Stress in general during pregnancy is a very bad thing indeed. I discuss this at length in the Eggs Benedict Option, my new book, when I consider the probable effects of a global plant-based diet. πŸ‘‡

A study from 2000 looked at six thousand pregnant women and found that a considerably smaller number of boys were born to vegetarian mothers. Vegetarian women were 23% less likely to have male babies than mothers on an omnivorous diet.

Why? This is almost certainly due to the added stress that not eating animal products causes the mother's body (i.e. deficiencies of key nutrients, vits and mins). This threatens the viability of the fetus and can cause premature births (see above) or even spontaneous abortion.

But why do boys suffer most? This isn't clear, but other evidence clearly substantiates that male babies suffer more from maternal stress. After "stressful" historical events like 9/11, demographers have noted that fewer male babies are born!

One very possible effect of the adoption of a global plant-based diet, then, is that it will skew the gender ratio, leading to the birth of fewer boys than would be normal. The normal ratio is 105 boys for every 100 girls.

This is one fascinating potential parallel between the Great Reset and the first agricultural revolution (the transition to grain agriculture), which caused significant changes to sexual dimorphism (i.e. the differences between male and female).

If you want to know more about the Great Reset, and about how we can fight it, try my new book, The Eggs Benedict Option, out now directly via @AntelopeHill or through third-party retailers including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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