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Stop wasting time coding everything from scratch. Here are 7 free no-code tools top programmers use to build faster:

1. ScribeHow @ScribeHow's Chrome extension + their Pages product is fire! Record a video with their extension & autogenerate step-by-step guides. Embed these guides into Pages to create intuitive docs, served up as webpages in just a few clicks. πŸ‘‰

2. Zapier Repetitive or autonomous tasks? Chances are @zapier can help. Integrating apps is a common requirement in programming that can be very time-consuming. Using Tools like Zapier that have pre-built integrations can often be wise approach. πŸ‘‰

3. Airtable Want a database without spinning up the infrastructure involved? @airtable has you covered! Packed with integrations, you can sync data across your stack very easily. πŸ‘‰

4. TypeForm Gathering feedback from customers is so important; and with @typeform that has never been easier. Whatever survey you need, Typeform has you covered. Their beautiful design and seamless interface make for a great experience. πŸ‘‰

5. Bubble @bubble can build SaaS platforms, marketplaces and CRMs with little or no code. When testing market ideas or building MVPs, using a tool like Bubble can be much faster and cheaper than development. πŸ‘‰

6. Carrd @carrd lets you create fully responsive one-page sites for free There are often times where you, your company or client just need to build landing pages fastβ€”Carrd has got you covered. πŸ‘‰

7. Parabola There's a lot of manual & repetitive tasks involved when dealing with data, especially big data. @parabolahq automates all that for you with its easy to use drag-&-drop interface Send, transform, clean & manipulate data all in one place! πŸ‘‰

@parabolahq That's the end of this thread. I simplify software development and getting into techπŸ’‘ Follow @NikkiSiapno for more free tips and free resources. If you enjoyed this thread, don't forget to like, comment, and retweet the first tweet.

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