1/ This thread is a due diligence of @HibaBeg .

2/As we know, Hiba was a journalist for @TheQuint and has been quite vocal against BJP and Hinduism/-tva in general, so I thought of making time to look for the source of her hatred against BJP etc. Her LinkedIn profile ()says that she worked in @stc_india

4/ …Narayan Murthy (who is busy "crowning" Sheldon Pollock, despite @Rajivmessage 's advice). Now I do not blame Vishy sir and Narayan sir for anything, but a person of their intellect must be aware of organisations and people. We must be aware of NGOs and the fundings.

5/ Now, Hiba has also worked with @PocketAcesHQ for 2 years , who have @NORTHBASEUK as Investors, whose co-founder @salaja is close to George Soros (go through this : ) . Why targeting Soros?

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