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skts- omegaverse - omega!omi atsumu had enough with kiyoomi’s whining about how ushijima is “such a good player” and how he wanted to play with him one day. the last straw for atsumu was when kiyoomi waved at him when they walked by.

atsumu gritted his teeth and grabbed kiyoomi by his wrist and dragged him away to a secluded area. “w-what are you doing?” atsumu pinned kiyoomi against the wall and stared into his eyes with anger. “what do ya think yer doin’ wavin’ ta him like that?”

kiyoomi didn’t think it bothered atsumu that much since he as friends he talks to. “i-i didn’t think it was a big deal” atsumu leaned in closer “didn’t think it was a big deal? yer mine kiyoomi” the tone of voice he was using was like no other, atsumu was angry.

“do ya need me ta fuck it into ya?” kiyoomi shook his head “n-no i understand.” atsumu squinted his eyes “nah i think i do, since it seems like ya don’t get it” atsumu flipped kiyoomi around to wear his chest was up against the wall and ripped his pants off.

“shh kiyoomi, i just need ta make ya remember that ya belong ta me” kiyoomi whined as he felt atsumu’s hard cock enter him without warning. atsumu gave kiyoomi’s ass a hard slap as he quickened his pace, making kiyoomi arch his back.

“ya like that babe?” kiyoomi moaned in response, making atsumu thrust faster “ah ungh~” atsumu didn’t hesitate to cum inside of kiyoomi, marking him once again. his scent was joe all over kiyoomi as they left the hidden area and back with the others.

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