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awareness: a thread. (based on my recent tweet)

our entire life is built out of our awareness, what we are aware of and what we put our attention onto. in order to change a certain area of our life, we take our attention away from the problem and assume the solution.

my recent tweet was talking about me affirming but i still had my attention on what i didn’t want. i was still aware it was happening and therefore, nothing moved. to stop anything, you stop focusing on it, you completely leave it out of your awareness.

this means, you pay it no attention. you become aware of something completely different, something you want. if you’re telling yourself that you are together with someone but you are still actively aware you’re not by acknowledging it, paying it attention, stop.

now, i understand this is hard! i didn’t realise i was doing it! it wont be easy at first but u just need to practice on redirecting your attention. you can’t completely shut something out but you can stop putting your attention onto it and eventually, you wont be aware of it.

so if you’re waking up everyday telling yourself that you’re earning millions but still KNOWINGLY paying attention to your bank being empty, still paying attention to the fact you don’t have the money, change that. the moment you feel yourself paying attention to it, redirect it.

how do i redirect my attention? notice when you’re paying attention to your circumstance and remind yourself oh nope! put your focus onto the new story between you and whatever/whoever it is.

for me i was still paying attention to the fact me and my gf were separated. i was still feeding into it. i would affirm but id still ACKNOWLEDGE that we were apart so i took my attention off the story of us being separated completely. i put my attention onto us being together.

you have to be completely oblivious to the issue, completely deny it. if you’re telling yourself you’re together but you are aware that you’re not, it’s only because you’re focusing on it. take your attention away from it completely by not directing attention there.

you will soon find that you wont even be aware that you’re not together, you’ll be completely aware of what you want and it’ll show up. it’s absolutely fine if you’re not perfect at it, it’s fine if you accidentally become aware of the circumstance. you’re human!

however im talking about dominantly because i was. i was dominantly aware we were apart, everyday i woke up still acknowledging something had to happen. u need to completely not pay attention to separation by taking attention away from it and put awareness on something else.

i still lived my life daily acknowledging we were separated, she was not with me and i was waiting. you have to completely stop paying attention to it ALL. it doesn’t take much! it’s just a decision. i thought knowing we were separated was fine but THATS STILL THE OLD STORY.

why is this important? because like my first point, your life is your conscious (awareness) objectified. if you are aware that you are apart from someone, that’s what you’ll get. if you stop paying attention to it, become aware that you are together. that’s what you’ll get.

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