warm moonlight

warm moonlight



CW: memory loss, forcefem, drug A strong breeze through the window of your chambers wakes you with a start. Looking at the ceiling, you see a red sunset casting its warm light around you, a shadow draped over your resting form. "Huh? Where..." "Ugh, I'm so sick."

Your belly is full, and you’re a mess. You scan your surroundings. "Where am I?" It’s a curious room. A mess of shelves and books. You sit up in bed, and the sunset in your eyes makes you squint. Images of the day's events dance in your mind, too fleeting to grasp entirely.

Slowly, you begin to piece things together. You woke up in this room early that same morning. "How did I forget that?" You were wrested from your sleep by that witch. Your new mentor… she fed you breakfast- Oh. Right. That “meal.” You groan as your abdomen cramps up.

"How did I get here?" You remember the tingling sensation on your tongue, and in your stomach. You remember hesitating, but you managed to eat it all. You remember being in a stupor and grabbing at an empty plate, expecting there to be more. "... I did that?" Your mind fogs.

Your thoughts start to shake apart, and you’re thrown back on to the bed. What had gotten into you? You finished the plate, then she praised you… Wait. Alarm bells go off in your mind again. What was it she said? “Good girl.” Something shifts in the back of your mind.

The knot in your stomach loosens. "I was… good?" Calm washes over you. It feels good to do what she says. She knows so much. Thoughts of her bud like flowers. She’s mystifying. She even wears the stereotypical hat, despite how many witches loathe them. It bears runic markings.

You've tried to get a good look at it, but you're always caught by her lavender eyes. Her gaze is addicting. "I want to spend time with her." Her lips are so full, and the way her robes fit on her frame… "No. Something is wrong." Your pleasant thoughts begin to escape you.

The feeling that you’ve forgotten something important continues to build in the back of your mind, pushing against the resistance of some force trying to keep it at bay. "What did I forget?" Staying in bed won't help. You get up out of bed and look down at your body.

You’re wearing a lavender silk nightgown. She must have dressed you in this before you passed out. "When did I pass out?" Something is definitely wrong. There are too many holes in your memory. Spotting a mirror in the room, you look at yourself. Everything looks… normal?

"Wait, what does normal look like?" You take a moment to continue looking at yourself, studying the blocky features that should feel familiar. Focus. You woke up here this morning. What happened before that? The day before? Oh. That must be it. Who are you? "... Fuck."

You spin around in place, turning to the room. "Stay calm." What to do? "Don’t panic." How should one proceed in this situation? You can probably find a way out of this. Right? "Wait… can I?" Are you the kind of girl who can find her way out of bad situations?

The fog in your mind you’ve managed to hold at bay creeps forward. It licks at the edges of your awareness, caressing your mind. "No, probably not. How else would I end up here?" You stumble back onto the bed, shivering. The red sun casts a long shadow in front of you.

Your thoughts again drift to your mentor. Your stomach gurgles. "I guess this isn’t so bad." Something in your mind gives way, and you feel the foreign haze concentrating into a sharp buzz, dismantling your thoughts as you try to arrange them. Only a scarce few remain useful.

You collapse, falling sideways on to the pillow. The room dances in front of you. A warm glow rises in your chest, spreading to your neck, then your face. You feel your chest rising and falling with each breath. It’s hard to breathe. Your ears feel hot. "So warm…"

You close your mouth. How long have you been panting? "What’s… happening?" Your eyes roll back in your head. A sharp twitch ripples through your body, causing your legs to seize up. What was that noise? You heard something squeak, but there’s no one in the room but you.

Something wet drips down your leg. You curl up, trying to shield your face. All you can do is try to hide from… whatever it is that’s happening. All you can do is squirm and hope this ends. You hear a giggle. You must be hallucinating. “Goodness, sweetie, are you alright?”

Your eyes dart open as you struggle to sit up. "Her." She has a curious smile as she looks down on you from the chamber’s entrance. Did you say that out loud? Your heart beats. It’s as if time stops as she examines you. Did she call you sweetie? Your face burns.

With a moment of hesitation, she approaches you. “Sweetie, how are you feeling?” You continue to stare. She sits on the bed next to you and rests her hand on your shoulder. She wears a smile that could be wicked or warm. “Hey, tell me. Are you a boy? A girl? Neither? Both?”

The room suddenly feels more quiet than before she were here. You look at your lap as it spins in front of you. Her words rattle around in your mind. It takes all your focus to process them. Her gaze bores into the side of your skull. The buzzing continues to grow in intensity.

Your anxiety rises as you try to conjure an answer. Why does that make you feel nervous? Why would she ask that? Trying to speak feels like jamming random puzzle pieces together, hoping to make a picture. “I think… I’m a girl? Why-” “Do you know who I am?” she interrupts.

You nod lazily. She purses her lips. “Dear, do you know why you’re here? Or where we are?” Your heart skips a beat. She can see right through you. “… No.” She draws her hand away and sits up straight, pondering something. You’re left sitting next to her, the moment frozen.

Your eyes are still in your lap. She’s so close. Why hasn’t she said anything yet? What is she thinking about? The red light behind you dims and grows cooler. The wind blows, but you can barely hear it in your altered state. Your thoughts and senses dim. You look up at her face.

Gears turn in your head. She's your mentor. Does she know? “… Do you know who I am?” She turns again to face you, and looks down on you. She almost looks concerned. She smiles, and she sighs. “No, dear. I don’t know who you are. Why don’t we find out who you are together?”

Your heart beats harder. The wind is growing cold, but you feel warm. You shudder as you look up at your new mentor. What else could you do? You look out the window at the sea of treetops below. Where else would you go? You feel her gaze, and reply breathlessly. "Okay."

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