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YouTube has 800+ Million videos. Most of them suck. Here are 10 free videos that will change your life:

1. The Mindset Of A Winner Kobe Bryant will show you what it takes to win at anything!

2. How The Economic Machine Works One of the best investors of all time, Ray Dalio, will teach you how the economy works.

3. How To Get Rich Naval Ravikant will teach you how to get rich!

4. Mental Toughness David Goggins talks about how to develop a strong mind.

5. Control Your Mind To Get Anything You Want! Edd Mylett gives a direct approach to getting anything you want in life.

6. The Mindset And Attitude Of Thinking Wealthy Jim Rohn will help you create a wealthy mindset.

7. Control Your Dopamine Andrew Huberman shares a masterclass on how to control your dopamine for motivation, focus & satisfaction.

8. Steve Jobs On His Life Before his death, Steve Jobs urged graduates to pursue their dreams and see the opportunities in life's setbacks

9. 5 Second Rule Mel Robbins shares how to control your brain with the 5-second rule.

10. Extreme Ownership Jocko Willink talks about taking full responsibility for everything in your life.

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Here's the correct link to the Steve Job's speech video:

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