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#sakuatsu Kiyoomi wakes at seven in the morning to the sound of someone banging frantically on his dorm room door. He stumbles out of bed annoyed, ready to yell at whoever’s knocking. But the words to die on his tongue when he sees who it is. “Did ya mean it Omi?”+

Atsumu is standing outside, looking like an absolute mess. His hair is barely styled, fringe falling over his forehead and brushing against his eye. His black MSBY jacket is thrown haphazardly over his shoulders and he looks like he ran here straight from practice.

Which can’t be right, because once again, it’s seven in the goddamn morning. “What are you talking about Atsumu?” Kiyoomi asks, voice still a little rough from his sleep. “Did ya mean what ya said in the interview?” Atsumu asks, holding up this weeks copy of volleyball monthly.

He flips through the magazine, opening it right up to a two-page spread in the middle. The pages have crinkles and folds in them, like Atsumu has looked at them dozens of times. Kiyoomi sees the words “Exclusive Interview” and his name in big bold letters before realisation hits

A week ago, Kiyoomi was awarded collegiate league MVP and approached for an interview after the award ceremony. He doesn’t really remember what he said to the interviewer, but he does remember her telling him that it was going to be published in next week’s issue of VB monthly.

He skims through the article, eyes zeroing in on the second page with yellow highlights on it.

Saying that Kiyoomi is mortified would be an understatement. He’s beyond embarrassed. He didn’t think that they’d be putting that part of the interview in since it didn’t have anything to do with volleyball. Clearly he thought wrong.

“Yer talking about me, right?” Atsumu asks, tone firm and demanding. It’s glaringly obvious, so Atsumu doesn’t beat around the bush — He already /knows/ that Kiyoomi is talking about him, because who else could it be?

This undefined thing between them has been going on for far too long now — their very own game of “will they won’t they”. The sparks have finally lit a fuse. Kiyoomi knows that there’s no use denying it anymore. He sighs as he opens the door to his room.

“Come in.” Atsumu leaves his training shoes by the door and follows behind Kiyoomi, both of them sitting down on the edge of Kiyoomi’s unmade bed. “Aren’t you supposed to be at practice now?” Kiyoomi asks, trying to avoid directly addressing the elephant in the room.

“Yeah, but this was more important,” Atsumu replies. “Your coach and captain are going to kill you.” “I’ll just tell ‘em that this is all part of my master plan to recruit the collegiate league MVP into our team,” Atsumu answers with a smirk.

Atsumu has been trying to convince Kiyoomi to joint the Jackals for years now. Kiyoomi has never explicitly agreed nor disagreed, but secretly, he already has the forms filled in and tucked away in his drawer. It’s silent as Atsumu reaches over to rest his hand on Kiyoomi’s.

When Kiyoomi doesn’t pull away, Atsumu takes it as permission to lace their fingers together. They’ve held hands a few times over the years, handshakes across the net and palms clasped together on nights when Kiyoomi had to drag a drunk Atsumu back home.

But never like this, intimate with intent. With his free hand, Atsumu rolls the magazine into a cylinder and holds it up like a makeshift microphone. “Sakusa-senshu, thank you for givin’ us your time this morning for an interview.”

“What are you doing Atsumu? Kiyoomi asks, holding back a laugh. He tries his best to look annoyed but fails at the sight of the cheeky grin on Atsumu’s face. “Are ya in a relationship right now?” Atsumu asks, thumb tracing circles onto the back of Kiyoomi’s hand.

“I guess I am.” Kiyoomi replies with a smile. “What’s his name?” Kiyoomi rolls his eyes at that question. Atsumu and his big fat ego. “His name is Miya Atsumu, unfortunately.”

Atsumu sticks his tongue out in retaliation before continuing. “I see ya have good taste, dating MSBY’s star setter. Will ya be joining the same team as him after ya graduate?” “Hmm, I not sure,” Kiyoomi replies. “The offer from the Adlers is very tempting.”

“Come on, we could beat the Adlers with our eyes closed if ya joined us. Also, you’d look so much hotter in black. Sorry, but white is just not yer colour.” “Why are you like this Atsumu?” Kiyoomi asks with a playful sigh.

Atsumu shrugs as he moves closer to Kiyoomi so their shoulders are bumping together. “You’ve kept me waiting long enough Omi. Join the team and let me set for ya, please?” How could Kiyoomi say no to that? And so caves in, leaning his head on Atsumu’s shoulder.

“I’ll send in my application form tomorrow.” Atsumu pumps his fist when he hears Kiyoomi’s response. His does some sort of victory dance that knocks Kiyoomi’s head right off his shoulders, but Kiyoomi isn’t bothered in the slightest.

Atsumu grabs the rolled up magazine off the bed and holds it up once again. “And our final question for today, can ya give yer boyfriend a kiss for the cameras?” Atsumu asks while wriggling his eyebrows up and down. “You are /so/ embarrassing,” Kiyoomi groans as he leans in.

“Yeah, but ya like that about me, don’t cha?” Atsumu whispers. “I do,” Kiyoomi whispers back before closing the distance between them. In a few months, he’ll be playing on MSBY with Atsumu right beside him — Kiyoomi can say with confidence that the future never tasted sweeter.

/end!! it’s almost 3 am i have a 9 am lecture tomorrow i didn’t read through this at all so ignore any errors lol

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