Ben Armstrong

Ben Armstrong



I got started in crypto 10 years ago. Here’s 10 things I would do differently with all I have learned today. 👇 A list:

1. Accumulate more #Bitcoin. Point blank periodt.

2. Focus more on long term and take the day by day feelings out of it

3. Kept the number of coins in my portfolio lower

4. Taken more profits on the way up

5. Spent more time understanding technical analysis

6. Wasted less time arguing with people I don’t know and spent more time telling people I do know about crypto

7. Got into “the next big thing” quicker. I.e. NFTs, gaming coins, Metaverse coins, etc.

8. Realized that the top coins in crypto change frequently so don’t get married to specific coins

9. Accumulated more $ETH, $XRP, and $ADA

10. Made more friends and less enemies along the way.

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