CW: NSFW. #sakuatsu ; Atsumu in a skirt ; pinning and jealous Sakusa. Miya Osamu was the bane of his existence for Sakusa Kiyoomi. No, really. On most days, Sakusa would probably disagree with this statement. What was there to hate about Miya Osamu? +

He was the quieter twin, he owned his own restaurant, he was able to cook very good and delicious onigiris and he had very strong arms that his black shirts clung onto. Nothing to dislike about the dark-haired man. +

Today, however, Miya Osamu seemed to have planned his death, and he wasn’t even present in the MSBY gym. And the worst part was it was most likely that Osamu was unaware of the damage he had caused on Sakusa’s life. +

The damage being Miya Atsumu, Osamu’s twin and Sakusa’s own teammate, in a very short black tennis skirt. Atsumu had barged into practice wearing the skirt, acting as if nothing was wrong. But everything was wrong. +

First of all, how dare Atsumu walk around with those tan, strong thighs for everyone to see. The usual MSBY uniform made it already hard enough for Sakusa not to stare at the muscles that defined their setter’s legs. +

Now, the tennis skirt left almost nothing to the imagination. One wrong movement and Atsumu would probably be flashing the whole team. And that was exactly the other problem with this situation. The team. +

It wasn’t just Sakusa drilling his eyes into Atsumu’s thighs. Everyone else had their eyes glued to them and they weren’t even trying to hide it. Hinata even tripped over a volleyball already and Bokuto already failed two serves. +

When Meian finally asked Atsumu what was up with the skirt, Atsumu simply shrugged and told everyone how I lost a bet ‘gainst ‘Samu, so this is my punishment. Sakusa Kiyoomi was going to kill Miya Osamu. +

And it wasn’t as if Sakusa wouldn’t admit that Atsumu was hot before the skirt incident. Sakusa thought that Atsumu was actually his hottest teammate, not that he would actually say that out loud. +

He had pretty blonde hair that he learned to tone once they graduated from high-school, warm honey eyes, a dashing smile and a very healthy tan skin. And, of course, the cherry on the top, his thighs. +

Now, Sakusa wouldn’t say he was an extremely horny person, but Atsumu’s thighs made him feel some sort of special way. He wanted to feel those thighs against his waist, probably fucking Atsumu into oblivion. +

Mark them all with his teeth and fingers so that everyone would know not to get too close or look at them. “Hey, Omi, are ya okay? Ya’ve been weird.” Atsumu asked, walking towards him. +

Sakusa’s dark eyes traveled down, fixating on Atsumu’s legs. They were anyone’s wet dream. Long, athletic, muscular. Sakusa could even see some freckles on his thighs. Without saying anything, he walked towards Atsumu and took his hand, dragging him to the changing rooms. +

“Omi! What are ya doing!?” Atsumu exclaimed. “Shut up, Miya.” Sakusa responded in a low tone. Everyone on the team watched them leave, but they did nothing to stop their wing spiker and setter from disappearing into the lockers. +

Once Sakusa closed the door behind them, he pushed Atsumu towards the nearest lockers. Atsumu’s back was pressed against it, and Sakusa had his two hands on both sides of Atsumu’s head. “What the fuck.” Atsumu muttered, looking at Sakusa as if he was a wild animal. +

“No, what the fuck is up with you, Miya? Do you know how much you’ve disrupted practice by just walking in your little skirt?” “What? The skirt? I didn’t think it was that big of a deal…” +

“It is, what the fuck, Atsumu. What were you thinking!? Do you know how everyone is looking at you?” Atsumu tried to move, but Sakusa didn’t let him. The blonde sighed and shook his head. “No…” +

“No? Really? So you didn’t noticed Hinata and Bokuto staring at your thighs when you were serving? You didn’t notice Meian and Barnes staring at your ass as you bend over to grab your water bottle? You didn’t notice Inunaki waiting for the skirt to lift up as you were setting?” +

“I didn’t.” Atsumu said in a small voice and his face red. “Well, I did. And it’s pissing me off because no one but me should be looking at you like that.” +

“I’m sorry, Omi, I didn’t want to disrupt pract-.” Atsumu stopped in his track, probably noticing what Sakusa just said. “What did’ya say?” “That no one but me should be looking at you like that.” +

“What do ya mean?” The setter asked, his face turning even more red. “I think you know what I mean. We’ve been dancing around each other for way too long.” +

It was as if those words flipped a switch in Atsumu. His embarrassed expression was replaced by a cocky smile as he slid one of his legs in between Sakusa’s. Sakusa was a bit ashamed to admit he was already semi-hard. “Maybe. So, ya wanna be the only one to look at me?” +

“Yes, Miya.” “Nu-huh. Call me Atsumu.” “Atsumu.” Sakusa muttered in between teeth, fighting his own desire to just fuck Atsumu right on the spot. “Better. Then, if ya really wanna be the only one, ya might wanna step up yer game before I find someone more interestin-.” +

Atsumu couldn’t even finish his words before Sakusa was attacking his mouth with his own. It was a clash of lips, teeth and tongues. +

Sakusa’s hands traveled down to Atsumu’s thighs, squeezing them hard and lifting the setter until he had no choice but to surround Sakusa’s waist with his legs. +

The skirt rolled up at the movement, and Sakusa took advantage of that and pressed his groin against’s Atsumu’s. Atsumu gasped loudly at that, as Sakusa started moving his lips against Atsumu’s neck. +

He bit down a bit harder than he usually would, sucking in to leave a group of purple and red marks. “Omi, Omi.” Atsumu managed to say, his thighs pressing harder against Sakusa’s waist. “Yer going to leave marks.” +

“That’s the point.” Sakusa muttered, biting into where Atsumu’s neck joined with his shoulder. “Then everybody will know you’re mine.” Atsumu just hummed and Sakusa moved his hands up, taking Atsumu’s ass and squeezing it. +

“I’m going to let you down.” Sakusa said, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of Atsumu’s ass. “And then I’m going to give you the best blowjob ever.” “Omi!” Atsumu whined, his eyes glazing with lust. Sakusa did as he said, eating Atsumu with his eyes. +

“Keep the skirt.” Sakusa said when Atsumu tried to take it off. The setter smirked at that, lifting up his hands. “If I knew all I need to finally push ya into making a move was a skirt, I would have done it ages ago.” +

“Atsumu.” Sakusa muttered, dropping to his knees and bringing down Atsumu’s boxers. “Shut up.” “Make me.” Atsumu dared him, with that fox-like smirk of him. +

He was met with the sight of Atsumu’s cock, already hard and flushing from the arousal. Sakusa smirked, pressing little kisses against the inside of Atsumu’s thighs. He could feel Atsumu’s fingers tangle against his own dark curls. +

He started slow, licking and biting into them. He was right, Atsumu’s thighs were splattered with freckles. Sakusa wanted nothing more than to bite down into single one of them. +

He made sure to leave a couple more of marks against his tanned skin, before finally moving his lips to Atsumu’s dick. He cupped his balls with one hand as his tongue licked against his head. Atsumu didn’t even try to suppress the moan that came out of his mouth. +

Sakusa moved slowly, until he was finally able to fit most of Atsumu’s cock into his mouth. Atsumu’s fingers tensed against his scalp, moaning softly as Sakusa began moving. +

At first, Sakusa’s movements were slow. That was until Atsumu finally gained some confidence and started moving his hips. Sakusa didn’t gagged at that, but he did feel his eyes fill with unshed tears. However, he bobs his head at the same rhythm, holding onto Atsumu’s thighs. +

Sakusa could see Atsumu’s honey eyes shutting close. He could feel Atsumu’s legs growing weaker, his moans growing louder and his fingers pulling harder against Sakusa’s hair, until he finally manages. “Omi, I think I’m gonna…” +

Sakusa doesn’t even let him finish, digging his own hands even more onto Atsumu’s thighs that he wouldn’t be surprised if ten finger marks end up on his skin. He looked directly into Atsumu’s face, as moved one last time before feeling the hot cum in his mouth. +

Sakusa swallowed it without thinking, Atsumu moaning Sakusa’s name as he trembled through his release. Sakusa finally let go of Atsumu’s dick with a pop, feeling his own spit with Atsumu’s cum drooling down his lower lip. +

He stood up with shaky legs, smiling at Atsumu. Before the setter could open his mouth, he shook his head. “Don’t worry about me, we should get back to practice. You can pay me off after practice with dinner.” “With dinner and then sex?” “I wouldn’t be opposed to it.” +

Atsumu smirked, before finally pulling up his shorts. They both washed their hands and tried to look as presentable as possible before walking out of the locker rooms. If anyone found their disappearance weird, they didn’t mention it. +

If anyone thought that them walking out of the changing rooms hand in hand was weird, they didn’t mention it. And if anyone noticed the new purple and red marks in Atsumu’s neck and thighs, they didn’t mention it. // the end. Anyways, Atsumu's thighs supremacy.

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