milly ⚓️pirate fic!!

milly ⚓️pirate fic!!



//SakuAtsu, college, meet ugly Atsumu slaps his test paper onto the TA’s desk. “Ya gave me a zero on this question.” Sakusa adjusts his glasses and looks over the response. “Hyperinflation in Brazil occurred due to inflation of the currency to hyper proportions.” &

Atsumu’s ears turn pink. “Ok but—“ “No partial credit for hastily scrawled tautologies, Miya. Have a pleasant day.” Atsumu retrieves his exam and slouches toward the door. /Have a pleasant day./ Sounds weirdly familiar. He whirls around. “You came to my bar last week!” &

Sakusa stiffens. “No, I didn’t.” “The hell ya didn’t. Ya drank half a strawberry daiquiri and passed our crying’ on my damn bar.” “That was someone else.” “When I woke ya up at closin’ time, ya projectile vomited on me. I remember wipin’ the barf off the moles on yer nog.” &

Sakusa actually looks like he might cry again. “I’m going through a lot, you know,” he said, his voice higher pitched than before, “my thesis is stalled, the roof leaks in my apartment and my boyfriend had just ditched me!” “…so ya went to cry it out at the Hung Cowboy?” &

“It’s where we first met!” Atsumu actually feels sorry for the guy. “Hey. Whoever he was didn’t deserve ya.” Sakusa blushes. “You’re only being polite.” “No, really. Look at ya. Yer brilliant and tricky and ya pull off a turtleneck better than the goddamn pope.” &

He walks back over to Sakusa’s desk and alights briefly in the chair. “Listen,” he says, “point the nimrod out to me next time. I’ll give him an earful for ya.” Sakusa’s eyes crinkle in a small smile above his mask. “There’s no need, Miya.” He pauses. “But thank you. And—” &

He clears his throat. “My office hours start at four on Tuesday. Perhaps I’ll see you there.” Atsumu guffaws and turns to go. “Careful there, teach. I’m a heartbreaker.” The door closes behind him and Sakusa narrows his eyes. “Idiot.” (End)

Ok @jsw_sama I hope you like it, congrats on annihilating me in week 5. May the best imaginary team win.

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