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#Zhongchi 🔶💧🔞 Warnings: ?grooming? “Freeze!” Childe panics. Millelith. He’d heard about them back in Sneznaya, before he fell into the abyss. It’s crazy this is where he crawled out to. “Stay back! I don’t want to hurt you!” The boy shouts back, backing away

carefully. Fuck. His newfound powers from the abyss were going crazy, he didn’t know if he could control them, the last thing he wanted to do was kill a bunch of innocent millelith. They keep getting closer, stepping forward until Childe was backed up against a tree. Trapped.

He’s trapped. Then, it flashes, his power releases from him and in a split second all of the millelith are on the ground, covered in blood. Childe falls to his knees, sobs wracking through his body as he shakes. “No!” He screams. Why. Why did he have to kill again? He didn’t

mean to! Geo archon, forgive the boy’s poor soul. “Well, haven’t you made quite the mess?” Childe looks up and there stands a tall man with the prettiest golden eyes and such a kind smile. Childe for some reason can’t help but feel more guilty seeing it. “Stay away-!”

“You won’t hurt me” the man speaks, coming closer to the boy before kneeling down. Childe’s power crackles again, and just then Zhongli summons his shield to block it. Childe cries softly again, “y-you didn’t die…?” He asks softly, “help- please help me- I can’t control it sir”

Zhongli sighs and picks him up, “I’ve got you dear..” he whispers, a sort of wind circling around them, almost like a cloud before they both enter into a beautiful garden. “Where are we..?” Childe asks. “My home” The elder whispers, setting him down and taking his hand.

“Now, let’s get you a bath.” The man speaks, leading the boy to a large mansion, “you seem like you’ve had a very long… well, however long you were stuck down there.” “Three months..” Childe whispers, “I was down there… for three months in abyss time. I want to go home.”

Zhongli hums, “I’ll take you there once I’m sure you’re safe” he says, and his touch is so tender, so soft that Childe can’t help but lean into it. Zhongli takes amazing care of him, bathes him, feeds him, and even teaches him to keep his powers under control.

Then, after a week, Childe returns home and even though his abyssal energy is under control he finds himself getting in far too many fights, his parents send him off to the Tsaritsa and well… that’s how he ends up back in Liyue 13 years later on a special mission to gather the

gnosis of the geo archon. “Ah, Mr. Zhongli!” Childe says happily. He doesn’t remember the man, not in the slightest, but Zhongli *knows*. “Pleasure to see you as always, Childe. Will you be joining me for lunch again?” Zhongli smiles. “Yup! I like our lunches together. Who

else would I want to go out with?” Childe teases, wrapping an arm around Zhongli’s shoulder and laughing as the man walks him along with a playful roll of his eyes. Lunch turned into spending more time together, which resulted in them getting dinner together, which circled to

Childe laying below Zhongli in the man’s king sized bed in his apartment, soft gasps falling from his lips as Zhongli kisses along his jaw and slowly pushes his fingers in and out of him. “You know Childe” Zhongli whispers against his skin, “I’ve met you once before.”

Childe whines, not even hearing his words as he squirms beneath him, his cunt squelching around those fingers. “Mmm Zhongli…” he sighs, grasping at his shoulders. “I saved you” Zhongli whispers darkly, “your dear geo archon… hah, I saved you as a mere child and yet here you

are now, moaning beneath me as I pleasure your pretty little cunt.” “Hah… Zhongli more! Please! i want you!” Zhongli laughs, taking his fingers iut and wiping them on the boy’s thigh before pushing his cock into him. Childe lets out the prettiest moan as Zhongli takes his

time filling him up with his cock. Each word that Zhongli whispers goes over his head while he’s being fucked, it feels so good. Zhongli feels fucking amazing. Each roll of his hips, each littke drag of his thumb across his clit, the way he presses his thighs up to his chest,

how hot it feels when he cums inside, Childe feels like he’s the lightest he’s ever been, floating on cloud nine as he works his way back down mentally. “Childe. I love you” Zhongli pants, holding onto him tightly, “I’m happy you’re home once more…”

JWNSISJSI I have some issues regarding liking dead dove a little too much lately. But. It’s just so GOOD. Anyways! I hope you enjoyed <333 thank you for reading!!!

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