omega twin promised he'd let him knot for the first time during his next rut. "Alpha," Atsumu had never said it before in a way that wasn't teasing. It made Osamu's eyes roll back

as he continued to pump cum into his brother's body. "See how good ya can be fer me? I should knot ya everyday. Spank ya til ya cry whenever ya try to crawl away from me." Osamu enjoyed the way Atsumu shivered underneath him. "Never gonna let ya knot me again," he acted as if he

hadn't already cum three times. "Darling," Osamu bent down low so his mouth was next to Atsumu's face. "Ya never should have let me. Because I'm never letting ya go." Atsumu sobbed as his whole body spasmed, another orgasm wrenched out of him. Osamu purred in contentment.

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