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Why do Asian women like White guys? And why do White guys fall for them? A thread on differences of perceived attractiveness, an arbitrage of values, and evolutionary traits. Wealth, height, and exotica all come in to play with the tempestuous dragon of the Orient!

Recently a banger Tweet confirmed what so many of us experienced in Asia already new - A 5 white guy can be an 8 with Asians and vice versa. But why?

Yin and Yang - each one has what the other is seeking. One comes from a shame based culture (Asia) and the other comes from a guilt based culture (the West). She fulfills her basic needs to seek attention and he achieves the ability to fulfill his carnal urges.

The Western man is angry at his mother for not giving him attention and thus feels guilty. She was controlling and distant at the same time. He then goes on to be attracted to radically different women who appears more feminine. But she must not fulfill the Madonna's role.

These are women that Asians consider attractive in Asia. White men are less attracted to them. They have virginal features - flatter chest, more girlish looks, and ever present neoteny. Asian men of high status go for these type of women.

Again, these women are highly introverted, have much lighter skin, and are known for they feminine modesty. These women are the opposite of brash. We'll see why this does not appeal to the Western psyche of the castrated man that seeks for oriental delights.

Now this is exactly the ideal of what the Western man seeks in Asian women. This is peak yellow fever. This is the dragon that he wishes to ride. This is the land of auspicious gold. He seeks filial piety in an inverted form.

The ideal Asian woman for a Westerner is brash, somewhat masculine, and highly opportunistic. She is the opposite of the Madonna. In the shame based cultures of Asia she's a '5'. She's considered by others to be used goods even if she's never had a boyfriend.

An Asian man will see this girl and think wow she has a big nose and has pretty dark skin. A white boy will see her and if he hasn't gotten any attention from Becky, Stacey, or any other pretty blonde he'll go AWOOOOGA!!!

This is an Asian Mid. She has roughly 400 followers on Instagram. In the west she would be an 8. If she lived in a majority white environment she would easily have 2-5000 followers on IG. But to her fellow Asians she has a big nose, too voluptuous a frame, and too dark a skin.

Michelle Yeoh would be considered more attractive in the west. Her masculinity indicates that she desires to wear the pants in the relationship. That is all but taboo in the East. However, to sad, lonely men that ingratiates their deepest desires.

Fang Fang wouldn't make much noise in her native China. But to a man like Swalwell, a man who wants to be tied to a lascivious serpent, she is a devilish dream come true. With the exotic the rules are reversed. The woman is allowed to present her raw untamed vitality!

Female extraversion is shunned in Asia. You're not supposed to have wide smiles, forward glances, or any form of improper immodesty. It's women like this that get the White man in a heart beat. They could not be more salaciously satisfied.

Again, this look is viewed with impropriety in Asia. This is not what their leading actresses look like. K Pop stars will never look like this. They view this look as beneath them. But for us in the west this is exactly how we want their women to look like.

Their men will say their hips are too wide, their nose is too large, their skin is too dark. For our men they will think that is exactly why I want them.

A 4 with what was once an Asian 7. I don't blame him for choosing her over a demonic trigglypuff

Even with the Asian woman being masculinized, The white man is able to secure a woman more feminine than his mother, sisters, or potential suiters. This is what the West has come to.

And the girl could not be happier. She often gets a man that's a foot taller than herself. Both parties get exactly what they want and more. Two worlds collide and the protons and electrons create and surreal performance of a thunderstorm!

This is what White men want and what Asian men want. One has assets and the other one doesn't. One is energetic and the other is shy. One is forward and the other is coy. The White Man's Yellow Fever arises from the austere coldness of his distant native women!

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