33.34% IT companies have decided to move on Cloud Here's why this is creating jobs:

Before 150,000 $ salary per year You need to know: 1. Entire @netflix runs on AWS ( Amazon Web Services ) 2. @BMW trusts Microsoft Azure to store data 3. @Spotify uses Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Engineers: The most searched job in 2022 100+ openings every week on job portals 1000+ certifications every 10 websites 10000+ interview questions on every cloud role Ohh, you can't be serious If you are going to do all of that!

Increase your chances to 66.7%: Step 1: Career maps for finding the list of skills Step 2: Courses ( Your Fav! Isn't it? ) Pick 1 and begin!

We #believe you get a job as Cloud Engineer as well Step 3: Try-out ( Same as dresses ) Trial run on new learnt skills Step 4: Interview Questions: The frequently asked interview questions ( Everyone Misses, You Hit! ) That's it!

Enjoyed the examples, step-by-step solution and data-driven approach? Then, you are surely the crazy ones! Follow for more @allin1hubweb : " 4 Step entry way to job In IT world? "

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