Emily Gorcenski

Emily Gorcenski



This is a thread about how we need to do better than empty rhetoric. This is Anthime “Tim” Gionet, aka “Baked Alaska.” He is a known alt-right figure. On Jan 6 he stormed the Capitol and livestreamed it. This was not his first white nationalist mob experience.

The first image is from my livestream on August 11, 2017, during the infamous tiki torch march. Gionet is indicated here. The second image is from his own livestream, and you can see me as I am being assaulted.

Did Baked Alaska—then a verified Twitter user—show any remorse for this? No, he posted this to me on Twitter later that night.

Late last year, about a month ago, Gionet was arrested for macing a bouncer expelling him from a bar. This is a still from the video of that assault. He has been charged in the incident and has been released pending trial.

Gionet travels with bodyguards. One of his bodyguards in 2017 was Antonio Foreman. Foreman was also violent on August 11 and was subsequently issued a no-trespass order for his violent acts.

Gionet has been bouncing around the country for years participating in mob violence for the sake of social media likes. This has not been deterred because nobody has seriously tried to stop him.

As a victim of his violence, I have never been made whole by any justice process—neither legal nor restorative. Not from him, not from the state, and not from the people who left me and my peers to die.

What I have heard is lots of empty rhetoric about justice and what justice is supposed to look like. That’s nicely academic but while we are talking, he is traveling the country unmolested and causing violence at will.

I have been working every possible avenue that I have at my disposal to prevent this since that night. I am uninterested in more navel-gazing. I want somebody to stop the fucking Nazis.

Because if we had stopped it after this...

... then we would have never had to deal with this

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