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How To Meditate Like a Pro: Beginners’ Guide to Meditation

Meditation is a tool used to focus the mind and train your attention. It generally aims to calm the mind to promote focus on a single object, experience, or sensation. It is more or less the act of becoming more aware, more aware of your thoughts, and how your body feels.

Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not about controlling your mind. It’s about watching it. Noticing it. And being at peace with it Here are the 6 easy steps to Meditate

1. Find a Good Spot Find a environment where you can relax and focus your thoughts. Some people have an easier time in the morning, wile others prefer doing it at night. The exact location doesn’t matter, you just need a place where you can be left alone for a few moments.

2. Sit Comfortably The most important thing is your posture. Sitting in the lotus position often takes time and practice before people are able to do it comfortably. If you are able, you can kneel, sit on a straight chair with your feet flat on the floor, or cross your legs.

3. Focus on Your Breathing Close your eyes gently and breathe in, imagine your breath flowing into your nose, down your throat, and flooding your body with positive energy. Breathe into your stomach Now Slowly exhale , releasing the stress and toxins out into the environment

4. Set a Timer It is helpful to set a timer so you don’t have one eye on the clock distracting you from your meditation. Simply set one on your phone, preferably with a soft alarm so it doesn’t jolt you. You can even download meditation timer apps with different bells and music

5. Observe and Refocus as Necessary If your thoughts wander away from your breathing, it’s ok! Gently nudge them back to focusing on your breaths and begin counting again from “one” Don’t be discouraged if you find your thoughts consistently drifting – this is completely normal

6. Try Different Types of Meditation - Visualization meditation is where you focus on an image - Focused meditation is where you bring your focus to one of senses, such as staring at a candle flame - Mantra meditations is where you repeat a mantra, a word, sound or phrase

7. Ending your practice When you’ve reached your goal open your eyes and just sit for a moment. Notice how you feel afterward and remember that feeling. It will help you want to keep practicing and chasing that feeling. Great job. You made it through your first session

If you want to master your mind and calm your soul , then make meditation a part of your daily life This is the only way to a more content and happy life Try it out and feel the changes for yourself

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