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300 Books To Read (thread)

1)Psychology of Money 2)Master Your Emotions 3)Finish What You Start 4)Hyper Focus 5)Emotional Intelligence 6)Do Epic Shit 7)30 Days 8)How To Become People Magnet 9)Power of Your Subconscious Mind 10)Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before 11)How To Win Friends & Influence People 12)

13)Everything Is F 14)Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read 15)Communication Book 16)Reasons To Stay Alive 17)Things No One Else Can Teach Us 18)101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think 19)What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 20)How Come No One Told Me That 21).. 22).. 23).. 24)…

25)Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down 26)Win Your Inner Battles 27)How Successful People Think 28)Chase Greatness 29)Good Vibes Good Life 30)Good Habits 31)What It Takes To Be Free 32)Attitude Is Your Superpower 33)Do It Today 34)Winning Now 35)Heart To Start 36)…

37)Factfulness 38)Ego Is The Enemy 39)Steve Jobs 40)The Organized Mind 41)Aesops Fables 42)1 Page Marketing Plan 43)Learn To Earn 44)Socrates Express 45)Art of War 46)Fault In Our Stars 47)Flow 48)Crushing It!

49)Happy Sexy Millionaire 50)Attached 51)Mastery 52)Total Money Makeover 53)The Joys of Compounding 54)Non Violent Communication 55)Hail Mary 56)How To Fail At Almost Everything And Still Win Big 57)Coffee Can Investing 58)The Obstacle Is The Way 59)Hero Code 60)Stillness Is Key

61)Life Amazing Secrets 62)Mastery Manual 63)Ex Libris 64)Monetary Wisdom 65)Death 66)Atomic Habits 67)First Minute 68)Mind Full To Mindful 69)The Secrets to love, health and money 70)Sapiens 71)What You Got Here Won’t Get You There 72)Homo Deus

73)Art of Thinking Clearly 74)Think Straight 75)The Code of The Extraordinary Mind 76)Thinking Fast & Slow 77)Principles 78)The Power of Now 79)Pre-Suasion 80)Don’t Believe Everything You Think 81)Surrounded By Idiots 82)Why The F Can’t I Change? 83)… 84)…

85)Steve Jobs 86)Originals 87)Einstein 88)Give and Take 89)Autobiography of A Yogi 90)Ikigai Journey 91)How To Read A Book 92)5 Elements of Effective Thinking 93)Shoe Dog 94)Mountain Is You 95)The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F 96)$100 Startup

97)Magic of Thinking Big 98)Outliers 99)Mindset 100)Rich Dad Poor Dad 101)Four Agreements 102)Believe In Yourself 103)Make Today Count 104)Dance First Think Later 105)Man’s Search For Meaning 106)Who Will Cry When You Die? 107)Steal Like An Artist 108)Digital Minimalism

109)You’re Too Good To Feel This Bad 110)How To Ikigai 111)Power of Habit 112)Think Like A Monk 113)Wise as F 114)The Archer 115)Mind F 116)Grow Rich With Your Subconscious Mind 117)Influence 118)Think Again 119)Daily Laws 120)Success Principles

121)Games People Play 122)Million Dollar Habits 123)Intelligent Investor 124)Care Package 125)One Thing 126)Practising Mind 127)Yes You Can Change 128)You Can 129)Eat That Frog 130)Effortless 131)Compound Effect 132)90 Days

133)How To Develop Self Confidence 134)8 Things To Do In Your 20s 135)Numbers Don’t Lie 136)Why We Sleep 137)Think And Grow Rich 138)Quiet 139)Linchpin 140)Personal MBA 141)Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus 142)How To Attract Money 143)Lessons of History 144)My Invention

145)Rework 146)Elon Musk 147)Miracle Morning 148)The Courage To Be Disliked 149)80/20 Principle 150)Invent & Wander 151)What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard School 152)The Big Questions of Life 153)Freedom From The Known 154)E Myth 155)Start With Why 156)Letters from A Stoic

157)How To Decide 158)12 Rules For Life 159)Creativity Inc. 160)4 Hour Workweek 161)Business Adventures 162)Snowball 163)Talk Like Ted 164)How To Stop Worrying 165)Tiny Habits 166)Un Learn 167)Essentialism 168)Just Keep Buying

169)Rules of Management 170)Rules of Wealth 171)Rules of Love 172)Rules of Parenting 173)Rules of Life 174)Rules of People 175)Rules of Work 176)Rules to Break 177)Never Split The Difference 178)Deep Work 179)Innovators 180)55 Questions To Ask Yourself

181)Midnight Library 182)1984 183)Siddhartha 184)Last Gambit 185)Courage Is Calling 186)Third Door 187)Let’s Talk Money 188)Incognito 189)Selfie 190)Art of Living 191)As A Man Thinketh 192)Lives of The Stoics

193)Kite Runner 194)Diary of Young Girl 195)Unfck Yourself 196)Heart of Success 197)Behave 198)Everything Store 199)Atlas Shrugged 200)Rudest Book Ever 201)Fountainhead 202)On The Shortness of Life 203)How Not To Die 204)Beyond Good And Evil

205)Everyday Hero Manifesto 206)Art of Arguing 207)I Will Teach You To Be Rich 208)48 Laws of Power 209)Happiness Trail 210)No Rules Rules 211)The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari 212)33 Strategies of War 213)Lifespan 214)Laws of Human Nature 215)Goal 216)Attitude Is Everything

217)Discourses And Selected Writing 218)7 Habits of Highly Effective People 219)Art of Seduction 220)Jane Eyre 221)Mindful Zen Habits 222)Make Your Bed 223)Getting Things Done 224)Who Moved My Cheese 225)Cynic Philosophers 226)Believe In Yourself 227)Richest Man In Babylon 228)..

229)Last Law of Attraction Book 230)Holy Sh!t We’re Still Alive 231)Stock Picking Strategy 232)Founders 233)Ikigai 234)How to Win Friends & Influence People 235)Zen The Art of Simple Living 236)Kaizen 237)22 Immutable Laws of Branding 238)When All Is Not Well 239)… 240)…

241)Make Your Own Luck 242)Short History of Nearly Everything 243)5 Second Rule 244)Consistency Formula 245)10 Rules For Resilience 246)What Every Body Is Saying 247)Unposted Letter 248)The Way of Intelligent Rebel 249)Unspoken Rules 250)Rag and Bone Shop 251)Secret Society 252)

253)Be Here Now 254)Comfort Book 255)Crush It 256)Practice of Groundedness 257)Side Hustle 258)Zen & Art of Motorcycle Maintenance 259)22 Immutable Laws of Marketing 260)Animal Farm 261)Secret 262)Brain 263)Millionaire Fastlane 264)Predictably Irrational

265)The Almanack of Naval Ravikant 266)How To Love 267)Limitless 268)Power of Positive Thinking 269)5 Am Club 270)Quick and Easy Way of Effective Speaking 271)Why A Students Work For C Students 272)High Performance Habits 273)Tuesdays With Morrie 274)… 275)… 276)…

277)Hard Thing About Hard Things 278)Minimalist Entrepreneur 279)No More Mr. Nice Guy 280)Brain Rules For Work 281)It always seem Impossible Until It’s Done 282)How Will You Measure Your Life 283)Most Important Thing 284)14,000 Things To Be Happy About 285)… 286)… 287)… 288).

289)Black Swan 290)Steve Jobs 291)Politics 292)Readerpreneurship 293)Algorithms To Live By 294)The Dip 295)Meditations 296)Four Thousand Weeks 297)Creative Selection 298)Beyond Order 299)Power of Regret 300)Can’t Hurt Me

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