NSFW Queen 👑

NSFW Queen 👑



#miyacestober2022 day 29 - horror Osamu didn't think when he picked up his brother's wine glass. His was empty, Atsumu's was not, and he didn't want more than a sip. The moment the liquid touched his tongue, Osamu knew something was wrong.>>

The liquid was far thicker than wine, and the taste: bitter, metalic...iron. Osamu nearly choked as he spat everything in his mouth back into the glass. When he looked up Atsumu was standing in the door to the kitchen, his arms folded as he balanced against the wall.>>

"You weren't supposed to do that," Atsumu sighed. He shook his head like Osamu was a naughty child, not like he was standing there with someone's blood and his own spittle dripping down his chin. "What the fuck?!" Osamu spat, and red sprayed the floor between them.>>

Atsumu just sighed again and...smiled. It was nearly impossible not to notice the sharp fangs pressing gentle divots into his brother's lip. When Osamu flinched Astumu pouted. "Sorry, it's...you're covered in blood." Atsumu gestured helplessly and Osamu almost /apologized./>>

"Why in the.../how/ did--" Atsumu was in his face before he could even register the move, his body so fast now it was obscene. "I've been waiting, ya know?" Atsumu murmured, nosing his way up up up Osamu's jugular. >>

"For what?" Osamu gasped and then tilted his head against his better judgment. As Atsumu's lips parted again his skin, Osamu knew he didn't really need an answer. With dawning horror, he knew exactly what Astumu meant. Atsumu's fangs were in him before he could move.>>

Twin bright spots of pain and pleasure burst sharp in Osamu's veins. His vision was sweet and black around the edges, but he swore he heard Atsumu whisper, "Don't worry Samu, we'll be the same again now." And then everything disappeared. //

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