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Priest Kiyoomi is a right, devoted man, he has his priorities straight and knows who he has to serve and who's word he has to pass to those who, as him, want to follow the right path, want to be and bring good and blessings to those that need it

So when all the lights of the church are turned down after an arduous day of being good, the only type of light that illuminates the room is a singular candle that seems to turn red in a slow pace As Kiyoomi lowers himself to his knees, his eyes move up as he bows slightly

"My lord" The figure that appears in front of him send a shiver down his body by its mere presence "Omi-kun~, I've missed my favorite priest so much" The teasing and honey like voice meet his ears as the other grabs him by the chin. "I've hear ya've been good, is that right?"

"Yes, sir. I have" The pleased smile that follows from the other makes him beam internally "I'm glad. Then, like the good little priest ya are, ya deserve a reward" The creature before him shares one last smile, eyes glistening a bright gold, almost yellow, in the dark

As his legs move to part and his knees nearly touch his chest, the being gives room for the raven to take what he deserves, what he needs And with all the contentment of a man well praised for his hard work, Kiyoomi stays on his knees as he worships the devil at the altar

//forgot to tag #sakuatsu /again/๐Ÿ˜€ Anyways priest Kiyoomi and demon/incubus Atsumu is the best flavor in my opinion๐Ÿ‘€

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