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In 2018, I made $134,864 in one month. What was my secret? Passive income. Here are 10 ways you can get started on YOUR path to financial freedom:

Hey everyone, I'm Jeff Rose 👋🏼 I'm a Certified Financial Planner helping people like you find their financial freedom. At 24 years old, I was nearly broke. At 28, I was making six figures. At 38, I was making six figures each month. This thread will help you do the same...

1. Start a blog Get paid for your thoughts. - Pick a niche you know - Write a blog post every day - Start building your following Monetize by: - Selling advertising - Affiliate marketing - Sponsored reviews Focus on great content & then experiment with how you monetize.

Starting my blog has transformed my life. Literally. If you're not sure where to start, I walk through the process step by step on my blog: [bookmark this for later]

2. Investing This is the best way to make passive income, & you don't need a small fortune to start. Take $50-$100 per month & invest in: - Index funds - Dividend Stocks - REITs - ETFs - Cryptocurrency Become a millionaire the lazy way:

3. Cash-back reward points If you are using a credit card today & not earning rewards, you're missing out on free money. My favorite card? The SouthWest Rapid Rewards Here's how I used this card to book a $15K all-inclusive resort vacation for FREE!

4. Sell photos online 20 years ago, you needed a pro DSLR to make money as a photographer. Today, all you need is the latest smartphone and an account on: - Stock - Unsplash - Dreamstime - Adobe Stock - Shutterstock

5. Grow a community If you have an audience that is highly engaged and spams your DMs with questions, invite them in. You can use: @Discord @Geneva @Circleapp Start free & over time, move to a paid version. 100 people paying $10/mth = 1K goal.

@discord @geneva @circleapp 6. Write an ebook E-books are a 1 billion dollar industry in the US. All you need is knowledge and a niche. You can self-publish using: - Kobo - IngramSpark - Smashwords - Kindle Direct Publishing Or get started on @gumroad

@discord @geneva @circleapp @gumroad 7. Physical goods Physical products can have infinite SKUs from dog leashes to yoga mats Amazon's FBA program is a great way to get started. @flips4miles breaks down the costs of starting an FBA business here:

@discord @geneva @circleapp @gumroad @flips4miles 8. Real estate There are many ways to get started from flips to note investments. Start by understanding the basics: - Return on investment - Local market conditions - Different types of real estate @taylorawelch breaks down his strategy here:

@discord @geneva @circleapp @gumroad @flips4miles @taylorawelch Other good options for RE investing are rental properties run by a managing company. Check out: @Roofstock - single-family rental @Fundrise - private real estate @Realty_Mogul - commercial/multifamily @FarmTogetherhq - farmland @groundfloor_com - private capital markets

@discord @geneva @circleapp @gumroad @flips4miles @taylorawelch @Roofstock @fundrise @Realty_Mogul @FarmTogetherHQ @groundfloor_com 9. Youtube If you have camera confidence and specific knowledge, YouTube is your path to financial freedom. @AliAbdaal has grown his channel to nearly 3.5 million subscribers in 3 years, generating 130K per month. Here's what he suggests:

@discord @geneva @circleapp @gumroad @flips4miles @taylorawelch @Roofstock @fundrise @Realty_Mogul @FarmTogetherHQ @groundfloor_com @AliAbdaal 10. Course creation You don't need to be an expert today to create a course. Here are the steps you can take to get started: - Pick a topic in a niche you know well - Gauge your audience's interest - Outline a lesson plan - Choose a platform (Teachable, Kajabi) - Launch

@discord @geneva @circleapp @gumroad @flips4miles @taylorawelch @Roofstock @fundrise @Realty_Mogul @FarmTogetherHQ @groundfloor_com @AliAbdaal Itching for more passive income ideas? I got you! Here are 31 more ideas to help you start making an extra $1,000 per month:

@discord @geneva @circleapp @gumroad @flips4miles @taylorawelch @Roofstock @fundrise @Realty_Mogul @FarmTogetherHQ @groundfloor_com @AliAbdaal If you enjoyed this post, please give me a follow @jjeffrose I create content on: * Wealth hacking * Income acceleration * Asset $tacking * Online business and entrepreneurship Sign up today 🤝

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